a giveaway - *rocking some creative inspiration*

have you gals fallen in creative lust with the *Mollie Makes* mags?

i am in hook...line & craft sinker...

the Autumn edition is just endless inspiration, page after gorgeous page...

it's not just the projects...the layout of the magazine is right up my alley...it makes me want to create...

a totally healthy drug of choice...

i had a moment to day to just have a quick *squizz*...

& inevitably this leads to a flurry of lists...

things to make...things that inspire...

just so much to want to do...instantly!

if you like to have a million creative pursuits on the go at once...then get your hands on a copy!

and this months edition indulges in two of my fave style crushes...

{kelly doust- author of *The Crafty Minx*}...who i could imagine being great friends with in the real 


{her daughter's name is Olive & i love that name- we're a perfect match!}

& ...the gorgeously stylish blogger {jeanette lunde}

she is just so feminine, simply lovely, joyful & inspiring...

i would be very happy to sit at her table drinking endless tea & staring at her lovely life taking in a

moment of her day...

since falling in love with the world of blogging i'm rarely *rocked* by a creative mag in the flesh...

there are just so many wonderful bloggers out there, that there's no need to keep an eye out for 

new mags to inspire...

{mollie makes} is soo the exception to this rule...

get your hands on a copy- a cup of tea & take a moment for yourself...

be inspired...

i love this autumn edition so much- that i'm picking up another copy for one of you...

just leave a comment on *what rocks your craft boat*...

blogs? mags? books?

be a Miss Sew & So follower & share your inspiration- simple...

on another autumn note

we had our very first open fire last night

gotta love that

i'll get the kiddos to pluck a name at random 

happy tuesday




  1. Great giveaway! There's always room for more inspiration--this looks lovely.

  2. I love a good craft project if it's really inspiring. The page you have open looks very inspiring already. Is the mag available in Australia? It sounds like it's right up my alley!! I love all three, mags, blogs and books. I agree mags have taken a backseat now there is so many great blogs out there, including yours. Leahx

  3. too funny that we are both talking about mollie makes magazine in our posts today : ) this issue is not available here yet so now you have me really wanting to see the rest. pinterest, magazines, thrift stores, blogs, my camera, nature...all filled with inspiration. and hoooray for fires in your fire place!

  4. Well I won't enter your giveaway as i have already subscribed to Molly Makes. However i do have to agree with you 100%. Most mags leave me cold at the moment but this has really got me interested again.

  5. Definitely blogs, but I have seen so much about Mollie Makes I'm sure this would just tip the boat over!

  6. Oh PLEASE PICK ME!!!!! I absolutely love this mag, though cannot get it here. My mother in law brought a copy back from uk and like you, it is the exception when it comes to mags. I love crafty blogs. Am a follower of yours too, love it :)

  7. wow looks like a great magazine. I had never even heard of it until this post. I looked at the price for a U.S. subscription though - whoah a little pricey :)
    I think pinterest has become my most used source of inspiration lately. Although I get tons from blogs too, including yours!
    Speaking of inspiration, I noticed your wreath hanging above your fireplace. I made mine last night from your tutorial and it's hanging above my fireplace too! Need to take a pic and send it to you!

  8. I have been LOOKING for this magazine for a few months now. I saw it on someone else's blog, but I cannot find it locally!

    Blogs totally rock my craft boat. I always get excited about the idea of curling up w/a fab craft mag, but sadly am usually disappointed so I'd love to check out a copy of Mollie Makes! And curl up next to your gorgeous fireplace.

  9. Great giveaway! I love blogs and I've definitely been using pinterest a lot lately but I have to admit I love sitting down every month with my Country Living magazine and my Better Homes and Gardens magazine, now that the weather is getting colder I can add a cup of hot chocolate to that equation and I can't wait :)

  10. Hi Melissa

    A long overdue visit - boy life has been busy :)

    I don't think we get those mags here but I sure would love to.

    I have seen someone before mention them but can not remember where.

