thrifting & swapping.......

so......being a flea market....car boot sale kinda girl....the weather is sending me a little mad as you well know!
yesterday i visited one of the loveliest little vintagey shops i know in my little town.....& left dragging an old ladder, a gorgeous kitchen 'pot' stand & two 50's baskets.....if it hadn't been almost raining again, & school pick up time, i would  also have dragged out a huge round mirror & a heavenly old chipped wrought iron handle holder with me....& i had gone to drop off my 'miss sew & so' bunting & lavender birds with her!!
i even swapped a gorgeous cushion i had made for two of someone else's- as i seriously loooove the fabric........i have searched on line for something like it...but nothing compared to this!

this week  i also managed to find 2 more china teasets- yes it's getting full in that kitchen but how beautiful are these- for a grand total of 4 pounds for the lot....and two more chairs- one for just a pound- i can't wait to get out the paint and fabrics & transform the lot

& in england this obsession can be fullfilled every day...as pretty much everthing is vintage if looked at the right way.........i am going to need a whopping big container to get it all home....


  1. Oh, just wonderful finds - make the most of it, even if it is two containers worth :)
    Irene x

  2. See that's what i love about australian women- they can totally justify these things! still loving your cushions....happy friday to you on your side of the world!
    Melissa x


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