Warm Banana muffins....for after school...

So..my gorgeous Ella is home unwell again..and really needs some building up so I thought whilst I'm baking her our family's favourite Banana muffins, the time has come to share the recipe........and this is especially for my most favourite gorgeous english rose- Janey -now I want banana muffins hanging at my door xx

Now, this is not to be underestimated... my mum has been baking me Banana muffins for as long as I can remember....and having 'tweaked' her original, and very near perfect recipe just a tad- I add more brown sugar {for purely health reasons of course!!}- I hope this becomes something you also hand down to your children to leave home with!

I can promise you that there is nothing like a pile of warm muffins and a glass of milk! I still have exactly this with my three kids after school!
And......it gets rid of those brown bananas that no-one under 12 will eat!
So leave a few aside to go brown...because this is seriously a once a week kind of afternoon tea...and SOOOOO easy to make!
Of course you mustn't share that bit.......

Click on the recipe above. Enjoy xxx

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