the made by hand chandelier...

Thought i might just explain my choice of photo as my 'header'. This gorgeous, simple white paper flower was made by my son for christmas in 2008-our first in the UK and i adore it!

We have made many over the years - in all colours using beautiful Japanese paper,French wrapping paper, white chip shop paper and newspaper!

This -the simplest- I just adore- and with all the white snow around us felt like it covered the 2 countries that make up me- Australia and England.

Now that Christmas is over- this one has become a silver and white "made by hand" chandelier over our fireplace -as I just can't bare to put it away until next year.

Hope the photos inspire you and your family to make some together.......it's very simple...

Firstly use a 'square' sheet of plain or patterned paper-of any chosen size.

Fold the paper to make an fan -as we all have at school...making sure the folds finish on the same side.

Fold this fan in half and cut an arch from about 2cms from the fold to the top of the fan. This is to give the petals shape- so you can determine how you'd like them to look after a go or two.

Now unfold to fan shape again and with a needle and thread sew through this centre line and tie off to hold the flower together.

Lastly spread either side of the fan out to join each other and tape together with clear tape.

Another thread through one of the petals,from which to hang it, and voila the beginning of next years decorations, or the final touch on a birthday gift.........or like us the beginning of your 'made by hand' chandelier!

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  1. Hi Melissa, Hope you are having a lovely time with fav cousins :-). I just wanted to let you know that I have just linked this tutorial to a little post I have just published with Christmas decorations I hope to finally make this year. I hope this ok, please let me know if not as I am still learning the rules :-). Thanks so much Melissa for sharing all that you do. Tanya xx

    p.s. this is the post if needed http://lovelylapop.blogspot.com/2011/11/time-to-get-bit-of-christmas-happening.html


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