brocante love...

salut all....

thankyou for all your wonderful & witty comments....about france, home schooling, moves abroad, crumbling cool stone houses &....well...the photie of moi with the kiddos...

it really is lovely to be back writing again...although i have soo much to share with you that i am not sure where to start...
& then my thoughts start wandering to other magic places we've been with the kiddos in europe & i seem to go off on a mad tangent {in my mind} again...!

so....with a herbal tea in hand let me show you the boot of our people mover...

yep...the kiddos looove being surrounded by french goodies
they love them under their feet
they love them *squashed* under their knees & beside them on the seat

it makes them feel needed....
my little angels who helped me get all this *french stuff* back unharmed- bless them...

& they too, reaped many a french blessing, i can assure you on this driving holiday across the channel too!
have you ever had a *petal de rose* or *violette* icecream?
i hadn't either- not till i was a seriously grown up gal...welcome to my kids days in france!

on this french journey i also noticed {consistently} that i have a very happy *thrift & vintage shop-embracing* husband...
in australia he'd rather be swimming, surfing or kiddo beach hopping than vintage furniture shopping...
but the 15,000 miles we've roamed have brought out a *brocante* & history enthusiast that leaves the best at the door...

...i'm not saying that given the opportunity to hang at *la plague* with the kids, that this wouldn't take precedence each & every time...
...it's just with not much *surf* around these parts...he's discovered *other* qualities in himself...

he not only stops at brocantes in france...
pokey little shops of goodies in italy...
& the british version of the australian *red cross* shop whenever we pass- he actually drives outa his way for them....he sources them!

...so, as its the weekend..i thought i'd just share a little french brocante love with you

& go set up my new & seriously LOVED *apple mac pro*.....aaahhhhhh

& just one more time for my gorgeous hubby, who is now in ear shot & whom bought it for me......

...i am gonna love me this apple....


  1. Those french op-shops sound, and look, wonderful! Now I know all I have to do in order to get my husband to embrace thrifting is move to France ..... oh well, I guess I'm stuck with the non-thrift-shop version!! By the look of your car you have been having a lot of fun. Michelle

  2. Your hubby sounds like a seriously good bloke! And what wonderful memories you're both creating for your kids. Too good :)

  3. Ok... I'm officially jealous. Both of all that lovely shopping and your new apple... I'm in the process of trying to convince my hubby that I need my very own apple and that way I'll stop stealing his... My sister was on the phone the other day whining about having to take the kids camping in France this week... Life so not fair!!! I'm off to sob over a cup of tea! Lx

  4. Welcome back! It looks like you've had an absolutely incredible time in France - I'm jealous too! :)
    I bet you're having a fantastic time finding the perfect place to stow all your new items.
    Hope you're having a great weekend,
    Melissa x

  5. An Apple!
    I'm trying not
    to turn green with
    envy!! I wanted
    one, myself, but
    then my kiddos
    both needed computers
    for school....So,
    well, you guessed
    it. But, I am happy
    for YOU! Love how
    your hubs is on board
    with brocante. I
    discovered "GW" while
    on holiday, aka Good
    Will and my kids are
    hooked, too....each
    bought their own little
    treasures at prices
    they could afford. Which
    was good, since we had
    computers to buy when we
    got home!
    Hope you are catching
    up from being gone. I'm
    still behind....
    xx Suzanne

  6. Looks like you had sone serious fun, and what a cool gift for a husband to give his wife - an apple - the original temptation!!!


  7. I am so jealous! I love all of your treasures.

  8. What a charmingly glamorous boot, and a fine husband, and beautiful photos, and a fine choice of technology. It's all good.

  9. My husband is definitely still of the 'speed up' variety whenever I see something or some little shop that I think deserves some attention! Have just read him your blog, with the thought that there is hope for him yet. Thank goodness the people mover was big enough for those wonderful treasures, and you'll always all remember the wonderful experiences you had buying them.

  10. Your life sounds fun and wonderful!! Thrift shopping is so big here but the treasures to found in France must be fantastic!!
    Pamela xo

  11. ah the apple ... my "mactop" is joined to my hip ... hubby did the same ... presented me the gift!

    and then the iphone in Feb ... I'm in apple heaven

    looks like your summer was dreamy!!

    p.s. peek in at your status on my sidebar!

  12. Hi melissa, I did miss your posts when you where gone and its so lovely to have you back! Your trip just sounds so perfect; theee most perfect family holiday! I am hoping to go to France next summer to be doing the very same thing! beach hopping and vintage store thrifting (oh and a little bit of champagne drinkin too)- just heaven! My auntie has a little house in Brittany I am hoping she might let us rent for a month! So funny we had similar dreams!! Can`t remember where we were supposed to be going, but hope it never happens for real!!
    Just beautiful photos! Especially of your daughter and husband on the beach! oh, and the ice cream, and the deck chairs!!! Thankyou for sharing with us!
    hugs beautiful friend!!
    Laura xxx

  13. Hi Melissa! Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a funny comment! I just peeped at your blog, I really like it! So I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to read more tomorrow, it's pretty late, again, so I'll have to say Night!

  14. Goodmorning Melissa!
    Yep, I'm up already, our daughter has a camping trip with school, she just left, boohoo! I'll miss her already...
    So, after a couple of hours of much needed sleep, I took a stroll (promise, I will read more later today) and I just wanted to say, WOW! You make pictures that are so full of life and the colors, love them! Also, I popped in by your friend Amanda and put my name down as well, thanks for the link! I'm glad we have met! Now, I have to get going with my day, Bye Now!

  15. I have missed you lovely lady, but WOW! I am speechless over your most recent French experience, not to mention green with envy! Loving your boot full of treasures - a girl after my own heart, I think :)) Love it all and your photos are always AMAZING!! Your hubby certainly sounds like a keeper!! Big hugs to you ~ Txx

  16. You found some gorgeous treasures, Melissa. EnJOY all! xx


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