a giveaway...& your thoughts...

morning lovely people...

the sun is out...
the sky is blue...
this is my first spring giveaway!

i have really given my blog a lot of thought lately...
& i've pondered long & hard about where i am going with it...
i know i'm not alone in thinking this way...
as a person i'm quite a *bundle of things*....
i often wonder if my blog is as clean & simple as i see my days...
my style combines many loves...some simple...some not so...
i think i combine the many style loves i have into a wonderful home...
but i don't know if this always comes across in my blogging...
but if i were to make a *mood board* of my loves...i like to think that my blog is getting closer to showing that....
something i'd like to share more is my creative side...
i share my thoughts...
i pour you virtual tea each week...
i love visiting you all...
i don't think i've really shared the side of me that makes me tick...
the creative lovely mess of a side that has a zillion projects going at once...
you *see* my photography in each blog post...& i feel that is a huge part of who i am...
but the fabric....the artwork...the ongoing projects...i'd like to share more...
so in light of all that...
yehar to my first spring giveaway...made with love & thanks...

i love a gorgeous tote bag...
i make these in the style of the patchwork cushions i sell...
made from english, french & european new & vintage fabric...
fully lined & the perfect size to accomodate all that we girls need...
whilst balancing kiddos...bread...milk...fresh flowers & a coffee after the school run...
so here it is...
a giveaway to show you more about what i do...how i spend my days...
my *miss sew & so* days...
my lovely working days...

i should probably think about an etsy site...
i mean i trawl then daily buying other peoples goodies...
if you are reading this whilst tapping away at work darling hubster...
i don't really covet everything on etsy daily...i'm just drumming up interest ;) .....

so dear bloggy friends
those who just swing by every-now-and-again
i want to share some of me
buy giving you this
a few other *miss sew & so* bits & pieces


...you know how it works better than i...
1. become a follower
2. leave a comment or a thought on totes...etsy...fresh flowers...or a creative life
3. an extra entry for blogging about my little springy giveaway
i will read each & every one
with a very big pot of tea
i really need to think where i am going with all this
...so thank you blogging friends...
sometimes we all need a little direction & encouragement

open for comments till sunday march 20
about lunchtime here in the english countryside
after a car boot sale visit or two
when i will be throwing all the enteries into and old tin bucket
letting the kiddos draw a winner
happy monday


  1. I am really excited to join in here. Your bag is lovely and the colours are super.
    Jenny x

  2. Oh, Melissa, I hear ya...I, too, think about my blog and if it conveys the real me. It's a difficult thing to capture as we all have such a variety of interests & loves!

    I love your blog and your images & your work! The tote is gorgeous! I say, just keep doing what your doing...we love you! And, by all means, get yourself an Etsy shop...it's lots of fun, frustrating but so worth it!
    xoxo Beth

  3. Hi Melissa, you so definitely need to be thinking etsy! Those totes are gorgeous. You should also most definitely be showing us some more of your creations.
    (Sorry if that all sounded a bit bossy - I didn't mean for it to!)
    Thanks for the chance at your giveaway. Have been a follower for a while.

  4. do the etsy shop! it's so much fun :)
    and your bags are darling!

  5. I love following your blog you have some amazing pictures and the tote bags are no exception. I love the roses in your bag, I bought myself some this morning as a treat in creams and whites :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Hello there Melissa - I wonder do any of our blogs show the real us?! I a way I am surprised you say yours doesn't, as of all of the ones I read, your blog feels the most like I am at your kitchen table having a cup of tea. Of course I love your work - the bag is just lovely. Like you. Lou x

  7. That bag is lovely! I love the colors and the fabrics you used. Someday, I will learn to sew. I will own a sewing machine and I will buy yards and yards of fabric and I will create things to my hearts content. But, for now, I will continue crocheting with yarn to meet my "artsy" needs. :)

    Are those tulips growing in the pot behind the bag?! I'm very jealous. I want green things growing in my yard desperately.

  8. Hi Melissa! The Tote is simply lovely! I wish my morning was spring-y, but where I am it is grey and wet! I hope you enjoy that beautiful sunshine! And I definitely think that you should have an etsy shop!

  9. Those tote bags are to die for! The polka dot one with the red handles, I love it! I think I'd buy one even if I didn't win. Start up an Etsy for or sure!

  10. OOOH! I don't have time now, so have to come back later when everybody is fed and sleeping...
    Love this bag Melissa!
    And yes, an etsy store would be a good idea!
    Till later sweetie, it's spagethi time....
    Maureen (it's me but I wasn't logged in, that why the anonymous thingy....)

  11. I love this tote! So darn cute! You really have fabulous style! I feel the same way you do about wondering if my blogging really reflects me, but don't worry what you're doing now is wonderful!

  12. What a lovely bag! I use totes all the time for every possible thing. I have an etsy site, but it totally needs work and revamping and is pretty much no good at the moment. Maybe in the summer I will have time for that...

  13. Hi Melissa
    Not sure if you post to The Northern Beaches of Sydney, but as you are from these parts, thought I'd give your give away a go. Glad you visited me for the Boat House Blog as it allowed me to find you. I love the tote, especially the red and blue. Your use of those colours together shows a certain confidence of style.

    Hope your agaves are surviving over here as it is just so dry. Mine are currently sun burnt and need some TLC.

    You are lucky to live in Europe for an extended time. I would love to do the same, but Mr Beach House is tied to his boat building bus. Perhaps a short 3 months will do us one day soon.

    Happy Spring to you

  14. Love those totes and would enjoy seeing more of what you do!
    xo Cathy - who is seeing a monogram on one of them...

  15. Oh I do love your tote bags! Very nice fabrics indeed. I love your blog but I have to say I didn't know you made stuff. You make very good stuff by the look of things. You really must show us more. Wonderful giveaway and I'm a follower already.

