*getting to know you tag*...a little sharing...

i was sent a *getting to know you tag* from one of my favourite blogging gals...
the gorgeous simone...from *the bottom of the ironing basket*

i really enjoy taking the time to answer questions posed in these *tagging* posts, as it encourages me to reflect on parts of my life, & me, in a way i don't think i'd otherwise do....

so here goes....

1} what is your favourite time of day?
i'd have to say  *very early morning*...
in australia we would be woken up by the wonderful kookaburra's that sat in the huge old gumtrees in our dead-end street...
we had no alarm set on our clock..
we had kookaburra's & sunlight...
here in the english countryside birds are sweet & quiet...& at the moment that's how i like my early mornings to be...
a cup of tea & quiet...just for a bit...& then i embrace the pounding of kiddos on the floorboards above & the production that is breakfast with smaller people....

2} where & when did you meet the love of your life?
oh he does love to be called that! ;)
i made friends with a wonderfully confident, intelligent & lovely girl when at university...
she is now my sister-in-law!
she & i quickly became great friends at uni...& i met all her family many times before coming across her *older* brother...
he of course had finished university & was doing the cool-inner-city-living-thing with his friends in sydney...
he was older, quirky & went to cool movies...
so here i am...20 years later...he's older & quirkier & we go to kids movies, but i love him more than ever...

3} what 3 words would your friends outside the blogging world use to describe you?

4} what country would you like to visit & why?
there are sooo many countries i am still desperate to visit...to photograph...to show our children...
but marrakech has been on our short list for a very long time...
so for my husbands birthday in december we are flying to marrakech to wander the lanes of the souqs...& to sit & watch life go by in the open air food stalls that make up the Djemaa el-Fna...
the colours of marrakech & the drama of the atlas mountains - to say we are excited is a massive understatement!

5} what is your favourite dish to cook?
with all the beautiful fresh ingredients on offer in the countryside...
along with all the skills i have acquired since moving here...
my favourite & my best meal to cook is still *sunday morning pancakes with the kiddos*...
it's about the batter....
& the giggles..
.& the flipping...
& the limes...
& the syrup...
but mostly it's about the giggles...

6} salt or suger?
quite simply both!
there in NOTHING like maldon salt on wedges of organic tomatoes...
there is NOTHING like chocolate tim tams on the couch with a dvd...
{for the non-aussies reading this...think THE PERFECT chocolate covered biscuit!}

7} what are your must-have make-up or beauty items?
Boot's no.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum- {heaven in a bottle}
Cath Kidston Rose hand cream & cuticle cream
Burt's Bees Lip balm
ck ONE by Calvin Klein
L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake

& i never leave the house without *baby-wipes*...the world's greatest pocket cloth!

8} what are your favourite flowers?
australia & england have totally opposing climates & i have favourite flowers from both...
flowers that will forever more, take my heart back to one or the other,...visually...emotionally & by their beautiful smell... 
frangipannis & hibiscus take me to my beach life...summer in australia...christmas time on the coast...
full blown roses & peonies will forever more take me back to days in our english garden...& vintage enamel jugs of both from our local fruit market...on our big old kitchen table...

9} what are your worst vices...honestly?
oh this one has required a fresh cup of tea!
i think i sometimes read people wrongly...
when they are not *as enthusiastic* as i about something, i feel it's *my fault*....
i've not sold it to them well enough...i've not explained something properly....
when in reality, i think i'm probably more enthusiastic about day to day stuff than others...
& i need to not expect people to react like i do...
whilst on a roll...
i think i probably have high expectations of my day...i could do with *just being* a little lot more!

10} at what time of your life were you happiest & why?
i think as a woman...i can't ignore that the births of our three children were indeed the  three happiest moments of my life, moments i can recall like they were yesterday...
they were totally life changing moments & are came about through such love & commitment by richard & i...
i don't necessarily stop & consider my happiness on a day to day basis, as i am, by nature, a positive happy person...
we live in positive happy way...
but i think i've reached a *time* where i can appretiate the life i have, the daily happiness i have when asked about it....
there was a time where i perhaps showed more empathy than necessary towards people who were having a *bad time*, or * a bad day*,...now i feel my happiness is something to be shared...
i think being intrinsically happy means you could pin-point the not-so-happy-moments...& i can absolutely do that.

so if you've made it through my thoughts...& you've not reached for another glass of wine or wandered off to tidy the bathroom play with the kids...thank you...
it's a bit like reading the slipcover of a new book...you either love it & *get* it...
or you pick up a book on the next shelf....
so thank you for sticking with me & this slip cover from my little book...

now...i would like to pass this *getting to know you tag* onto some lovely girls who i would like to know more about....
girls who i know i'd like to sit & have a tea with...
girls i'd like to listen to sharing their thoughts...

Laura from *a place for tea*
Maureen from *daydream living*
Sarah from *one perfect day*

if you feel like another pot of tea...take one over to these lovely ladies....& say *hi* from me....


  1. Love your getting to know you tag - little gifts of knowledge about you - and may I just say...I SO get you. Tomatoes and salt - tick. Cuppa tea - tick. 20 years with your friend's brother - tick! Lovely, Lou xx

  2. Can I tell you how much I LOVED reading this?! You are such a beautiful writer, I can always feel your happy and enthusiastic personality when I read your words.

    Loved discovered more about you :) Loved the photos too....where is the first one?

