D.I.Y- super quick & super easy bedside table makeover

The quickest little up-cycle job for a spare moment...really!

Now, I have to admit for this little bit of house loving & up-cycling, I originally thought you needed a very cool, simple, vintage piece to start with...which I did happen to stumble upon {!!}...but in hindsight, I actually think you could do this to any little sidey-table piece and it would look a fab!

I dropped a few bags off to our local *Vinnies*...(Oxfam, Red Cross) and thought I'd have a quick lookie in the furniture area, as they had just had a huge delivery of stuff!

I'm always on the lookout for small tables...anything that can be glammed up a bit, and plonked next to a sofa or chair, bed or bath tub!

This was just off the truck, with a wonderful solid piece of glass on top, and a lovely old-holiday-house-by-the-ocean-shape to it.

The lovely old guys hauling from the trucks out the back gave me a grin, and told me to take it, and love it...for a fiver!

Five bucks!


I took, and loved, and scrubbed, and painted!

Rust-Oleum. I love you.

Our Miss.Audrey wanted to have a mini-room makeover before her 9th birthday.
A bit of a not-so-many-little-kid-things-kinda-clean-out.

This was the perfect bed side table to get *that very specific 8 turning 9 year old look*! ;-)

OK- there's a thing about my kids rooms...they belong to my kids.
So, although I have a bit of a say in the bigger picture stuff, the feel of each of the three kids rooms is very much their own.

I love that!

It does allow me though, to indulge other styling indulgences using colourful pieces I wouldn't otherwise live with in the family spaces.

Thank god for little people under our roof.
I love a good 'pantone feeling rainbow pom-pom garland' as much as the next creative- I just couldn't live with it in the kitchen for nearly as long as I can love it in Audrey's room!

PS- how flipping cute is this letter, *typed* on a vintage typewriter with teeny fingers, when she was 7!
PPS- excuse the pickies- it was iPhone all the way with these!

Happy Up-cycling!



I love party crafting and rambling

Well...good morning from the wet old coast of Australia!

My *I love you Autumn* ramblings the other day, got the season into full swing it seems!

I meant cooler weather... not wet weather!

At football last night, inland away from the beaches, I was in full scarf and coat by 9pm.

That's my fashion thing three nights a week whilst I'm taxi-ing a particular sports boy around- all boots and scarves and novels.

I bought myself a very cool boat light for my sitting, and waiting, and reading on football nights.

Apparently I can drop it in the ocean, and it will still hum along providing enough light to indulge in magazines, etsy on my phone, and the pile of novels ready for Autumn's early darker evenings in my car, for a good 10 hours.

Small things like that make my afternoon! ;-)


The school holidays are almost upon us- in this little house that means two weeks of birthday party's and wetsuits for cooler surf days, gallery visits and ferry trips to the city.

The kids are school holiday planning- they're in dire need of a break from school commitments- as is their mother!

One more day of packed lunches...then it's fend for yourself here kids!

Are you a school holiday planner?
When we lived in England- we always had a school holiday to do list...something I picked up from the American gal bloggers I love.

Back home here, I seem to get to the holidays and just want to stop for the first week and then wing the second.
Well it seems the kids have now taken to compiling some sort of plans for us...you know scribbling on the kitchen chalk board ideas & things we can't miss out on this holidays...that sort of stuff.

Perhaps I'll just pour myself a drink and let them take over!

Crafting here for Miss Audrey's 9th Easter party is in full swing.

Whilst the husband is in New York, I figure it's good to surround the kids will all things hoarded, bought new and found that involve glue, tissue paper, paint, dye and wahsi tape  totally cool and arty on every flat surface, until he's back and life has to have a little more order to it!

It's kinda controlled chaos- at a stretch!


Melissa xx


A change in Season- Autumn I love you

As my fave & best blogs all move into a new season...I'm crazy excited to be on the verge of Autumn!

I love reading blogs that are moving into Spring, as it tugs at endless memories of our *other life* in the Northern Hemisphere- that of the English countryside.

I know that the daffodils in our village, way over there, are all blooming on the doorstep of my besite galfriend.

I know that Easter will have hit our little high street, and that the windows of my favourite little stores will be decked out in goodies embracing the season that Spring brings.

I'm thinking of our village *Green* blooming, in both colour and people, along the edge of the British coast, where life meets the Irish Sea...and I'm imagining an outdoor table at one of our favourite country pubs, in crisp air and good company.


I'm very ready for a good dose of Autumn, jacket wearing and soup making.

Of the parks changing colour and more trips to city art galleries.

Of crisp beach walks and dark cosy evenings.

Of long lunches and crafting afternoons.

One thing I've learnt from living on both sides of the world is to embrace the seasons.

I love you to the moon and back Summer- but move over and share the year...my boots are ready!

Happy start to the new season...wherever you may be!




Get ya Easter Craft On- Day 2

Everyone needs a Floral Easter crown...

This Easter craft is super quick...and CRAZY cute, once you have all your *bits* together.

We are making this at Audrey's 9th Birthday with her *bestie gang* from school.

I'm going to have each place sorted, and set up with all they'll each need to make their own.

