friday pretties & hanging out in the english countryside...

fresh flowers...
friday pretties...

nothing like a friday arvo...
kiddos home, friday after school eye tests done...
yep...as i thought, i need to get myself into a pair of glasses...
cool glasses i may add...
that's why i took the kiddos- they're pretty cool & VERY opinionated!!

we've done the budweiser/wimbledon match...
love wimbledon...
now we are heading out for a walk with the kiddos on the *village green*...
so...my fave day of the week...
some *friday pretties*...white stocks, a vintage ladder...& some ruffles in progress...

what do you think of the ruffles?
i'm thinking it's a whole new line of Miss Sew & So goodies...
the whole etsy shop thing is still at the front of my thoughts...
but for tonight...it's wimbledon...family...& friday pretties...

take a moment this weekend to grab a bunch of blooms
to watch the tennis at wimbledon
to hang out with your kiddos
i'll see ya monday
we have a house full of extra kids this weekend
some serious parties to drop them all to
horse riding 
& soccer
...i'm going to take a moment to say g'day to you all that have been visiting here 
in the last week or two...
i'm going to do it in the evening sun with a wine in hand over the weekend...



  1. We are enjoying watching tennis too..now that my son is on the H.S tennis team. Lovely photos and words. I just opened my etsy shop and so far am delighted. It is such a joy. I think you would like it too. Your ruffles are so pretty. I need some cool glasses too. I've been wearing reading glasses for about four years now. I need some good glasses though. Have a lovely weekend.

    PS come by and enter my Giveaway for my new shop.

  2. i love the ruffles and the flowers!
    haven't got into the tennis this year, on too late here.

    hope you have the prettiest of weekends Melissa ♥

  3. love the ruffles and your photos melissa!
    i remember weekends full of kids parties and drop offs.
    have a good one!
    cheryl x

  4. I'm cursing the fact that I stayed up to watch Wimbledon last night...it was the wee hours of the morning here. It's pretty addictive though and so British.
    We are also enjoying the sunshine here - the glorious Winter sun, nothing beats it.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful Mellissa, I love your rustic photography, the numbers and ruffles x

  6. Luffly ruffles. Have a fab weekend. Deb

  7. Gorgeous images that always make me yearn to be back home in the UK.Wimbledon looked gorgeous also from my TV in Spain. Of course would have much rather have been there like you ;-)

  8. Oh, Sweetie, today's photos are superb. Bring on that Etsy shop! And pronto, please. Now you know how simple PayPal is...J x

  9. i think you are right on with those ruffles, a whole ruffle line would be fabulous! not a tennis fan but tenns and beer sounds like a great idea, especially since i will be spending the weekend at a cabin with no running water and only a little window unit a/c and it is expected to be 100*! eeek!
    i need to go buy myself a bouquet of flowers now!

  10. Very pretty! Enjoy your weekend! Cx

  11. Adore my
    visits here...
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Have to
    see those glasses...


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