  16. Hi Melissa... well do I need to say that yours is my #1 blog? I pour over your pictures and read every word... waiting till the kids are busy, so I can give it the time it deserves. When I see that you have posted... it's a treat, like buying a cake and leaving on the side until later when I know I can enjoy it in peace. I can't wait for you to share some of your projects... I could do with the inspiration at the moment! Lx

  17. Oh, the bag is gorgeous and you should most definitely open an Etsy shop. The way you style things is fabulous and your photographs (each and every one) are magical! If you are posting to the colonies.... count me in please! x

  18. Hi Melissa,
    I love reading and looking at your blog. It would be lovely to see more of your creative side. I relate to where you are right now and am trying to come up with an Etsy name, as Carmel's Closet has copy right on it - darn! I would love to see what you would put in your shop. Your tote bag is simply lovely and your photos are always a treat - real eye candy.
    Have a super dooper week.

  19. Totes are so wonderful to use, and I love this one!! Beautiful colors. I would use it everywhere, just as I'm sure everyone would. You should think about an etsy shop :-)

  20. I just added your giveaway to my sidebar too :-)

  21. I love a beautiful tote. You should def open a little shoppe for your gorgeous creations xox

  22. I love reading your blog Melissa and enjoy your photography especially the 10 on 10. I also love when you share your creative efforts. Keep them coming please. I also love the snippets of life in blighty. I think it is good to reflect. Very healthy.

  23. I have popped the giveaway on my sidebar.

  24. Hi Melissa, Firstly - as I was the exceedingly lucky winner of your last beautiful tote bag, I think it would be a little greedy of me to go into this giveaway too (even if I spend half my time relocating the bag from Milly's room back to mine!)
    And secondly - you're not alone in wondering where you're going with your blog. I feel as if I'm at a real cross roads with mine at the moment. But, I truly think yours is one of the most authentic and true blogs I've come across. And I for one, love your musing and your thoughts, and look forward to them.
    Amanda xx

  25. Ok, I didn't get back to you after diner (I literally mentioned your name outloud, my waterwith the pasta in it was boiling over, I said, Oh, if Melissa would see me now.... meaning, I want to make a quiche (?!) I don't even know how to make a proper pasta!)
    Ok, on to this post.
    Having doubts about your blog is totally not what you need to worry about, worry about when you should open that Etsy store! First in line to by a tote bag (just in case if I don't win, seeing that I never win something...).
    Just finished my second sewing class.... Let's just say, sewing and cooking are two of my many things that needs improving... slowly but surly I'm tackling that s**tty machine, will let you know how I go on...
    So, long story short, LOVE to win the bag, (a Melissa classic), LOVE the blog (you already know that, but just in case), LOVE the creative side of you (really you have your own style), and I would LOVE it when I can shop at Miss Sew and So over at Etsy!
    Ok, over and out from me, way to long comment today, hugs!
    Maureen x

  26. Posted the picture with link, bye!

  27. Oh, your tote is lovely, Melissa - I've always wanted to see more of your sewing and now I can see what it looks like! I think you should definitely think about an Etsy shop. :)
    Thanks for sharing this and a giveaway as well - how exciting! - Melissa xx

  28. melissa- you absolutely should think about an etsy site! your totes are adorable, love the beautiful fabric and the color combinations. love seeing more of what you *do*...you are such a creative inspiration! XO

    ps- cuppie! yes, will get on that this week as soon as it clears up here and i think of something fun to do. honestly it was an out of sight- out of mind thing and i kind of forgot! : )

  29. What a gorgeous giveaway! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  30. The totes are not just practical but the color combination and the size are just right. Thank you for sharing.


  31. Well I finally found you! what a very lovely blog you have but I did have trouble finding you, I think there may be a problem with your links :/.. anyway the tote bag is lovely and yes you should open a etsy shop x

  32. Ahh, I know what happened now, I was following your old blog.. when you left a comment the 'Melissa' links you back to your old blog..though you should know so you can correct lol x

  33. Oh, Sweetie, I completely *get* where you're at. Doing this BYW course is such a roller-coaster. If you saw my mood-board I posted the other day, you'll see what I mean - hardly anything on it is represented on my blog. We need to have a chat about these things!

    The tote is adorable and I have been hanging out for you to open an Etsy shop - I can promise you sales in faraway Hobart.

    J x

  34. Oh, and I've just added your pretty tote to my sidebar. J x

  35. Since I was blessed
    to be the recipient
    of your gorgeous
    bunting giveaway
    last fall, I am going
    to keep my name out of
    the bucket {although
    I AM swooning over this
    lovely tote!!}. You are
    one talented girl and
    I'm so very lucky to
    call you friend : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  36. Well that is 36 pots of tea so far, and I think my comment makes it your 37th pot of tea!

    So if pots of tea are any measure, it seems that even if you don't have a CRYSTAL clear view of your blog, everyone else sure loves it, just as it is!

    Which is probably because your personality does already shine through. And adding on these gorgeous tote bags is yet another layer of pretty deliciousness.

    The totes are quite stunning ~ I would say "YES" set up an Etsy shop. Who wouldn't want one of these lovelies?

  37. Darling bag! It looks like spring, how fun.I am already a follower.~Cheers Kim

  38. A gorgeous tote , love the fabric/patterns, and my favorite color combos. Go for the etsy shop I say!
    Rebecca x

  39. I love a fab tote and yours is fantastic!! I am defo a follower - and will hope for an Etsy shop from you soon.
    Fingers xx
    A x

  40. awww no im so sad i missed the boat! i have had my mummy here from blighty and we have been super busy eating cream teas that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. damnations! xxxx


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