    Hope you and your lovely family are all well

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  11. I suspect you and I would be an awesome pair as I also have a little lady called Olive and LOVEEEEE crafting mags- however I can't get this one in Australia... I am needing this one trust me!

    I also have a little giveaway happening at the moment that I suspect you would like!

    xo em

  12. I would love to see a copy of that magazine! Wish it were available in little old NZ. Now you know how much I already adore your sweet blog and am a follower of you!! I so wish I had a fireplace to decorate all pretty and light on chilly nights.
    Sarah Red Gingham

  13. I love a mix of both. Somedays I like a real mag to flick through. Other days I love going on a craft discovery tour on blogs.

  14. I keep hearing about Mollie Makes but haven't picked up a copy yet - magazines have always seemed like a bit of an extravagance to me, and as you say, with so many amazing blogs out there these days, magazines feel a little wasteful, too. But a free one? Well, that's not wasteful at all, that's a gift :)

    I am always inspired by films, rock stars, and stunning people on the street. So many items in my home and wardrobe have been copied directly from something I've seen on someone else, you just have to know the right movie to spot it :)

  15. Ha! I wondered how long it would take you to post about our shared new love ☺, Miss Melissa. I've also converted a fellow Hobart blogger who has ordered the latest two copies online so we won't have to wait a couple of months for them to arrive in the newsagent!

    My inspiration? Blogs and mags but most definitely you! J x

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. beautiful blogs, such as yours, are always an inspiration, miss melissa.
    that being said, i'm something of a book junkie.
    can never have too many.
    so much inspiration, so little time.

    i would dearly love to receive a copy of 'mollie makes'. it's a little difficult to find in the states. if there is anything you need from here, maybe we could do a swap?


  18. Long live open fires Melissa. We've already had a couple here :) What rocks my craft boat. The blog world I must say. There is a wonderful magazine in France though called Marie Claire idées which is full of fabulous craft and DIY ideas that have been rocking my boat for years. Send me YOUR address and I'll send you one :)

  19. It looks fabulous as does your gorgeous fireplace! I have a stack of tried-and-true design books that I go back to over and over--but more often I am a magazine-only-attention-span kind of girl! Wish I had more time for both though!

  20. i just got my first copy of this magazine! the lovely wonders from teh UK! love it. shauna bought me a copy becuase she is IN "issue 5" (the one with the crocheted pea pods on the cover.) did you see that article on a pie party, where her family photos were? soooo special!!

  21. Well despite my love and obvious addiction to blogs, I still love the tactile nature of a great magazine or book. The computer or ipad screen doesn't quite have that yet, and I can't 'rip' the image out if the urge strikes! I haven't yet come across this magazine in the flesh, so I'm going to hope my name comes out of the proverbial hat!! Amanda xx

  22. Open fire? yep, we love it too! And I would love to win a copy, since we don't have it here.... enjoy looking at Audrey and her bucket, we have a house full of bdays so catch up with you later, Mxx

  23. hi just found you from Desire Empire had a look at your Gozo photos and you have reminded me of how beautiful Malta is.I visited family in Gozo in 1996 as my parents were born in Xhara. To travel to a new place is such e rewarding experience and as you say so memorable.I hope to be able to take my daughter to Malta one day to as I feel it is so important to know where we all come from. all the best Lena

  24. Haven't seen this mag before...my project list is miles long...just need some time in a bottle.

  25. I just saw this magazine...was it on an iPod app? It looks amazing. Although I suffer a rare form of craft dyslexia {that is, I don't know which way is up when making anything}, I'm still determined to give it a red-hot go! Count me in:)

    Love the log fire...must be heavenly. Meredy xo

  26. What a lovely giveaway.
    I was lucky enough to spot one of the earlier Mollie Makes and managed to buy one but even here in the UK they are a bit like gold dust. A subscription to them might be a good Christmas pressie to myself!
    Lovely fireplace and log fire : )


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