Summer holidays roll into School Days

The reality of this Summer break drawing to an end, is that I can allow myself to embrace the structure that a new year brings, like never before.

I think we all go periods of our lives, where structure and routine really do need to become the backbone of getting on with our day to day.

I'm not an overtly religious person- though I'm sure if I was, I'd have leant on the beliefs and structure of a church...or escaped to sit on a mountain and to contemplate life like never before.

Things are sent our way because we can cope with them.
They are thrown at those who need to learn something.
It's been a big year end for us...but the blessings from this have been ten-fold.
Inner strength and love is medicine for life.

So, with nourishing my heart and our family, I'm bidding a farewell to the Summer break, but not Summer.

I'm still hoping to bask in it's endless gifts of light, vitamins and feel-good vibes...

Happy Days to all who returned to school here this week after a wonderfully generous Australian Summer.


Renovations are almost complete...and I cannot wait to share them all here....

x Melissa x


Nourish is the way for 2015.

The word for my life in 2015

It's the thing to find direction as each new year begins, don't you think?

I've seen in New Year's past with a resolution list, a bettering-myself list, the what I hope to achieve list and just plain ignored the whole thing.

But this year, I've found direction in just one word.


We've had a big few months here, and I'm really embracing everyone's health with a renewed passion.

And by health- I mean happiness, emotional wellbeing, diet, environment and  everything in between.

I think as mother's we watch out for our families in every way possible.
We cover everything we can, whilst encouraging our children to learn, grow and then to make wise and wonderful decisions for themselves.

As partner's we do the same, but we do it on a more even playing field.
As we parent together, we grow as a family.
Nourishing all of this is my aim for 2015.

Nourishing our hearts, our souls, our beliefs and our bodies.

Nourishing a true sense of our individual selves and truly embracing that.

I know this word will guide me through 2015, and remind me of my true role in our family- to be present and to nourish us all.

Do you have a word for 2015?


Hello January 2015.

Hello January 2015!

It's been a long few months for us here....

Life is like that- just when you're thinking I've so nailed this thing, it throws you a few curve balls.
I'm all up for curve balls.
I truly believe it makes you a better person, but I'd not say no to a week in the Maldives either...

Or a month in a garden chair with a pile of books, and an endless jug of lemon, lime and bitters.
Just sharing it all...

We've been renovating the beach house here since September last year.
I love architectural drawings.
I love architects.
I love our home.
I love our builders.


I'm not a renovator!
This shocked me a little a lot!

I'm a decorating, mooching, styling, moving furniture, finding spaces kinda girl.
I'm up for making a wonderful home- rearranging spaces endlessly and embracing our days in them.
I'm not a renovator.

We've renovated 'small time' before.
This was bigger.
My favourite elements to the whole process hands down, were designing the kitchen, and drinking a glass of red once a week with our wonderful architect over the plans and drawings.

I'm OK with that.
The spaces we've designed and had built are incredible.
Our three kids are in heaven.
Our family is in heaven.

Now that we're at the really lovely part of just making the space ours I'm crazy happy!
I've promised not to hammer nails into new walls. 
And I'm a big believer in the simple nail.

It's good to be back here.

Hoping your having a wonderful start to your year....x


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