chippy crates- beachside finds...

morning y'all....

*cleanup*- ladies it's so worth talking about- an Australian tradition...

a provider of many an up-cycled/re-cycled piece in our house...

so...the way it works, if you are not from our shores, is that local councils determine a day for the houses in their *area* to put their *rubbish* curb side, to be collected by them on a set morning...

but...before that *pick-up*... other locals can trawl through have a look through the neighbourhoods goodies & take any piece they feel they could *up-cycle*...

it may sound foreign to some of you- but it's been a tradition all through my life time...& one happily adopted by all- to the point that i divide my *clean up* into two piles...

one that's worth looking through & one that really is just rubbish...

this is my *find* from yesterday...

it's a time when those that can see past the old...to the chippy & lovely, really come into their own...

& it's so so great for the environment...

for me, a road side cleanup find became my now very-loved-new-to-our-little-beach-house-mag-rack...

it just so happened to be the perfect width for our side table- a find from our English village...

this room is slowly coming together since our move home to the Coast of Oz, from the English countryside...

our country life is merging with our beach lifestyle...i'm feeling more & more settled the more i unpack & the more we merge the two...

if you're on the beaches...& needing a re-cycling fix...

i'll let you know where to loiter roadside next!

i may even share a chippy find or two...

it'd be fun to do it together...

happy wednesday gals




  1. We have the same thing here in NZ but only once a year!! xo K

  2. I seriously LOVE that frame you did with the chicken wire!!
    That whole pic looks so gorgeous - the side table (beautiful shade of blue) couch, cushions, plant in the bucket and of course your chippy find.
    You have a great knack of putting bits together to make it look lovely Melissa.
    Hm, I think I live in the wrong suburbs for scoring great bits when they do the "put out your rubbish" thing.
    I know sarah from abeachcottage always gets the best stuff too!!

  3. Loving it, Sweets. And I see ye olde stencil is getting a good workout! J x

  4. That's a good find Melissa. In Melbourne they don't have 'days' anymore...we just have to ring the council when we have junk (up to 2 per year), they send a sticker pack which we slap on the junk to say it's all booked (and therefore legally out on the nature strip) and a truck comes along within a week. So gone are the days of trawling from street to street...you have to be lucky to be in the right location at the right time!! No fun!! Robx

  5. This is amazing, such a brilliant idea. Why they don't so this everywhere I will never know. It is good for the environment and saves people money - what more could you ask for?!?

  6. How I wish we had that here... I'd be in curbside heaven. For some reason, though they do it in Auckland, Wellington does not. We just have to donate to, and pick up from the op shops. Such a perfect magazine rack too. Bet you did your happy dance!

  7. Tell me about that pretty linen doily cushion!! It's just perfect. Is it screen printed? Love your new old mag holder. What do you think it used to be? I could do with another collection myself.

    Sarah Red gingham

  8. I used to love those days! They don't do it anymore here :(. Although there are still random roadside finds to be found.

  9. i love it! we call that dumpster diving here : ) but i love that you have a designated day for it...i think i would be up early prowling the neighborhoods with my flash light for stuff! love seeing your home, Melissa!

  10. Love the council clean up weeks. I haven't done so well lately but have snavelled some fab stuff over the years.

    Love your basket find and the way you styled it.

    Maybe we should organise Northern Beaches junk tours.

  11. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X


  12. Brilliant Melissa! My kids have nearly furnished their homes on these council
    clean up days, but we live too far out of town to be a part of it. Shucks! I do love the frame with the photos, just lovely. You certainly know how to do it! Cheers Jane

  13. Oh how I will miss Sydney chuck-out day. We've had a few great finds from it! Your house is gorgeous too Melissa. xx

  14. ohh....love! I have fallen deeply madly in love with all things metal basket lately. i can't get enough. I am also all over that chicken wire framed piece for your photos. The Big Ballerina wants to hang photos in her room and I think that may be the way to go. I don't want just a plain cork board. This is so much better! And we just happen to have extra chicken wire leftover from building our new coop. It was meant to be! :)

  15. Hi Melissa
    It is so fun to follow you on instagram, and now I have fallen in love with the photos on your blog too! Beautiful !!! Big fat hugs from Canada.
    Lynne xx

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