Virtual Coffee {live}

Virtual Coffee...

With a grin from ear to ear...
Here I sit at last...
where I have, so many times before...

But this time I have had a year elsewhere...
A year finding my feet back by the beaches...

And today I'm making coffee and I'm hoping you all rock up here ready to have me back!

My *fave & best* blogging day has always been the one where we share a virtual virtual coffee...

Yours is the pink chair...as it always was when we sat together in the English countryside.
I'll take the old white one found on the roadside here by the beaches so many years ago, before our adventures abroad...

Let's catch up....

Ridiculous to say really...I've so missed being here...

I also needed some time, good quality time in nothing but reality...real life, real family sorting, real house sorting life...

Moving a family of five 13,000 miles between England and Australia is no simple feat, we've done it a few times backwards and forwards, but this final time they were no longer lovely little munchkins of 9,7 & 2...but very much bigger lovely ones of 14, 11 & 6...

If we were really sharing a coffee in my little beach house, with the rain banging on the roof, I would tell you that children adore travel...they adore life- whatever is thrown at them- don't you agree?

I've watched our kids settle into a new life by the beaches, a life very different to the one that we lived before we moved them all abroad...because they are now very different people- they're now older, confident, more worldly and more accepting- purely through experience....

It's taken me this entire year to catch up with them...
Whilst I've been making our house a home in so many endless ways, the energy to share it all just wasn't there!
As a mother, I think you find time for yourself, and time for your own loves, only when the people you love, and who rely on you, are truly settled.
Only then can you find that important space again that you need...and that you love, that space that makes you tick and makes you smile.

My lovely family are all sorted and seriously ensconced in life back on the beaches- so here I am grinning like a mad woman, back doing what I love at last!

If we were really catching up at long, long last...I'm quite sure I'd just sit and smile at you for a bit...then I'd make you a super strong cup of something hot and toasty...and I'd ask you a box full of questions about your day...your week...your year...and then I'd just grin a little more.

And I know we'd have a giggle at my new *about me* blurb up above...
*Stylist, crafter, photographer and writer at Miss Sew & So*
All the things I've ever wanted to be...and all the things I love are up there...
I figure it's my special space...and I can be all of those things here...
I feel like I'm all of those things...

We'd have a giggle...and I hope you'd welcome me back to all of this...to sharing a weekly coffee together no matter where in the world we are...to sharing thoughts and dreams and day to day life...I hope you'd simply welcome me back to this thing we both love...blogging.

So...as I've done in the English countryside...I will of course do here....
I'll love you for taking the time for a coffee, virtual as it is...
And I'll send you off home with something from my garden and a promise from you to meet same time and same place next week...
The pink chair is always yours...

It is soooo great to be back here!
Thanks for waiting...and YES I'm still grinning like a banchee!

Melissa x

PS- Virtual Coffee, like the old days in Blighty was inspired by the lovely Amy over here


  1. Aw Sweets. It's soooooo good to have you back here. I have missed your cheery presence immensely. Plaudits to you for spending so time so wisely in investing in your precious family. Now there's some *me* time for you. Just fabulous. I'm so delighted to be sharing this bloggy caper with you again. J x

    1. Dear J
      Knew you'd be here with the first *welcome back* comment!
      Love to you xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you hon- so so good to be back here!
      M x

  3. Welcome back. As I sat in the car beside a lake in a small country town I imagined myself in the pink chair. I grinned from ear to ear! Yes please I'd love another cup.

    1. Deb
      You know just how welcome you always are!!
      You've sat in that pink chair many a coffee now!
      By the lake in a small country town- I'll just bring the chair to you!
      M x

  4. Hello lovely and welcome back!! Thanks for the cuppa...will be visiting again soon xx (you won't mind if I pop that white chair under my arm on the way out will you??) Janelle@awhitefarm xx

    1. Janelle my love-
      I'm quite sure you'd have one or two like that white chippy ol lovely thing on your farm there somewhere!
      But it's your for Virtual coffee every week!
      M x

  5. Love love love your favourite and best! Do you mind if I have a chai latte? xoxo

  6. Great to have you back Melisssa! Love my pink chair too x

    1. Thank so much G!
      It feels so the right time to be back here!
      And there is nothing as lovely as a pink chair is there!!
      M xx

  7. welcome back!!!! you were missed!

