*make it monday*...white clay doily bowls...

*make it monday*...

morning lovelies...here's one for your gorgeous teens...

 after a rocky few days to end our week last week- with my father-in-laws Memorial service...

this was a wonderful way for the lovely teenager in our house, to just switch off & hang out with her

gorgeous girlfriend...

Ella made a speech at her Grandfather's Memorial on behalf of 8 grandchildren...

she was AMAZING...

composed...eloquent...calm...funny & so sweet... 

there were tears....

so amongst all the weekend stuff that 3 kiddos need & love to fit in...we did a bit of nothing with

white clay & typeface stamps...doily's & empty wine bottles...

 i've used DAS with my kids forever- purely as it *air dries*...that suits me- it's inexpensive & 


we broke off chunks & rolled it flat with an empty wine bottle- sooo handy when one is waiting for

one's goodies from abroad...

our vintage English rolling pin is slowly rolling it's way to Oz across the oceans as i type...

& this is the essential part they i forgot to snap with my camera, as i was helping girls roll with an

old wine bottle ;)

so...i will endeavour to explain how *truly simple* & satisfying this craft is...without images!

1. roll the clay flat...to the rough size of the dish or bowl you would like to make...

{we were making little jewellery dishes- so used asian sauce bowls...}

2. place a cotton / linen doily over the flattened clay & roll again {not nec using an old vino bottle!}

3. peel the doily away & lay the chosen dish over the clay & cut to size...

4. gently place into the bowl & push into shape inside the dish...


the girls are sooo mad about type face...trained well ;)

so once the clay was in their chosen dishes they stamped letters & words inside...lovely...so lovely...


once the decorating...& stamping...& creating is done...

it's as simple as stepping back over night & letting them *air dry*... 

the girls created for hours- they made bowls,squares of clay for brooches & signs for their rooms

all whilst listening to I-Tunes & giggling...talking...creating together...

just what we needed after so much emotion over the last few days...

*make it monday*

clay creating with the gorgeous teens in your life

although our 6 year old is desperately keen on a slab of DAS to herself

i'll be the one kneading with the empty wine bottle...





  1. Hi Melissa

    taking a big hilarious breath in! I can't believe you did those on the weekend. I did some clay little delights too. *snap sister!
    you and I need to get together sometime :)

    Yours look stunning

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


  2. Where do I find DAS? and does it wash out of the linens?

  3. I remember DAS from my childhood and the little brown pointed styling stick.

    What you aan your babes have created here is just beautiful.. They are certainly their mother's daughters.

    Sorry to hear about your Father in Law......such a terrible loss to the family.

    Carolyn xx

  4. Funnily enough I just bought some clay today to do the same thing! Yours are gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear about your father in law :( Some time out creating some gorgeous clay creations sounds like the perfect antidote.

  5. Oh Melissa! I had no idea you guys were dealing with that last week. I thought about you when I didn't see you post during the end of the week, but I just assumed you were busy. Now I am wishing I would have checked on you. :( You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

    On a happier note...I love the clay creations! Das is my favorite for making clay tags like the ones I sent you! I need to try these bowls next. And I am in love with your type face stamps! Where did you find those?
    xoxoxo sweet friend!

  6. Gorgeous! What a wonderful way for a couple of girlies to while away some time together. I'm sure there will be more of that to come. And to be so proud of your daughter at her grandad's memorial, i'm sure he would have been proud as punch too. xo

  7. I just saw this on pinterest.They look great! Thanks for sharing~Cheers Kim

  8. oooh I love this idea, what a fabulous idea.

    Sorry to read about your loss xox

  9. Dear Melissa,
    Wonderful idea !I 'll try to do this !!I think it is a nice way for present to your lovely people ! Thank you for the idea !!
    Have a nice week

  10. Great idea! Such a nice thing to do together too! x

  11. completely fabulous!! thank you so much. my near ten year old would LOVE this project. and you're wise to introduce this at such a time...creating with our hands is so therapeutic, isn't it? love it all.

  12. They are really lovely. So organic. You have inspired me to give it a go.

    I am also sorry to hear about your loss.

  13. I saw a teaser on twitter and have been waiting impatiently for this post. What a gorgeous group of bowls. Clever girls. Please tell them I love, love their work. Obviously they have inherited their Mother's talent. I hope the memorial went well. I can only imagine what an emotional time you must have had. Hugs to you.

  14. So simple, totally therapeutic, and so very very lovely. Can't wait to show these to Milly. She'll have that Das out of the cupboard quick smart. Secretly I think I'd like to have a wee go myself! Thank goodness for the empty vino bottle - just a co-incidence that one was hanging around ready and waiting to be used I'm sure!! Think I need to invest in some new and different typefaces after seeing your lovely varieties.
    Just checked out your instagram images. Think you might have inspired me there too!
    Hope all is happy and the emotions somewhat calmer this week. Thinking of you all.
    Amanda xx

  15. Hey Melissa, you must be really proud of your girl!! I hope the memorial went well, it can be a lovely way to remember a loved one...Robx

  16. Such a lovely thing to do with your girl. You must be so proud of her speaking at her grandad's memorial. I'm sure that would have been a toughie for you all...
    Have a gentle week.

  17. Hello Gorgeous What a precious soul your Ella is. No wonder you were so proud. Loving your handiwork - this has been on my 'to do' list for a while! Have DAS and doily = can make. But where did you score your gorgeous typefaces? J x

  18. I too love the typefaces! Jules x

  19. Simply beautiful. I will have to try it!

  20. Great project and I can imagine what a proud mama you must be!
    Hugs and email is in your mailbox,
    Maureen xx

  21. Just gorgeous Melissa! Isn't DAS just the business. A splendid pastime for a brave and special girl to relax with her friend. Clever mama! Hugs

  22. I love these! Hello Melissa...you are so clever. I want the while away the hours doing this. Is DAS an Aus thing?! Can I get it here? Off to google. Meanwhile well done to your girl for remaining poised in emotional times; a wonderful trait. Lou x

  23. These are brilliant! I love them. Will be storing this post away for future reference. x

  24. Love it! Just recently I saw a similar idea in a magazine (I think it was REAL LIVING - not sure) and I was so inspired, well now I am DETERMINED! It is amazing how creating can give such a wonderful escape from it all... Thank you for sharing...

  25. Looks like a fun activity - might give it a go one of these days with our two little 'uns. Have a good relaxing week - you deserve it...

  26. Those are stunning, what a lovely project to make (would make prefect gifts)..thanks for sharing :)

  27. So pretty! I am going to give this a try this weekend with my girls - our first non-sport weekend in ages!!!!

    lg xx

  28. Gorgeous bowls Melissa! I've got a couple of baby handprints around the place here that were done with DAS. Great stuff. I'd love to give this craft a go with my girls.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your tumultuous week....are you guys okay? Big hugs, Meredy xo


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