*friday pretties*...

it's a flipping windy lovely blustery afternoon here in the english countryside...
the washing is flapping on the line, as i throw all our holiday needs into some sort of less chaos order...
& because we are heading off on our family road trip at a veeery early hour...
i thought i'd share my friday pretties a day early...
sometimes...just sometimes...when i'm blogging & emailing & loading up photos onto the laptop...
i check out the *anthropologie* site...
just sometimes...
because sometimes you may find something like this for your teenage daughter who is nearly getting to the end of her first year in H.S...
if that daughter has done brilliantly...& is proving to be a bit of a clever gal & getting off-the-rickter comments from her teachers, then just maybe sometimes she deserves to come to a little something cool & pretty...
just sometimes...

so...this weeks *friday pretties* are all gathered & ruffled & pale pink & lovely...
this gorgeous cover is actually made of heavy jersey like 100% cotton...
so it ruffles & gathers just so...
scrunched up & soft & snuggly & veeery pretty...

teenage girls love a little something lovely...
apparently it brings a balance to all the mess *special things* they gather about their space...

this lovely gal is a definate bo-ho vintage rose loving lass, but a well travelled rose loving lass who has a thing for graphics...
she can appretiate the simple, as much as she embraces the rambling...
the bus-roll cushion is a home-made lovely...
the city of London cushion -a high street find...
her big city loves...sydney, australia...& london, england...

this *friday pretty* is for our 
ruffle loving...
seriously messy creative...
almost finished her first year at HS gal...
 a very lovely shop
our very nice postie...

have a wonderful week all
i'm having a *blog-free* week in the remote wilds of *this stunning place*
a week of *roaming* adventures for the kiddos
bread baking, fishing, drinking wine & reading for the big kiddos ;)

{let me know what you think of the new header...i'll share my thoughts on it another day}

see ya when we get back

i'm sharing my *friday pretties* here with the lovely joyce
with the gorgeous courtney here for a *feathered nest friday*
here with the vintage inspired debra
...go have a peek...


  1. I was so ready to complain ( today) about the wind ... it's awful ... then I remember the poor tornado victims ...and suddenly I was convicted.

  2. Ooh I'll miss you this week but your holiday cottage and destination looks pretty amazing. I once ventured to Skye. Such a very beautiful and remote part of the world.
    The anthropologie ruffles are so lovely - perfect for your grown up little girl. I think she and my Milly would be good compatriots. Milly is still hankering for that swing chair for her new room.
    Have a lovely time away. Amanda xx
    P.S noticed the new header right away. xx

  3. Yes, love the new header, love the australian mama bit too. have a wonderful family time in skye, will miss you here, and ruffles for your girl, a truly lovely present, for a truly lovely girl,
    see you when you come back, fully fed on baked bread I suppose, enjoy hon!
    Maureen xx

  4. Melissa, have a lovely holiday. I just looked at the link and quite apart from the stunning scenery and setting...I want to stay in the schoolhouse...the decor is fantastic...love the kitchen...you could cook up a storm in there...and wouldn't it be lovely and cosy in a storm...of course you'll be hoping for good weather so as to explore your surroundings...can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Robx
    p.s. love the duvet cover...your daughter must be thrilled to get a package from Anthro.

  5. Oh, Miss Melissa, loving the new header, especially the by-line. You might want to make the photo a little smaller so there's more text 'above the fold'. Just a thought.

    I'm oohinh and aahing at the Anthropologie gorgeousness. Thanks for sharing the prettiness! J x

  6. Enjoy your holiday with your family! I'll have to check out anthropologie (I've never been). Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, you are one cool Mama with one very lucky (and clever) girl. Adore the new beadspread. You are going to need an extra container to get all the wonderful stuff that you are finding back home to Aus!
    Have a great week away up North.

  8. Pretty, pretty, pretty! And lucky, lucky, lucky! Off to Scotland! I'm just the teensiest bit jealous! Next month though.... Cx

  9. Everything beautiful Melissa....have a wonderful week,
    Susan x

  10. Hello you, just plopped myself down, to do some much needed catching up. It sounds like your girl, is a daughter to be proud of. I could almost see your heart swell with pride, all the way here in NJ (and rightfully so). I only hope my little ones develop a penchant for ruffled duvets and eventually graduate from all things 'Princess'... Anyhoo, as always, lovely to get a little glimpse into your life. I promise I'll be doing the same shortly. Lx

  11. loving the pretty pink ruffles from anthro, just the thing for your sweet daughter. my oldest is just finishing her first year of hs, too. she also had a birthday, and somehow talked us into a white iphone2...

    the things we do for our daughters, when they're doing well in school...
    hope your weekend away was lovely.

  12. I love the bedding and I love anthropologie!! What a nice mama you are! Have a great trip and a fantastic weekend.


    P.S. I'm excited to be your newest follower. :)

  13. What a gorgeous bedspread. I hope you're having a great weekend getting out in the countryside despite the blustery weather (where did all the at April sunshine go!)
    I love the new header and as always, love reading all about your vintage inspired life! Melissa x

  14. Ohhhh...I haven't had the chance to pop by for ages and it's all soooo loverly, all of it. Love the new header and I'm liking the size of the pic with the wording...perfect : ) Have a great week away and congrats to that clever miss of yours for having a super first year of H.S.
    ps. I'm totally in love with that greeny bluey colour of the tea pot. Is it really that colour or is it just the lighting?

  15. Hi Melissa, what a wonderful bedcover! such a great contrast with the other decor, she sounds like a beautiful free spirit. Have a wonderful week of vacation! thanks for linking up with VIF. xo Debra

  16. Sounds heavenly.
    Your gal won't
    mind if I squish
    down onto her lovely
    duvet for a few
    moments while you
    are gone, right....
    Have fun!
    xx Suzanne

  17. GORGEOUS!!! Everything looks so Pretty!

  18. Anthropology rocks - As does your blog! Nice to meet you :0)
    B xxxx

  19. what a lovely room. I want to wear that doona!


  20. Hi Melissa, love the header; as always!!! All of your pics are fantastic!! That bed cover is just so gorgeous I would never want to get out of it!!! Hope you enjoy your little break and hope its nice and warm and lovely!!
    All my love!!
    Laura xx

  21. LOVE that Bus Blind cushion. And I mean looooOOOOOOve it!! So cool! Did you design the fabric yourself? It's sooooo cool!


  22. I love Anthro and it is one of the places I miss the most from home! I have quite a date planned there this summer when we visit! Very nice you can order from there! Enjoy your blog break and time with the kiddos!

  23. How lovely Melissa! The bed, the ruffles, the cushions! Your new header is fantastic! X


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