Friday pretties...Easter styling...

friday pretties...
a vintage birthday mirror...
village blooms...
doillie hearts...
a moment of quiet...
my friday pretties...
Easter style...

we are still in london
loving getting back to this big bustling city the week of the *Royal Wedding*
it's all a-buzz
so exciting for cousins together
aussie cousins hanging out in london
have a wonderful weekend all
see you monday


  1. Still in London WOW

    I am still in Missouri and dreaming of London And Paris

  2. Enjoy your time across the big pond!
    xo Cathy

  3. i'm loving your pretty village easter blooms in front of the vintage birthday mirror. have a lovely and blessed easter.

    you'll have to keep us updated on all of next week's excitement.

  4. Melissa your pretties are always soooo pretty! I always loved a visit to London and with the hustle and bustle of the The Wedding coming up I can only imagine the excitement!!!! Your family will have the most amazing memories! Do they go back before or will they be there for your party? I hope you have some London pics to show us when you get home! X

  5. Have a wonderful time in London, I shall look out for you ;) Happy Easter lovely xx

  6. Lovely Lovely pretties. Raining today here on the Northern Beaches.

    Getting lots of info here about London this week. She is dazzling and glowing. Looking forward to a good peek on Friday for the wedding.
    Best Carolyn

  7. Ooo lucky you, would love to be there now with the buzz and all, I'm really looking forward to the wedding such a good excuse to have lots of treats and sit in front on the telly all day :) have fun Melissa and love your setting today so pretty with the blossom x

  8. Very sweet Pretties... I hope you continue to enjoy your visit to London! Take care, and happy Easter.

  9. Happy Easter, Melissa!
    Can't wait to read all
    about your adventures
    in London! I'm just
    back from a lovely trip,
    too, and catching up....
    Off to read what you've
    been up to before London!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Melissa, London will be gorgeous with all this warm weather...what luck for the Aussie visitors. After much thought, I have decided not to brave London on the day of the wedding, but will stay home and watch with friends (and champagne) on tele. Have a lovely time and a Happy Easter. Robx

  11. Hi there Mrs M. I read your post on Friday and now I finally get to comment... I've been painting them ruddy cabinets again... I tell you, I was quite into the process, and particular at the beginning, now I just want them done! Anyhoo, as always your pictures are so beautiful. We have yet to get blossom but as soon as it appears, I'll be popping it in vases. Hope you enjoyed London. I'll be heading over the pond around Christmas time, so perhaps this time we can co-ordinate something and do a spot of Christmas shopping?? Am I really talking about Christmas in April?? Just slap me. Anyways, always lovely catching up, best get off! Lx

  12. So glad you're having a wonderful time being back in London. I hope your Easter day was glorious :-)

  13. Hi Melisaa! Your Easter pretties are just gorgeous. I hope you had a fabulous time in London and are now settling back into home life. I tried to email you to see if you could send me your postal address so you can get your market bag...exciting! (Friend Connect not working???). So glad you are the deserved winner! Just in case my message went to your junk email, you can catch me at hibiscus56@hotmail.com. Sending you lots of love and pretty wishes, Jac xx

  14. Hi Melissa
    Seems you picked the perfect time to visit London.. we've been hearing the weather was perfect the last few days.. not here.. I think we have your rain.. hehe

    Hope you Easter with family was wonderful... have a great week.. much excitement your way.. ciao xxx Julie

  15. Hi Melissa,

    I'm sooooo excited about the wedding. Crazy, I know. I'm a big grown-up now...but I still can't resist the lure of a fairytale!!!

    And hasn't the weather been completely and perfectly glorious? I loved every sun-drenched moment. BLiss!


  16. Lovely space! Love the pitcher and flowers. The mirrors makes it so much more dramatic. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx


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