...happy mums day...x

...in my mind i took my *mum* with me when i bought this vase...

...& i filled it with pink flowers from *my* garden for her...

...ok...& white flowers from over the wall...*next door*...

...she'd like that because i have to tell you, she is a serious flower thief...
...we have taken a *few*... flowers from gardens...
...over fences... & over walls...
... over the years on our walks...

...i'm still not sure if the walks were for fitness... or to *top up* her garden...

...& jars...& vases..
...& it's one special garden...

...& she's one *special mum*...

...happy mothers day tannie....
...these are for you...

...love you...



  1. What sweet memories you have made with your mom. I am going to follow your blog, too. I have been looking around. Your little blog makes me smile :)

  2. Such a sweet post! Pretty flowers too. :)


  3. What a beautiful post...... Just this morning I bought a mothers day card for my darling Nanna , something I do every year, except this year I will be keeping it with me , as Nannas mind is not really with us now. So I will keep it until I can visit her next month & read it to her myself while I hold her hand. It breaks my heart that I cannot phone her to talk anymore or even more because I cant hold her , to know she is loved.
    Karyn x

  4. Is that your "mum"?!? WOW! She is gorgeous and so chic! Love that picture. What an awesome post.

    My friend and I used to go out after dark to "midnight flower shop." hehe...I just took my Big Ballerina to do so for teacher appreciation day. She was scared silly that we would go to jail for stealing. Guess it's a tradition I'll have to start with my Little Ballerina. That girl has no conscience. ;)

  5. It sounds as if your mum is just like mine Melissa. Mum is an a-grade plant pincher, particularly is they're frangipanis - her favourite. Hope you and your mum have a lovely day, full of beautiful blooms. k xx

  6. Gorgeous post & flowers for your Mum:) Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day Melissa ~ Tina x

  7. What more can I say, but thank you and lots of love to you too and a Happy Mothers Day.

    By the way, enjoy the seaside, ice cream cones and donkey rides.

  8. This is beautiful and great photos, Happy Mother's Day to you...hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Lovely post Melissa, if our children feel this way about us in a few years time I for one will be happy!
    PS If you pop over you'll see that I have mentioned your name!!

  10. I just love ther colour of that vase. Happy Mothers DAy.

  11. gorgeous flowers! as for the ownership of said flowers, you just offered free pruning services!

    I'm happy to discover your blog, it's wonderful, and the moment, a few back, with the ballet slippers and flip flops/thongs is great! I'm inspired!

  12. I celebrated Mothers Day with the rellies over from Townsville

    Two little girls that left England four years ago returned with the cutest aussie accents

  13. Firstly the vase is a treasure and a half. Secondly, isn't there some law (er, possibly unspoken, but one I blindly abide by), whereby anything hanging over a fence into your property or even the nature strip is ABSOLUTELY UP FOR GRABS?

    Course I can completely imagine your Mum indulging in stretching activity (for fitness) which requires leaning over a fence (not for fitness)...


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