vintage milk bottles & decorating for Christmas with what you already love...

december *2- vintage milk bottles,  jars,  rolls of ribbon...& Christmas...

there's something about jars & jugs & bottles of greenery at Chritstmas...

especially if you've just lugged a trolley around a huge store loading up for a *Farewell England*

party that you are throwing on Sunday- & then lugged it into the car...& then into the house...

it's just nice to be surrounded by something simple...& Christmas-y...& not to do with


all year i love big bunches of flowers...

it's actually the *one thing* i've not really gone a week without, here in ol'Blighty...

especially as the weather really pushes those * i-need-some-colour-desperately-in-my-life* 


wild overgrown peonies in the english summer...

big branches of frangipanni in the australian summer...

greenery & berries at Christmas from the garden...

christmas time is all about *simple* for us...our kids have thought we *under-do* Christmas

since seeing how my gorgeous B.B {british bestie} does Christmas decor...

{& just for the record BB i'm so fine with them loving you more....x}

but it's all about simple- especially this year...with the {move back to out beach house *Down Under*}

simple budget friendly decoration...

simple household items used with a new Christmas twist...

home made goodies thrown together with one or two special pieces that can be pulled out year

after year...

i love anything tarnished...white & this year it seems red....

i pull out the same baubles each year...there's apparently never enough of them nor are they wildly

coloured enough for the kids...in my book this is a good sign ;)

kids & christmas- most of it "perfect"...some of it "hmmmm"...but that's what a playroom is for ;)

so...back to the simple use-what's-around-your-house-decorating...

vintage milk bottles- awesome yes...but i also bung candles in old jam jars...berries in long pasta

sauce jars, greenery in small tonic water bottles & berries in tin cooking pots...

vases are just not necessary when your mixing bits from your house together, uniting them with

a Christmas twist...

this year- because we can't go all out till we get home to Oz- it's ribbon all the way here....

i'll be lugging all these bits to our farewell Sunday- along with some good old fashioned 

paper-chains that miss.6 is crazy slightly obsessed with producing by the acre...

so...rounding up Christmas deco's from round the house is the way to go- up-cycling...recycling...

vintage loving- call it what you like- there is something special about using what you already love

& giving it a Christmas re-vamp...

& just to give you a little insight into what my loving, patient husband walks through & 

around on a regular basis...{yep toilet roll on table & all !}...

god love him- he makes me tea & pours me a glass of wine around all this...

whilst i light the fire...he smiles at my piles of gathered goodies dumped scattered around the house...

he checks in on this here blog & he lets me know what he thinks of the pickies...

he knows that our house is a home because of all these bits...& i love that he smiles & he nods...

& he takes the long way round our sitting room...

happy decorating 
with all the *bits* you already
live with & love

let me know if you've got any plane friendly
20th of December airport appropriate deco's 
i need to be making!

see ya monday



  1. Gorgeous post.....the splashes of red really stand out!! Simple and stylish decorations are always the best :)

    Happy Weekend!! Xxx

  2. Love it all. I have a thing about red this season. The combo of berries and string in the bottles are so simply perfect. Haven't seen the snow flakes before either. They are terrific.

  3. love how your simple bits and bobs look so festive when viewed through your special pics, melissa. love the red berries especially.

    i'll be thinking of you in the coming days as make your transition from one bit of paradise to another. so happy you'll be able to celebrate christmas in your beach house.


  4. I love all of this! There is so much christmas stuff out there that it becomes a bit overwhelming and too commercial. I too love to use what I have and to make Christmas decorations out of simple items around home. Much more fun and unique. LOVE all of your stuff. Have a great party!! Leahxx

  5. Well Melissa, I think you've just gotta face it...xmas this year in Oz will be a bit of a muddle.....but imagine how good it's gonna look next year, when you're organized and totally settled back in your home with all your lovely bits, collected over here in England...and your head won't be so much back here as it will be this year...and who cares if its 38' in the shade...the mulled wine will still go down...(I'm never giving up that tradition, no matter how hot xmas is in Oz)...Oh, and I love that last pic of your house, all the white with the hint of red looks gorgeous. Robx

  6. What a lovely post.. and the pictures as adorable too. Cute ideas.
    I love the branches and berries. Pops of red always excite me.

    Space for Inspiration

  7. Melissa, I sure hope that french bistro chair is going to find it's way to Oz. It is a beauty. I love your pretty and simple decorations. We are about to decorate the tree and then head off to a Christmas market. Oh happy days....

