creating an autumn haven...

if i could squeeze you all with blog hugs after your gorgeous messages, emails & comments 

yesterday i would...

when life throws you lemons...i guess sometimes, you just need to try & make lemonade the best way

you can!?

so...for me...that means *nesting*...bunkering down & creating a little haven for us all here...

cooking...& warming the house with smells of soup & garlic & big hearty warming casseroles...

comfort food...Autumn food...

i want peace & a calm to think...cooking gives me this...

 i'm needing to create little moments that embrace the change of seasons...

moments that let me mother & love & create & to be the wife & partner i strive to be...

things that keep me focused...

i guess i'm happiest, like so many of us, when my surroundings reflect the life i'm striving to lead...

i find creating *moments* like {this} give me peace...

maybe these are *moments* that weigh up the racing around...the juggle of the *rest of it all*

so...today i'm tending to a poorly boy at home with his mama...

i'm sewing & making...

i'm popping down for a local market fix to our village square- for a lump of farmers butter 

wrapped in brown paper & some local {Bowland Forest} meats... 


hope you are having a wonderful start to your season...

embracing the local produce & creating your own little haven...

i am




  1. Hello sweetpea. Oh I looked back on yesterday's post and indeed it is uncharacteristically down. I do hope you work it out. It must be really strange knowing that at some point this adventure of yours will draw to a close. How do you feel about it? My kids are on half term already this week so we have been gadding around. But today is just quiet and chilled, with lovely sun pouring in the windows. The puppy has fallen asleep in a pool of sunlight. Lou x

  2. Have a nice day Melissa.....love Ria...xxx...

  3. I can certainly understand being torn from leaving one home to go back to another....you have created a beautiful life there in your little country town..one that seems to just fit with YOU as a person perfectly..right for your soul and spirit...but I cant pretend that I wouldn't be a teeny bit happy if you came back home ; ) just so we could enjoy little cup catch ups ; )

    Having said all that...we..as in hubby and I are looking to move to mountains...we are pretty much over the rat race hon...Sydney is just too crazy and expensive to live...as beautiful a city as it is..it is almost impossible for the average family to survive and live happily and comfortably anymore..unless your earning big bucks. We are craving the quiet, calmness, the space....the sense of community and friendliness amongst fellow neighbours...the simpler things in life.

    Im sure all will work out as it should for your little family...all you can do is what you have been doing...cherish and embrace all the simple pleasures that living in that country town gives you.

    Sending big hugs

    A x

    Oh ..and adding a little vodka to those lemons sometimes helps too ; )

  4. Hi Sweetie You still manage to find something wonderful and beautiful in the everyday. It's one of your greatest talents, even when you're feeling down. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  5. I love this 'need' to create a warm cosy haven for the family, not only when the winds turn icy but also when there's big decisions to be made for the family, when you're feeling low, when you're uncertain what the future looks like and where you'll be. It's all about gathering those you love the most around you and creating comfort for everyone, yourself included.
    Oh this always brings sadness to my heart when I think of leaving this lovely land to return home, or even if this will happen at all! Such a mix of emotions, I understand.
    Always so lovely to read of your love for your little English town, soak it up, as it sounds like you are doing xx

  6. All of your thoughts today conjure up an image of a very cosy and contented nest. I hope your boy is up and running around very soon again. We are savouring the last bit of cooler weather here before the onslaught of summer heat!

  7. Casseroles...yes comfort foods. I agree it all sounds so cozy!

  8. Hello sweet friend.
    I hope that a great
    peace descends on you
    as you sort out the bits
    and pieces of life that
    have you down at the
    moment. Despite whatever
    personal issues you are
    dealing with, your eye
    for beauty and gratitude
    is superb, as are your words.
    Sending love across the ocean.
    xx Suzanne

  9. Hi Melissa,
    living in another country, when to go home, etc, I hear you, loud and clear.... I love that you can put into words what it is that you need in times like this, I had to read this post twice and probably will again tomorrow, because you voice me thoughts hon... Hope we can play catch up soon?
    Change will be coming for us too, so hope we can meet in real life on this side of the globe before you go back to the sunny beaches?
    Hope Sol will feel better soon, big big hugs from us to you all, Maureen xx

  10. HI Melissa, I am trying to get my act together today. 11, 11year old girls coming tonight for a craft queen party. What was I thinking? I will need the rest of the weekend to clean my nest afterwards. Hope your little one feels better soon.

  11. Hi Melissa, I think having the chance to cook those comfort foods is one of the best parts of Autumn. I love the idea of using local produce, and bringing in little 'treasures' from outside - it makes everything feel more homely - Melissa xx

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