easter inspiration...

how gorgeous is spring...!
easter is on our doorstep...
my little one is feeling better...
{thankyou for all your gorgeous sweet thoughts to her yesterday x}
we have a birthday in our house next week...

there is nothing i like more than creating...
buying & making lists about gifts to give...
than *wrapping* gifts...
i am completely slightly obsessed with paper doilies at the moment...
if you have a pack of them in your wrapping cupboard grab them & go can see a bit of doilie bunting inspiration *here*

easter in our house will involve mucho doilie wrapping...
with rolls of brown postal paper & gorgeous scrap fabric...
irrelevant of your likes...
it's my wrapping & i'm the mama...
there will be eggs & there will absolutely be paper doilies...!

there will also be a few french postcards for the hubster...
old love cards...
yep i got that text babe...& eggs!

& the birthday next week also gives me plenty more reasons to indulge in a double dose of prettiness...
our eldest gal turns 13 next week...
as in thir-teen....
when did that happen...
so she will be getting a double dose of pretty...
Cath Kidston paper & doilies!

look at these
i just L.O.V.E doilies
{yep i am gonna keep saying it!}

how are your inspirations going?
get yourself a pack of doilies & get wrapping
i could just do it for you & post it on

did i mention
*i love doilies*

~hope the sun is a shining on your garden like it is ours~



  1. Sun is shining and the doilies are coming out of the baking cupboard! your gifts look so pretty using doilies, great idea :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Beatuiful, beautiful beautiful! My FAVOURITE is the Cath Kidston paper with the doily! You always have such fantastic ideas!

  3. You are so not on your own there! I love to wrap my presents just as you do - very similar actually. 13 is quite an age for a young lady. My goodness things will be interesting in the next few years! We have our eldest coming up for 12 and that's scary enough. Enjoy your birthday preps this week.

  4. You are just like my mum on the gift wrapping score. As a child, I would wake up to a pile of beautiful presents wrapped to a theme with ribbons and bows and cards.

    I am ashamed to say I am the complete opposite. A coloured paper bag is about all I seem to manage.
    Best Carolyn

  5. love your wrapping..the doilies, torn gingham and string are so sweet! thanks for the inspiration!
    cheryl x

  6. Could it be that you might just possibly like doilies?!!! LOL!! I too like the Cath Kidston/Doilie mix....very pretty! Cx

  7. I too am in love with doilies! They such a elegant feel to them.

  8. You are the Queen of Beautiful Wrapping, sweet girl! Love these gorgeous photos and those doilies....beautiful! Enjoy your weekend ~ Txx

  9. As a child I used to spend many a wet weekend with a packet of doilies, some felt tips (textas to you Aussies)or coloured pencils and just draw and colour them in for hours at a time. I remember just getting lost in the intricate pattern making on my doilies...
    Just another idea so that the kids can also share your love of doilies!
    Have a great weekend, and glad to hear that Audrey is better.

  10. Oh, Miss Melissa, your kiddos are so blessed to have such a crafty, inspired and kind Mum. I love the positivity radiating from this post. Happy days! J x

  11. I am a big fan of the doilie paper or crochet. Nothing says "occasion" like a doilie. Happy Birthday to your soon to be teenager.

  12. Oh those pics are too pretty for words!!! I adore doilies and seeing your wrapping ideas are so inspiring! I love to gift wrap to an excessive degree.... lucky it is Easter and I have an excuse .... thanks for some more wonderful ideas! My daughter turns 12 this year... where on earth does that time go?! X

  13. I take it you love doilies lol ..How lovely is that wrapping love it all some great ideas.. love the different layers :) x

  14. What was that? Something about doilies?! Ha!! That's lovely wrapping, Melissa. I love making presents looks all gorgeous. You do it with such finesse.


  15. That's the kind of gift you hesitate to open because the outside is a gift itself!
    xo Cathy

  16. Go Doilies! Happy Birthday to your Miss Teen. I know - it's scary - where are our babies going? We are off to Darwin next week for the hols - just deciding what to take for hot and sticky. Squeezing in a couple of days at Kakadu which I'm really looking forward to introducing the kids to. Hubby has not been there either - I've seen more of Australia than him!
    Have a Doily Easter and birthday celebration!

  17. Love catching up with your beautiful photos and stories of life in old Blighty. Glad Spring is on its way and promises you more light.

  18. That little wrapping looks very familiar :-) My package just arrived a few minutes ago and we were all so excited! The wrapping is beautiful, and I love that bag. It will be lovingly used alot!!!
    Thank you for the sweet gifts for my kids. I had to hold them back to get photos before letting them tear in :-) I'm sucking on a butterscotch candy right now. Delicious :-)
    Thank you so much Melissa!

  19. Very cute all layered up like you have done!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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