hurricane kiddos & aaahhh...the quiet...


hear that silence?...

thats my house...quiet...ripped through by a pre-school-storm called *hurricane kiddos*, but quiet now...

i love the first morning of a new term...

i read in the *guardian* on saturday...that those of us who loved the pre-school WHSmith visit to stock up on school supplies, still apply this same excitement & organisation to the start of a school year...forever!

regardless of age...we love the anticipation of organisation as the new school year begins...

i would never actually call myself a gal of routine...but i really do come into my own the first week of any new term...i'm like a girl scout...all chirpy & organised for anything...

so today..all three kiddos are back in the classroom- polished, brushed, buffed & smiling...
i am going mad in the house...yep the one hit by that hurricane...the same one that may have come past your house this week....!

aaaahhhhh...the quiet of it all....
if you, like me, have done everything but pack yourself a pencil case for the start of the new school year...then i hope you too sit back for just a second today & enjoy the moment...


  1. I know just what you mean.....when after years of school & Uni, September always means a new start....and lots of energy in my mind.

    Enjoy your peaceful moments....I will be like that on Thursday morning hopefully (after a tear or two most probably!!)

    Happy Monday :) xoxo

    PS I need a favour over at my blog, please stop by if you have a minute....thank you :)

  2. Oh I feel the same way when Spring arrives...and so now..its time to sort out those messy drawers..and get rid of alot of junk. Hope you are doing well lovely...looks like you have had alot of washing on your hands ; ) x

  3. Hi - I am not there yet - roll on Wednesday - so my house still looks like a hurricane has hit. I am counting down - bittersweet as ever. I also have a husband underfoot...who doesn't know if he's coming or going; Monday mornings are for work, but not today. It's a laundry day today ;-) Lou x

  4. Enjoy that peace and quiet! Ah cleaning and getting rid of things makes me feel so good! Kellie x

  5. You even make your laundry look stylish... mine would look like a bunch of stained t-shirts hanging limply... a bit like a before' shot in a laundry commercial! Enjoy the peace and quite... I'm envious... I write this with my almost 2 year old, clambering all over me and insisting on sitting legs a-kimbo across my chest... 3 more years before full time school for this one! Lx

  6. I know that feeling well. I'm almost salivating remembering that feeling. Rather unfair of you, I must say. The inlaws arrive from the UK in a week. The kids are on hols in two. YIKES.

  7. I love that you feel the same as me Melissa!! Funny, I wrote something similar this morning (but I dont put things quite so lovely as you do!!) Should be able to get to the post office tomorrow! Glad you are glad!!!
    hugs from Laura xxx

  8. Why is it my house is a perpetual hurricane.....?

  9. although i have had a difficult time sending my little guy off to kindergarten i do love the routine of the school year. i feel a bit more organized as well. i feel like making lists and new year's resolutions!


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