*Get Your Christmas Craft On*- Day 3

Hi hi hi...welcome to Day 3 of *Get Your Christmas Craft On*.

Hope you'e been inspired so far to get a little festive and to start planning for the holidays.

Today is another *use what you have* craft post.

Christmas needn't cost a fortune each year...creating simple, beautiful pieces for your home is totally do-able and incredibly rewarding.

Although I'm partial to a little glam at Christmas- for me it only works when sitting alongside natural styling, and simple hand made pieces...think nordic, coastal, minimal glamour!

We find our garden to be full of inspiration most of the year- I'm always dragging in branches for oversized glass vases on our side board...or sticking large succulents in stainless steel buckets from the hardware store and the like.

Whilst I love sweet flowers, I don't tend to have many large vases of flowers around, preferring instead large bunches of greenery, and smaller prettier vases of flowers and colour.

So in this project, my eldest daughter made up an oversized wooden Christmas star, from the branches of a crepe myrtle tree we had just trimmed.

It's as always, a simple, achievable project...

You will need:

5 branches- stripped of any twigs/leaves & of a similar length.
A ball of simple brown string- although a beautiful colourful Christmas colour would also be lovely.
A string of white fairy lights- again if you are all about colour at Christmas, throw on some party lights.

To create your Holiday Star:

Lay out your sticks in the most visually pleasing star shape- they will sit differently due to slight    differences in each stick shape- there will be a *best* way though, so be patient.

Knot each corner join (the five points of the star), and then each cross stick (there should be five of   these too).

Again tie each join with fresh string, to neaten and cover the knots on all ten positions. (It's worth it 
I promise you!) 

Position the star and wrap with fairy lights. This is beautiful on an outdoor serving table, or a window
sill by the front door etc.

We love ours so much that it's been lighting up our home each night since Ella made it...there is nothing like fairy lights to get a home holiday ready!

We had it on our outdoor serving table for Sunday dinner, and it's now sitting on a ledge in our front window that can be seen from the garden....


Hope you're inspired to up-cycle again from your garden, or your neighbours, or your mum's...this star will dry in time, and be beautiful for years to come.

Smaller versions would be gorgeous as the final touch to your gift wrapping

Simple white butchers paper, brown string or red & white baker's twine, and a hand made wooden star.

A few of them strung across a window and entwined with fairy lights would be magic on Christmas Eve...the uses are endless, and the cost nothing but an hour or two of holiday planning.


Melissa x


  1. Love it...especially since Ella made it :)

  2. The simplest projects are the best projects. Love this one. And those twinkly lights are extra sweet. :)

  3. Love this! Looking out for some twigs x

  4. Love it! I'm certainly having fun getting my Christmas craft on and it's great to get ideas that are decidedly Aussified. I have just made a vintage paper wreath inspired by Pinterest. At the end of my post I linked to your blog so that people can be inspired by all your cool ideas too. Thanks lovely! Xx

  5. Your home, your crafts, all of it is just beautiful. You do it so effortlessly, I need to take notes a bit more carefully. Happy Holidays Melissa.


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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