a vintage fabric easter project...my friday pretties...

easter is pretty special in our house...
we had our first daughter on an easter monday...
no easter can compare to that one...
our house is often hosting a party over easter...
& i am in the thick of those plans with bodering-on-teen-about-to-be-13 now....
more on party central another day...

today i am just wanting to share our easter tree...
someone in my family...somewhere...has painted a beautiful branch tree white for easter or christmas for as long as i can remember...
i have been storing our christmas branch in the garage since december & have given it a lick of fresh white house paint...
this was a project i was going to share with the kiddos...
but the glue...the bits...the sticky-ness of it all was not exactly child friendly!
i decided to wrap little lovely french  fabric squares over some fairly ugly cheapo  mainstream pastel eggs...
they had glitter on them...
it was not easy...
it was sticky & glittery & frustrating time consuming...
but they are now so L.O.V.E.L.Y....

one for each of our kiddos...
& one each for my gorgeous nieces who will be arriving from australia to stay with us very soon :)
it took miss.audrey all of a minute to try & peel hers once i'd put it on the tree...
six year olds do not see the point of vintage pretty eggs that have absolutely NOTHING to do with chocolate...hmmmm

i had randomly cut circles {can you see the egg link audrey?} & squares out of old vintage scraps...
it took a few minutes {for anyone i promise you!} to roughly sew them in little rows...
remember to leave enough cotton at the top of your stitching to make a little tie to hang it on the tree...

i then glued some old cotton lace to the tops of the snuggly wrapped little eggs...
yep...believe me it is best to add this lace after the eggs have dried...
man...that glue & fabric squares- what a combination...

little lovely up-cycled eggs
shapes of vintage fabric scraps
a garden branch
what could be simpler
{yeah...no glue!}

a heavenly easter project
made with patience love for my family
go grab a branch & a bag of cheapy eggs 

happy easter inspiration


more inspiration can be found at these gorgeous blogs....
grab a pot of tea & wander for a while...




  1. What a pretty pretty Easter project! The gorgeousness of the fabric makes your simple display just divine! X

  2. what a sweet idea...i love decorating for Easter. I think I just like the idea of SPRING!!

  3. Oh My Goodness! Gorgeous! Well worth the time and patience, :) You are so creative. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas with us on my Friday Pretties. So Pretty!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Ah, Miss Melissa, you never fail to disappoint with your ability to transform the ordinary into something pretty. Top marks, Lovely! J x

  5. I adore your Easter tree. Any chance to decorate for the occasion. We do this really elaborate Easter lunch for the family which involves lots of organisation on my part - need to start now! The kids break up today though - blimey - so I will have my little helpers with me! Lou x

  6. Beautiful..your such a creative little bunny :) x

  7. Such a lovely little Easter Tree, Melissa! I love your ideas!

  8. I admire your creativity...and patience.
    Beth x

  9. I love it Melissa. I often do an Easter tree. this is gorgeous. Right ho, tomorrow I shall see what I can do from the other side of the world to you.

  10. Absolutely beautiful Melissa! The fabric scaps you put together are lovely. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    Ness xx

  11. I'm in! Beautiful blog Melissa... Georgie x

  12. Oh Melissa, this is my kind of project, pretty, vintage and simple too :-) It looks wonderful.

    Jordan is improving daily. Thank you so much for your prayers. I'll let you know when the package arrives. I can't wait :-)

  13. This is just gorgeous. My girls would so love to make this. I love that it is simple and divine. What a special time of year for you with the birth of one of your children to help you celebrate it. I am just loving your blog and totally adding you to my blogroll. N x

  14. Hi Melissa, I haven't forgotten you, just have had not download for posting or visiting - the virtual equivalent of jet fuel. Love your easter decorating, what fun. We will be in tropical Darwin over the Easter weekend, so I can't imagine a egg hunt of more than a minutes duration before they turn to hot chocolate. How exciting to have more visitors from Oz arriving!
    Hugs for the week.

  15. Melissa this is just the best, I love your Easter tree idea.

  16. You're a lovely but 'sticky' Mum...great idea and the finished result looks terrific! I love that, here in Europe, Easter is such a big thing. We were in Germany last year, just prior to Easter, and there was lovely decorations everywhere. Something else to take back to Australia...Robx

  17. I think as a little kid it's fun to paint eggs and make designs. That was one of my favorite aspects of Easter as a kid. The only other part I liked about Easter better then painting eggs was the chocolate Easter candy's that I got from my family.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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