    Marrakech is on my list too - I have two girlfriends who both went this year and really raved about it. I so want to go souk-shopping!!

    Some days I wish I had Lou living one side of me and you on the other....wouldn't that be grand?! Can you imagine how much tea would get drunk ;)

    Thanks for doing the tag xxxx

  3. Okay, Lou and I replying simultaneously.....spooky!! It's serendipity I tell you :) xx

  4. And....I have ALL five of those beauty products, love the freshness of those perfumes.

    Will stop posting/stalking you now ;)

  5. How great to get to know you better and to really meet someone who obviously 'loves life'

  6. I love that you put photos with your answers...makes a huge impact! I love your three words! I love Berts Bees too!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Oh I definitely *get* it, and loved learning a little more about you Melissa. Your answer to the happiest times is so well put.
    P.S I think you must have been a child bride like me!

  8. Hi Melissa!

    Thanks for the tag! I've been tagged and awarded with a twist now, so I have to make a BIG pot of tea to sit and answer all these questions... It's funny indeed, one wouldn't think about these things, so it's quite nice to do it. And I love the photo with the running children, lovely! Enjoy the night sweetie!
    Maureen xx

  9. Hi Melissa
    Had to pop back to say thank you for such a lovely comment. You sure know how to make someone feel good. I love your banner by the way, its so chic! Will keep coming by to say hello,
    Jenny x
    Ps off to have my nightcap now hic!

  10. Oh, Miss Melissa, I really enjoyed this post. I love finding more about you - you're my type of girl. The three girls you've tagged are all favourite new bloggy friends of mine as well - snap! And peonies are pure prettiness, I agree. I do miss Sydney's frangipanis - if only Hobart could grow them! J x

  11. Melissa, I definently do love reading more about you!! And did not reach for another glass of wine!! well, it is only 7 am, here, but I could have read more as you write so well. Maybe you should write a book!( seriously - I just think you would make a fabulous writer)
    And I am soooo envious of you going to Marrakech!! How exciting! What a wonderful experience too for your children! I spent some time in the middle east as a child/teenager and it really was well, hard to really describe... eye-opening, rich in history and culture,a world so rich in ispiration for the imagination and creativity... you are going to love it!!
    And, so glad that you share your happiness. And that is such a treasure and a fantastic gift to pass to others. Especially your children - you are a fabulous role model for them. And your happiness has definently touched me which I am greateful for..
    Lots of hugs to you sweet Mel,
    Laura xxx

  12. Loved learning more
    about your, Melissa,
    slipcover and all : ) !!
    I love the fact that
    you appreciate all of
    the little things....
    and also make time
    for the big things,
    like your upcoming trip.
    THOSE will be some
    amazing photos!
    xx Suzanne

  13. I just loved this post and getting to know more about you Melissa! Everytime I visit you here, I go away so inspired to be the best woman, wife, mother I can be and to continue to live my life in a positive way. Thank you lovely, for such inspiration!! Huge hugs ~ Txx

  14. I came back for another look at the beautiful photos....and have to agree with Tina's comment....perfectly put, that's just how you make me feel too, she's hit the nail on the head.

    Happy Friday honey! xx

  15. I loved getting to know you!! Oh yes and we have a few things in common! Although I'm not really a morning gal;) Oh and your choice of flowers is altogether mine. I miss the scent of Frangipani........

  16. Thank you so much Melissa for the very sweet tag...over the weekend I will put my thinking cap on and come up with some answers to all those interesting questions. So great to get to know you and I also adore peonies and roses!
    Your blog sure is a very pretty and inspiring place to visit...ahh enjoy that beautiful English countryside this weekend.
    Sarah x

  17. oh, and the last couple of times i have tried to follow you...it won't allow ? will have to get the husband of the house to check this out for me....i am really bad with the technical stuff! x

  18. This is so lovely - embedded with so many tips! I'm gonna have to check out Boots Beauty Serum ;) Thank you for sharing so many personal details it sounds like a beautiful place where you live

    XO L

  19. It's always nice to read more about you in this post. And I'm loving your plates too! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  20. Hello over there Melissa....!!

    I hope this note finds you well Lovey....!! THANK YOU for your recent comment re my US Treasures....hahahahaha....Oh I had LOTS of fun hauling my Treasures about....The $1300- worth of postage was ANOTHER matter entirely though....DOH....!

    What a FAB post for me to drop in for a visit....I just learnt SO much about you in one go I feel like we're old Friends....Now when I manage to con one of my bloggy mates in the US to send me some CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS (can you believe there's such a THING....!), I'll be sure to send some along....!!

    I hope your weekend is filled with WONDER....And a little peace & quite in the morning....!!

    GO the TIM TAM SLAM....!!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  21. Fabulous to get to know a little more about you! I love the way you describe things - I feel as if we are having a live conversation! Oh and I am sooo with you on the sweet/salt - I will always choose both! Cheers, Y

  22. Hi Melissa,

    Your photos are really gorgeous. I want to climb into each one and have a nose around. Especially that one shot through a bridge.

    I'm having a lovely browse through your blog and I've really enjoyed it.

    Am definitely going to Follow.


  23. Loved this post! I related to so many things and my mum has been onto me about Boots No. 7 for years... must check it out! x

  24. I think my mother told me once the happiest times for her was when I was a little kid. Having child sounds like a amazing fun experience. It has it's ups and downs but overall it's probably worth it.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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