Rust-Oleum: D.I.Y Up-cycling

Morning y'all....

I'm hot and happy here today...taking it all very slowly as it gets hotter and hotter...

We're on bush fire alert again today across our State here in Australia...

Do you ever get used to it? Bushfire watch?
It has always been part of my summer memories- like others watch the snow building up, or wait for tornado season or the like I guess!?

It does make me aware of nature and the continued power it has over us in this enormous and varied country.

So between mini-heatwaves I've been painting  spraying bits of furniture, and vintage photo frames, with the new-to-Australia Rust-Oleum

I've used this awesomely easy product whilst we were living our Country life in England many times...
upcycling old potato baskets, vintage bikes and many a ladder or pot for the garden...and I'm beyond happy that it's at long last reached out fair shores here in Oz!

So...a very satisfying, very simple, very *spring-clean-instant-furniture-upcycle* for you...

Before I rave about how easy this is...let me just tell you that this *paint-and-primer* combo comes in the most D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S colours!

Turquoise...sunshine yellow...white...grey...and on and on...
For that single reason alone, pass by all the other cheaper, bog-standard colour sprays and load your basket with these!

I spray outdoors. Always! In long plastic gloves. And an old tee shirt. Always!

I know where it's now heading into Autumn this is virtually impossible from here on in- so as I did in England for four years- the garage is the way to go...with the roller-door open and your beanie on!

This smells so much better than the older sprays we've all used, but it's still best to do it in the largest space you have open to you.

One simple coat....an hours drying time...and then another coat on the less is more side.

The finish of this is clean, even and looks, as my Sweedish girlfriend remarked..."Painted by hand"!

Our beach house is a total reflection of our travels over the last four years, and our life in both the countryside with our kids and our life on the beaches.

We have endless quite a lot of French and English chippy, vintage, old and very loved pieces...and I adore this pop of clear, clean colour along side all the collected pieces.

I think it stops the house from looking too *one-style*...too *vintage/beachy/upcycled/etc*
It's very much how I work- industrial inspired vintage with a little nordic to boot.

Haven't heard of that style? ;)
Well now you have- join me!

Rust-Oleum is a Paint & Primer mix that covers wood, metal and even plastic!

It covers, from my experience, virtually anything!

I have a set of old silver-looking candle sticks that I gathered whilst living in the UK, that are going to be sprayed white and grouped en-mass with candles for Christmas...

Enjoy your day...I'm glass of soda water and lime in hand, plastic gloves on, spray can at the ready, in bare feet ready to create the start of my Christmas table goodies...

Happy Thursday...

Melissa x


  1. You have been busy! Looks great :)
    Ness xx

  2. Splendid, Miss! Cannot decide which gorgeous shade to choose...J x

  3. So hard not to shriek with delight when I see your posts lovely lady! So I shrieked... and Hubby looked up with a frown and then I told him/showed him your post and then he smiled... cos he gets me. He knows I'm off to procure me some Rustoleum ASAP!

    So glad to see a fellow kindred spirit beginning the preps for Christmas... I thought of you whilst writing (and creating) my last blog post... ♥♥♥



  4. Oooh, that stuff looks awesome!! Off to investigate!

  5. Sunshine and spray paint - is there a better combo? Looks great huni xx

  6. I think Rustoleum needs
    to hire you to be their spokes
    woman in Oz, my friend!!

    I remember rescuing a tired
    wooden, "pretend" stove from
    a church sale (it had been in
    their nursery school) and spraying
    it a bright Rustoleum fire engine
    red, then carefully hand painting
    the "burners," salt and pepper, etc
    on top. The old days : )

    Need to get the wheels spinning as
    to what I can paint with it now, before
    the snow flies. Thank you for the

    Happy Weekend, M!

    xo Suzanne


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