Beach house & winter...Instagram & Iphone love

Morning from the Ark that has become our home here by the Coast...!

It seems the weather God's have blessed us well enough for one Winter.

{Manly Ferry- Manly Wharf}

Damn, I should have kept my "oh it's freezing and I'm still wearing sunscreen in winter" mouth firmly shut!

As it's now raining- as in bucketing down- and will continue to do so till at least the end of the week!

Kid's Athletics Carnivals and Book Week Parade's have been postponed till next week...
and the dryer is my new bestie...

I've also been hit with this dreaded head cold thingy that has been sweeping through Sydney all winter.

I'm dragging my feet to all things kids and extra-curricular.
Dragging through the supermarket.
And looking at piles of Christmas stockings ready to sew up for my IG pop-up shop, with a seriously I feel so sorry for myself, God I'm bad at doing nothing, grumpy face.

Lots of tea being made here.

{Beach House Sitting Room- Pre Reno's!!}

So...what to do whilst doing nothing productively...?

Sort photos.
Good idea now.
We'll see in an hour.

Here's the past few days of life here via my new Iphone 5C.
I know, everyone's apparently waiting for the 6.
Which is apparently being released in September.
But I'm no follower.
I'm a stickler when it comes to phones.
I love Apple.
But I'm not a chronic phone *up-grader*.

My brother is.
That's his thing apparently.
Go him, I say.
Smugly hugging my sweet blue 5C.

So...life by the Coast via my super loved up, blue as the sky, Iphone 5C...

{Shopping for tropical plants for the soon-to-be renovated garden beds} 
{Divine cafe- *SUB~STATION No.152*  McEvoy Street, Sydney.}
{Spoon Swoon- two from a sweet IG friend *thesnailmailcollective}
{A little Sunday morning Disco lighting thanks to moving stuff again & winter sun}
{Can I just say: I LOVE WEEKENDS}
{I shopped the house for front door wall art- a fresh wall- c'mon Spring!}
There's a FB giveaway in the making for the *Change of season* that we're all waiting for.
A little bunting love.

Head over & like the *MISS SEW & SO* Face book Page 
to be in it to win it!

Hope you're happy, healthy and love ya phone no matter what numero it has behind it's name!

{just for the record I love my bro BIG!}




  1. Love all your Insties : )
    A beautiful life, indeed.
    Enjoy all these precious
    weekend moments!

    xo Suzanne

  2. I am the happy owner of the blue 5C, too....and although I've the new one I'll be hanging onto this objective a while. Also-- I almost bought that same eye chart paper today at the Christopher's shop but decided to wait until we paint our living room instead. As,always, love reading your posts and getting caught up with you.

  3. Looking good! and also looking forward to seeing the renovation progress - will be gaining loads of inspiration from your beachy-blighty-chippy-swanky coastal home ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Hello Hello!
    I'm so bad at all things techno on facebook, apparently I can't comment from a page to your personal page? or is that not a page? no clue.... anyhoo....
    Just popped in here, been way to long, love to catch up reading what's going on at your end, although I'm pretty up to date I guess via IG, right?
    So, what I wanted to write on your FB cover photo is man! You Look Good!
    Just so you know, it might be forbidden to look that good.... really, love that picture!
    Life near the beach is treating you well my friend, very well!
    Will send you an update about TMH very soon, (Daan had a knee operation and life here is hectic this week, also kids on holiday now one week and family coming over the week after that... hectic I tell you!) But, I haven't forgotten to do my part about sharing pics of our house, our workin together on TMH and just a good old chat, so bear with me, I will come back to you. Enjoy beach life and your soon to be new renovated home. Big hugs, from me to you!
    Maureen xx


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