I can't wait to see how they put their's together...undoubtedly I'll be sitting on my *helping hands*!!

I'll be thinking balance and they'll be thinking *go-for-it-fun*!

The girls sweet-as crowns will have a creative energy, that as party-planner,  mine will not!

What you need:

-fabric flowers...all sorts, go as simple or indulgent as you like!

-craft wire for the actual head piece {I found some in our fabric store covered in soft white fluff stuff!}

-garden ties

What to do- building that crown!

-remove all the fabric flower heads from their stems, leaving a small green end to tie onto the crown keeping the flower in firmly in place.

-measure your craft wire for the head to be crowned...

-cut to size and join so all the sharp ends are covered and tied. Lay on the table with all your inspiration {flowers, vine leaves...etc etc}

-using the green garden ties, firstly tie your vine leaves as the base and build up using your larger then smaller flowers to fill the spaces in between.

-be sure to tuck all the garden tie ends in upon themselves, so there are no sharp ends!

Put on head in your dressing gown...giggle and enjoy!

This is one of the simples, prettiest easter/birthday crafts we've done.

It's super inexpensive and almost built from what you may already have around your home!


Melissa & Audrey 



Get ya Easter Craft On - Day 1

OK...Easter Crafting...

If you were around here at Christmas, you'll know that I love me a good month of crafting before a holiday!

Easter, being late this year...gives us all plenty of time to share ideas and a little *Cool Craft* together.

I'm blessed with two of my kids having birthdays around Easter- my eldest was born on Easter Monday and we remind her each year that she's *even better than eggs* !

So...I get to share *Cool Crafts* for Easter and birthday's!

Yep...happy days here!


*Cool Craft For Easter- Day 1*

These little gift jars are *da bomb* for all ages!

They are simple, inexpensive and soooo flipping cute!

They take no more than an hour or two to sort, glue and spray paint...and then you get to fill them- the really fun part...and just stand and look and love them!

I've seen them on a few pinterest boards- and decided to give it a go with my girls at home- we winged it, and they were super easy on the wallet and the skill level...but were soo divine when we finished!

Bits & Bobs- what you need:

-clean, dry jars- {we used Mason jars, but up-cycling from your fridge/ pantry is an awesome idea!}

-a packet of plastic animals {we bought both woodland animals and african animals...both The Lion King and Frankie Magazine are in high rotation here!}

-a hot glue gun

-Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Paint & Primer {I tried to use the no-name spray paint brands here and they just didn't cover like they needed to...but you may have more luck!}

The Fun Bit- what to do:

1. Remove all the lids and put your clean, dry jars to one side. On each lid sit an animal ready to be glued.

2. Glue the feet of each animal in the centre of each lid, and allow to dry for a half hour if you can- I'm pretty sure you can give it ten minutes if you're on a roll and cannot wait to spray!

3. In an open space, with lots of fresh air, {we do ours on our covered balcony- outdoors but not weather dependent} lay out a plastic drop cloth/ craft cloth, and lay out the lids in small groups if you are painting them in a few colours {we do this to avoid spray spots of colour on them all}.

4. Spray the entire jar lid and animal in your chosen colour- you may need to come back when they are a little dryer and spray the underneath of the animals if you missed any spots {our monkey had a brown butt for a while, whilst the rest of him was pristine white!}

5. Leave to dry overnight - the smell of the Rust-oleum also needs to subside before you fill your jars with goodies- especially edible Easter goodies!

6. Fill jars and tag with a little message...we made brown tags and used washi tape in Easter colours, {I'll be blogging Easter tags another day}, as these will be the take-home party jars/ sweet bags for Audrey's Easter birthday party in a few weeks.

7. Stand and stare for as long as it takes- as these are crazy super cute!!

I'd love you to join me here in the weeks leading up to Easter!

There will be plenty of pretty cool Easter crafts 
a heap of fab birthday ideas as well...

If home-schooling was like this all the time,
I'd be soooo onto it!

Pinch & a punch for the First of the Month!



Friday by the Coast

Around the beach house this week...

-knitted socks

-vintage oars

-new tea towels

-enamel bowls of shells

-bunting flags buy the string load

-birthday party plans for two gals in the house

-a little bit of autumn

Happy Friday


Kids and home decorating- Do your kids do it?

Do you ever give your kids *free reign* on decorating?


We're just starting the process of renovating, with our gorgeous architect Bruce, our family dining /kitchen space.

It will be a simple, but truly life changing renovation- in terms of family life within the spaces of our beach house.

The children will NOT be making any decisions! ;-)


We have a guest bathroom off our playroom and my little studio area, that was in total working order but not used as much as the family bathroom upstairs, and was pretty uninspiring in decor.

As it wasn't the bathroom of our house, we figured the kids could throw their hand in at some fun renovating, whilst we thought about the serious stuff, and choose it's colour and we'd just run with it...

There was nothing we wanted to spend on this room but paint.
It will eventually get an over haul...after the kitchen...and the dining room...and the family bathroom...and after school fees...and blah blah blah...
This could be years down the track- so for now, it was pick a colour and make it happy!

We. Love. It.

Thank you kids.

It's awesome


It's all yours!

Mum xxx

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