  8. Yay. Welcome back my dear. Glad to see you with a blogging spring in your step.
    Ness xx

    1. Thanks Nessie-
      Feels right to be back here- and some how the creative juices are all a-flowing now I'm back!
      M xx

  9. Melissa! I am so, so happy to see you back today! I have ben completely uninspired to have Virtual Coffee these days, but I think you are just the inspiration I need to have it again every Tuesday morning! I so missed your posts and look forward to catching up with you and your awesome family again. Hooray, Miss Sew & So is back!! XO

    1. Well my sweet sweet friend Amy-
      I came back with what I love best, and what you inspired in all of us- Virtual Coffee!
      So crazy happy that we are back on every week!!
      Thanks for being there AGAIN!
      M xx

  10. Oooh, I'm grinning too... So great to have you back generously offering your virtual coffee. I so understand the need to stop and spend quality time just settling again. I have drastically cut down the time I now spend on blogging - writing and reading, and you know what? The world still goes on...
    Until next time,

    1. Beth- the world still goes on...when it's good to be here, it's fabulous and when it's not- well it's fabulous to be somewhere else!
      I completely agree- and needed that year out.
      I'm back here totally for myself and it couldn't feel better.
      M xx

  11. Ohhhh you FINALLY popped up in my reader. I have waited long for this day/ Welcome home Miss Melissa :) x

  12. Yayyy. Great to have you back. I really enjoyed the virtual coffee with you. I've missed your lovely blog so much! Love your phots, they are give me so many ideas for things to do when we finally but a house.
    Love the wall chart on your header...is that the one from Heima?


  13. This morning, in my time zone, sitting with a smile and a cup of coffee, reading one of my favourite blogs again...
    Yes girl, you are back! I stand with Beth in this one, the world indeed goes on... I am doing the same on my side, but as you know, blogging will come back in my daily life, but family first indeed.
    To read your words about settling back, made me nod my head in agreement, cause it is so true and recognizable.
    Glad you saved the pink chair for these special coffee moments, I hope one day my big behind will actually sit in it!
    Hope to hear that voice behind the grin soon!
    Virtual hugs!

  14. Welcome back - I was so pleased to see your post pop up today, and look forward to reading more about life on the beach!

  15. So very happy to have you back Melissa! You've been missed - a lot - but as we all understand, sometimes other priorities have to take, well, priority! Happy to take my turn in the pink chair while you grin aimlessly. I'll have an espresso with a dash of runny cream please, and I'm so looking forward to catch up. xx

  16. So glad to see you're back! I love your virtual coffee posts so much! Cant wait to see more!

    1. Thanks sweet Alima!
      I'm so happy to have you every week for a Virtual Coffee- goodness knows we've shared many together in Englan!
      M xx

  17. Well what a surprise seeing you here! I was just scrolling down the read list and low and behold you popped up!!! Happy, happy! We're in the throws of moving back to Blighty, E had her last day at her school yesterday... Lots of tears.... Great day at the beach the other day... What are we doing? Then I read your you clarified why we are doing this... To give our kids the experience!

  18. FINALLY, a quiet moment
    to read your new posts!
    And thanks for the shout
    out on IG or I'd be oblivious
    to the fact that one of my
    blogging kindreds is back
    in her white chair : ) I had
    to smile as maybe my words
    to you in our last email
    exchange were prophetic....
    as I said that I missed your
    blog, and here you are!

    Welcome back, sweet friend.

    xo Suzanne

  19. It is great to see you back I loved the virtual coffee post looking forward to many more. Have a fun weekend

  20. Lovely Melissa, so nice to read your posts again. Every now and then I would check your blog and tonight I was soooo thrilled to see that you are up and running again!! Just love popping by and having a read. I have missed your blog, but totally get the 'needing time away' thing. Can't wait to read more....I am a bit behind as I have been away! xo Rachel

  21. Very behind on reading blog posts but am so glad I am taking the time to catch up properly. I love this post. I love stopping by at your place and reading what you have to say. Truly beautiful x x x x


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