and if you can't find peonies or frangipannis...

and if you can't find a beautiful bunch of peonies.....or you didn't manage to buy a house in Sydney with a 100 yr old frangipanni tree...the next best thing is pink chair, type set on a piece of timber {i'm in looove!} & a lump of coral.........why did i leave all our years of coral in storage in Aust?
how happy does this picture make you feel....for me i don't need more than this........


  1. Howdy! I found your blog via Wide Open Spaces and wanted to drop by and say hello. I hope that you are all happy in England, despite this gloomy weather. Hopefully we will have a good summer!

    I will come by again. Take care x

  2. Hi there, I love that pink chair. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.


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