a life made lovely in an english vege garden...

hello sweet bloggy friends...
i'm sitting in the kiddos playroom...looking out the big bay windows at our little garden allotment...
it's a new thing for us...growing our own vege...
believe me, if i can do it, anyone can...
not that i don't have a green thumb- i just had a mental block thing happening...
it's taken me three years of living in the english countryside to start thinking like an english gal...
not a beach-reared...do-not-water-anything-with-the hose-unless-it-is-after-5pm-&-a-monday-or-a-friday-kinda-aussie-gardening-gal...

you see...in Australia water restrictions are pretty normal...
well...they were three years ago when we made the big move north of the globe...
i was able to water my garden two afternoons a  week, & only after 5pm...
car washing on the drive- was a seriously big no-no...
kiddos thrown under a sprinkler for the afternoon- even bigger!
memories that i had made growing up were not being made for our kids!

so...now we find ourselves in the land of water...
endless water where kiddos are free to live under a running-non-stop-sprinkling-system...
but for our aussie beach-reared kids this luxury is missing one element-constant hot warm weather!
this does all work for an english vege garden though, i now know...
it's the summer rain...sun...rain...sun thing that get's everything up & thriving...
three years folks & at long last i have cottoned on to why my BB (british bestie) has the coolest home vege garden i've ever seen!

so...i now find myself sitting, tea in hand, watching over our garden of vege smiling to my self...
audrey has discovered that not all green food is *disgusting*...
(yes i have to sadly admit that our littlest lovely has used this word many-a-time when faced with a plate piece of greenery on her plate!)
she scored a pretty cute little metal watering can & a tin bucket to go vege & lettuce picking & it's working!
she gathers herbs for every meal...& has pulled her elder sister & brother up on the herb names & what *mummy actually asked for*!
should have pulled my finger out a few years ago...& we'd have had years of success at the dinner table with her greens...

so...i'm smiling big that we have got there in the end...
we've had other big moments over the last three years...
maybe i appretiate this little allotment in our front garden a little more as the journey's been longer...
the gardening journey...
the one that can involve lots of lovely water...
a garden sprinkler & laughing kids...
french watering cans of love...

a life made lovely monday
a thriving vege garden in the english countryside
watered endlessly by aussie beach-reared kiddos
eaten by a very fussy 6 year old cutie
that's gotta be good for the soul


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  1. Hi Melissa

    I can smell the absolute greenery from here (Australia).

    It looks wonderful and for a child to be involved makes it extra special.

    well done miss green thumb




  2. Argh.. lost comment again... so here goes again... Morning Mrs M... Still morning? Anyhoo, love this post. As you know I like to garden but haven't ventured into the growing your greens territory! After reading this post, I definitely want to though. You and Audrey have done a great job. Must be so satisfying to serve your own veg. Anyhoo, best dash the builders will be here in 10, so the girls and I have to make ourselves scarce. Have a great day and keep smiling. Lx

  3. There's just something about your OWN garden food that will get kiddos to eat it every time. Works around these parts too. So satisfying gardening is. My girls are especially excited that we are growing pumpkins this year...they are getting BIG. Can't wait to watch them turn orange. Enjoy the day in your garden today!

  4. Enjoy a happy week darling.......love Ria...xxx..

  5. Mmmmm - You wait - you'll have your little six year old cutie preparing the meals for the whole family soon, based on home grown organic ingredients. Just watch out she doesn't start raising witchety grubs when you get back to the sun and sand!!

  6. what a great activity for your family....loves.

  7. I know that the 'sun rain sun rain thing' is good for veg growing, but sometimes I feel I would like to try the 'sun sun sun sun thing' for a while!

  8. Lovely post. We are also just getting into our little veg and herb garden and had some buck choy last night.
    I was smiling at your reference to water...I was showing my girl some photos of her as a toddler the other night and there was one of her brushing her teeth. She didn't notice the things that I thought she would see in the photo - she just quickly commented on how terrible it was that the tap was running! She's become quite an Aussie!
    Have a lovely week.

  9. I'm loving eating
    from my dad's garden
    while on holiday....
    Gorgeous green beans,
    berries of all sorts
    and herbs like yours.
    Baby lettuces are the
    best when eaten straight
    away from the garden : )
    Glad to read that your
    heart is lighter this
    week, sweet M.
    xx Suzanne

  10. I've been talking about where we get our produce from today on my blog.....loving that you're growing your own. Think it's a great experience for the kids too. Definitely going to share this with my readers as well.

    Enjoy your garden,

    Lou x

  11. There is nothing better than growing your own produce, your veg and herbs look wonderful x

  12. Love this one, Miss Melissa. I can't wait until we get out vegetable garden planted. I live in the (faint) hope it might encourage the pixies to eat something from it! J x

  13. That is just the cutest picture of her cutting up the herbs. One day I want to sit like you are and watch these kind of things happening.


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