ticking off your christmas lists...

now that all my christmas treats are having a lovely sea voyage to warmer climates...

i am helping others tick off their christmas lists...
there is nothing cosier than a cushion for winter in these parts of the world...
& with this in mind...
the *Miss Sew & So* studio has been getting a serious workout in the last few days...
i have gorgeous fabrics & cushion inserts all over the b****y place in neat piles all over my sewing room ;) 
awaiting*dropping off*...or their final touches...

i love it when it's all a bit of *creative chaos* at ours - things look exciting...& busy...& fresh!
so if you need some help ticking your list...drop me a thought...
i seem to have become somewhat of an expert...

...the ticking of lists also included cleaning up the kiddos drawing supplies...
...another old seed box...
...a lick of white paint & some typeset...

...of course they won't be able to *find* a thing...
...but i'm happier...
...it's off my list!...
...now for tea & blog hopping...


  1. You are a clever one, aren't you? These look fabulous. Now, I just need you to do the actual christmas shopping for me, and I'll be set! Lovely work as always sweet. K xx

  2. Your cushions are absolutely gorgeous Melissa!! I also LOVE your pencil box, so lurvely my dear! Hope you have a wonderful week. HUGE hugs ~ Txx

  3. Oh, Miss Melissa, you are just too clever by half! I am so impressed with your fabulous creativity. Between you and Tina, you both have homemade prettiness completely covered. J x

  4. I SO wish I could do half the things you can!!!

    LOVE the cushions, gorgeous!!!!! Are you saying that you are offering to make them as orders....or is that wishful thinking on my part?!! LOL!

    I would actually love one of those "Anya" cushions - and some bunting PLEASE. Can we talk?! :)

    Happy Monday honey :) xx

  5. Now you're just rubbing it in !!:))
    Loving that union jack cushion Melissa

  6. it IS upon us, isn't it?
    doing all home mades this year ... the wrapping is my favorite thing

  7. if they are like my children they won't be able to find it even if it is organized and right out in plain sight!
    lovely pillows, melissa!

  8. I love those pillow...and your organizing skill!

  9. I am SO loving that
    Union Jack pillow!!!
    Seems that I'm going
    to have to whip my
    own sewing machine
    into a frenzy if I
    want new, inexpensive
    slips not made in the
    big C. I'm actually
    off to the crafts store
    this afternoon for
    doing up that tea caddy,
    inspired by YOU!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Those cushions are great!
    Claudia xxx

  11. oh...your creations are absolutely amazing!! i'm needing a little creative chaos right now...i'm just in chaos period! ;0)

  12. Ooo, I love all of those cushions.

  13. A wonderful parcel arrived for me this morning!! Thankyou so much I love it!! I shall have pictures and blog update very soon!! Just keep going back to it all to take another look and am pretty sure I will be lost for hours now reading your blog!!! xx

  14. So beautful Melssa!!! Everythng! am so glad that you are showng lots of your gorgeous work!!!! You are really inspiring me now to get into things and get christmas lists up and ready. Have a wonderful and creative day xxxoooxxx Laura xxx

  15. How I wish for creative chaos. Especially if it is as lovely as these cushions look. Here it is just the 'chaos' part of that phrase. I can't believe you've done all your Christmas shopping. You must be feeling very pleased with yourself. I definitely need help - haven't even made a list, let alone ticked anything off on it! xx

  16. I love that pencil organisation. Doesn't it make you feel good when you transform a little area with magnificent organisational skills? The cushions are fab. Have a great day.

  17. You are sooo good! Great to get things crossed off the list! I have officially bought one Christmas gift! Whew! I've started at least!
    The passport for my son's class is heading to you from Northern Canada...will take about a week. Thanks for helping out with it!
    Have a great day!


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