friday pretties...paper love...

friday pretties this week is all about my love for the humble doilie...
call me old fashioned...
call me blind...
but i think there is something so simple & lovely about paper & light...

these all currently hang above our big ol' dinning table
i'm still telling gorgeous audrey they are about her birthday
in reality...i just can't bare to take them down
...what do you think?...

...doilie bunting & flowers have also taken over the *playroom*...
when we moved from australia to england
i so wanted a playroom...
very *peter pan & wendy*...
we do & i adore it...
it's all blocks, board games, doll houses, drawing tables & bay windows
{i choose to ignore the flatscreen- a modern addition to my playroom dream!}
i spend my days re-organising it & moving around it's furniture
yet somehow it never feel like real housework in that room
friday pretties in an english playroom
lovely yes?
happy mother's day to my mum
all the other goregous blogging mothers i know 
for sunday

...i've claimed the english one so far...now i'm hoping to enjoy the aussie one this weekend also...
i think us mum's are worth two- don't you!?

for more friday pretties pop over & spend a moment with the lovely joyce here
& the vintage inspiring tricia here
happy days


  1. Hi there, I always claim the two Mothers Days too. One of the perks of living abroad! These are just too pretty. i imagine you throw quite a party Mrs M! I've been working hard on some house projects at the mo (that and not feeling too well last week), so my poor old blog has fallen to way side. I'm hoping to squirrel away a few minutes today, so I can try and post, but as it's very early here, I'll just have to see where the day takes me. Have a fantastic mothers day! Lx

  2. Hello sweetpea - these are gorgeous and so simple. Doilies and bunting are my two latest fave things. On the playroom front - yes there is something very Wendy and Peter about it! Love that description. I did one year mandate that all toys had to be wooden. Of course that lasted until, hmmm, when Buzz Lightyear emerged as a favourite and now - well it's plastic city. Oh well... Lou x

  3. Beautiful !!!...nice friday pretties!!...lovely weekend! thanks for visiting my blog !!...love Ria....xxx...

  4. Love your Friday Pretties! I'm a huge fan of doilies and bunting. They just seem like a party to me and a pretty one at that! Have a great weekend!

  5. What a simple but lovely way to decorate for a party. I'm going to try this! Very Very PRETTY!

  6. Gorgeous so lovely. So very pretty have a lovely weekend xox

  7. Ah, Sweetie! You know how much I adore your decorating skills. And I'm hoping we might just have a *playroom* too, once we move! J x

  8. Super photos here!!
    Glad I found you to follow...

  9. so beautiful - simple yet beautiful - great photos!

  10. Happy Mother's Day, friend across the pond! :)

    We've got a great weekend planned here- birthday dinner tonight for my neices who are turning 8 (how did that happen?!), hopefully lots of sewing on Saturday (maybe starting with yoga? we'll see...) and then Mother's Day brunch on Sunday. Will hopefully share it all on the blog on Monday! :)

  11. I so agree with you about the doily being such a sweet symbol...of vintage lace and English tea parties.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, my new friend!


  12. love the doilies, i wouldn't take them down, either. i'm sure miss audrey doesn't mind the festive 'birthday' feeling continuing indefinitely.

    i completely agree with you, that re-arranging and cleaning a sweet 'play room' doesn't feel like work. i think of it as playtime for grown-ups.

    have a lovely mother's day, my friend.

  13. I would soooo keep them up...until there edges are starting to droop and you can detect a tinge of yellow! Until then, keep adoring and taking delight in them! xx

  14. Happy Mother's Day!
    Love your paper pretties.
    It all sounds so magical.
    xx Suzanne

  15. Hi Melissa, I know it is not officially Mothers Day over there, but wishing you all the best for [Australia] Mothers Day, hope you have a good one.

  16. absolutely gorgeous...paper doilies, so simple yet so festive. i have a similar little bunting of doilies myself in my little office. i definitely think you should get to celebrate both mother' days...have a wonderful weekend and happy mother's day to you!

  17. Nothing prettier than paper doilies and fleur poms...we have a few poms poms randomly hanging in our home too.
    Happy Mother's Day :) Lucky your for celebrating two.

  18. I adore doilies too Melissa, and always wonder why they are so sadly maligned by some. They make the very best buntings don't they! I'm pleased little Audrey thinks it's her birthday all year round. xx

  19. Oh, and ever so happy second Mothers Day to you too! A cunning plan indeed. xx

  20. Your Friday pretties are always so pretty! I adore those doilies.... they look so stunning hung up like that and I am loving the tissue pompom too! I also have to say that you deserve all the Mother's Days that you can possibly get away with in a year! Do they have a day in France, Japan or Sweden that we could slide into the calendar too?! He he... Have a wonderful day with your gorgeous children my dear! X

  21. Lovely, pretty photographs!...
    Susan x

  22. Hi Dear Melissa
    I cam to wish you a happy aussie mother's day.. good to see you are claiming both!!!.. Love your paper bunting.. so pretty against the lovely light shining through...

    Hope you have a lovely day.. ciao xxx Julie

  23. These are lovely! Very creative! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  24. Doilies bunting-style...pure loveliness! I can only imagine how heavenly it must be to have a dedicated toy room...very Peter Pan and Wendy indeed:) I have to say Melissa, I just adore your blog and right now I feel quite stymied as I need to go to bed if I'm going to be any use to anyone tomorrow, but all I really want to do is start at Post 1 and keep reading! Hope you've had a lovely weekend:) Meredy xo

  25. Oh, those are so prety...I wouldn't want to take them down either. Thanks for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday :)

    Happy Mother's Day!


  26. I am LOVING this ...
    did I mention I love it??

    miss ya sweetie


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