...sandy toes & salty hair...at last...

...NOTHING beats the feeling of salt in your hair, salt on your skin, sandy feet...& the sound of wet happy kiddos...NOTHING

...don't get me wrong...we LOVE the english countryside too...the roses...the farms...the village...but we were brought up on salt spray & faded beachtowels....
...& then last weekend...as if someone knew we needed it...we found OUR little part of home...our little australian/english coastline...the place we will return to time & time again whilst we are here....

...the place where our kiddos were *right at home*...without even realising they were, as it's just such an intrinsic part of who they are
...the place where our kiddos just *hung out* as thought they'd been there before...
...the wild coastline that is northumberland
...being a *smidge* south of scotland- due to emporer hadrian building his big ol'wall & all...this coastline was an instant embracing reminder of home

...but we loved it for it's farming connection also
...a beach that is reached through a farm is a wonderful thing

...the big kiddos swam...constantly
...i turned a blind eye to their full length wetsuits...it is the bracing *north sea* after all!
...& little a & i made endless sandcastles under the watchfull gaze of the most beautiful ruin of a castle we have ever seen
...we've never sat on a beach watched over by a 15th century castle...
...the hubster pronounced *Dunstanburgh Castle* his *favourite & his best*

...& that man knows his castles...he's half welsh
...but to surf under the gaze of a castle on the beach...heaven for an aussie beach boy...

...heaven for an aussie gal...albeit a slighty beach-*flotsom & jetsom*-obsessed aussie gal, was the way of village life along this magical coastline
...stone cottages...sanddunes...fishing boats...harbours...fishing paraphenalia...& rockpools

...i absolutely cannot get enough of crab pots & boat ropes
...i blame that on the loving-good judgement of my folks moving me from the edge of the city to the beaches
...& on wonderful holidays off the isle of skye,scotland with another mad-crab-potting galfriend for family holidays

...absolutely never enough for me...

...so our salty family is now back in the farming village we call home
...a little sunkissed & very happy to have found our little piece of home only a *wee* 3 1/2 hours drive away

...we've had a taste after a long while away....seafood & salt and we LOVED it...
...it's in our genetic makeup...it's who we are...
...here's hoping our next little *escape* to france will indulge us with more of the same...
...roll on summer...
...with salty farms by the sea...


  1. Oh those pictures are gorgeous!! I would love to spend time there. I am so glad that you found a piece of home so far away. A beautiful piece of home!

  2. melissa- that sounds exactly like what you have been wishing for! absolutely gorgeous photos...a beach right near farmland and a castle...wow...sounds heavenly indeed! so happy you all had a wonderful time!

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  4. Whoops..I'll try again...Beautiful pictures.I long for a British 'holiday' and miss everything you captured here. Especially the corn fields. Lx

  5. I am right there with you...in the sentiment of all things 'sea'. My children were raised traveling 2 1/2 hr. to our coast as often as we could. They too were 'at home' there. So I understand you perfectly. Now all you need is a vintage travel trailer to take on those trips to your sea so you can spend a week or weekends there.

    Your photos are so beautiful. Did you use photoshop? I just got it, but haven't figured out how to use it yet. I would like to give my photos this soft pastel look.

  6. I am sizzling here in the burbs ... both from heat and a little thing called envy ....


  7. Beautiful beautiful photos. Did you take them yourself? Amazing! I feel like I've been on holiday for the few minutes I've spent looking through and reading your post. Thank you.

  8. Great photos Melissa - oh so nice to feel the sand between your toes again. Enjoy you little piece of paradise. Leanne x

  9. Oh duh. Just saw on the right of your blog 'all photos on this blog are my own'. Great photos.

  10. This certainly looks like a stunning wee spot Melissa. That castle is pretty amazing. And I know what you mean about your kids feeling instantly at home. When you grow up with the sea, it is very hard not to live beside it, even when you have other lovely alternatives, and literal newfound pastures green. xx

  11. They remind me of some of the beaches on the south coast of NSW, minus the castles of course. It's so good to hear that you've found some sun and a piece of ground that makes it feel so right :)

  12. What beautiful beaches you have, thanks for sharing the incredible photos but I also love the image of the field with the hay rolled up...gorgeous! xoxo Beth

  13. Loved all of your
    thoughts and the
    gorgeous pics from
    your trip. That
    image with the sheep
    is positively magical.
    Having spent most of
    last week on the wild
    coast of Oregon, I'm
    still dreaming of surf,
    sand and that tangy
    air! Much too cold for
    swimming {although there
    are always intrepid kids
    dipping their toes and
    more!}but just right for
    xx Suzanne


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