  8. Love that last pic of your house and esp the red and white striped mat. (as I am a red girl at heart.)
    I think your decorating is simple and stylish and I really love it.
    I hope you enjoy heading home for Christmas. Yes it may be chaotic and different, but imagine the joy in reuniting with family and friends, the sunshine and laughter and the sense of belonging, of "home."
    I hope it is very special!
    Ps Wish we had holly like that for my house.

  9. You are so right Melissa,
    I have just been posting about the same thing. Using what you have around you, simple, unfussy, pops of red, ribbon....just gorgeous!
    I was looking at this blog here: http://mayamade.blogspot.com/2011/11/security-stars.html and saw these paper stars....could be something you could do with the kiddies to feel a bit festive? Not to mention there is always the odd Christmas movie you could watch? Hope the packing is going well. Good on you! xo Rachel

  10. This post made me laugh because I bought that same exact red jute from ikea AND I decorated with greenery and red holly berries today too! Ha! Guess I shouldnt be surprised, huh? :)

    xo my cfb :)

  11. LOVE this. I am all about the simple decorations also. I want just a pop of red or green against a simple palate, but just as you said, my ballerinas want the color and the flash. The two houses directly across the street are CRAZY decked out in neon lights and it's so jarring, I can't stand to look out my windows; yet the ballerinas think it's fabulous!

  12. miss melissa-
    i love that you are moving across the world in just a few short weeks and yet you are still decorating your current home for your family! i love you for that, seriously, it would be so easy to just pack it all up and forget it for this year. i love your decorations AND that fantastic husband of yours. happy weekend to you!

  13. I love simple :) I'm mostly decorating in blue and white (a change for me) but my kitchen is red and white (with a bit of green)for my kiddos because they couldn't imagine Christmas without those colors :)
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  14. This all has a very coastal farming feel Melissa. The red striped ribbon reminds me of striped beach towels on the sand, yet it's all so vintage country gorgeousness. Perfection yet again!

    It's all about red this year in our house too. It's fresh and happy. I'm thinking of you and your packing....saying your goodbyes, wondering what the coming year will unfold. Seems like you've got it all beautifully covered and keeping your sense of humour. Big hugs, Meredy xo

  15. I have just cleared away my creative corner (or mess!!) its such a lovely time of the year, bringing out all the old favourite decorations and adding a new twist to them all. Your photos are so creative!
    have a fun weekend

  16. Hi Melissa,

    This post is beautiful. The pictures, you're writing! I love a gal who can write well. Hubbies who care so much; we are lucky girls indeed. As for decorating tips on a plane, I'm sorry I can't help...perhaps you may get in a little snooze before hitting the land of Oz, just before Christmas : ) Welcome back home (a little premature, but thought I'd get that in), I'm betting you hit the beach within the first week ; ) Merry Christmas from your newest follower. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your follow also. Warmest Regards and a safe flight...
    Kim. x

  17. How could you beat simple when it looks as gorgeous as these little pictures show. And especially with the move home ahead of you, I think all those little things you do all the more wonderful. My very own special milk bottle, which as you know, arrived this week all the way from your home, is currently tied with twine, and embellished with greenery, and I think is settling in quite nicely with its antipodean cousins. xx

  18. OMG Melissa! You are truly making your way back! I know this is crazy central for you right now, but you seem to be coping really well and getting your priorities in line ie. decorations, so lovely. Maybe your Miss and my Miss can get together and join up their metres of chains. We have just put up the tree this morning, after a drive to Penrith yesterday to pick and cut. I love English milk bottles and percured one of my sister's the last time I was home. Hoping you enjoy your leaving England party, it'll be bitter sweet for sure. Wishing you well with the relocation.

  19. Those pictures are so lovely. I think they show a delecate celebration of the season and it is all very much my style!!! I am about to start decorating and feel that 'restrained simplicity' is going to be how I approach the job! (I may have to hold the children back as they want to pull out every decoration we own!!!) X

  20. Simple for us this year too Melissa - just a few favourites gracing my mantel piece, but I'm sure we'll add to it with some new home made treasures as the month draws on. Your simplicity is perfect - love those little paper snowflakes - gorgeous.

  21. I totally love your simple, budget decorating, you have done a brilliant job :) Melissa x


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