village life for a beach mama in hunter wellies...

it's a long slog here this morning...

very rarely do i get thrown in the scheme of life...but sometimes things are just outa our reach...

we're thinking long & hard about our inevitable move home to the beautiful beaches of sydney...

but something at that end, kiddo schooling stuff, has thrown me this morning...


today all i can share are images of my gorgeous little english village & days out in Autumn...

enjoy the eye candy...

i'm going to slurp down another pot of tea & put my thinking cap back on 

with the ever-patient loving hubster....


this is what my ballet shoes have become as the week rolls on

hunter wellies
angora gloves

the country mama school run get-up

keeping it real gals!!

autumn is here!

thanks for the patience in not responding to all your lovely comments etc this week

my heart feels like it's dealing with too much at the moment



  1. Ooo I miss autumn. Hey, things are sounding a bit rough. Email me if you need.
    Big Hug

  2. Hi there miss. Sending you lots of love and best wishes to help you make all the tough decisions. x

  3. I love your Hunter's - I've got a yellow and purple pair (not together mind you, but I have considered wearing one colour on each foot to jazz it up a little when it gets really dreary!)

    Most excellent autumnal pictures - all pumpkins dreamy and faded.

    I hope you work it out,

    Nina x

  4. hang in there, friend. we are in the same position (although night quite as drastic as your changes) and i just don't know what to do...i need some answers, a sign, some guidance....something. ughhhh....life decisions and this part of parenting kinda SUCKS if you ask me. ; )
    love the outfit today, you are too cute! XXXX

  5. Oh these decisions are so hard to make. Good luck coming up with the right answer for your family. Sometimes time gives what we are looking for. Loving your boots. We need them these days too.
    Sarah Red Gingham

  6. Don't you sometimes wonder why life throws those curve balls? I hope all works out for you soon Melissa.
    I'm loving your autumn pics. The colours are gorgeous.
    I have my wellies on today too, with my dress, and it's meant to be spring here, but honestly, I don't think it has stopped raining for a month.

  7. Life here on the Northern beaches is fantastic. A little different to where you are right now but enchanting just the same

    My only advice would be to arrive home in Spring/Summer, as landing here June- mid August would possibly make you regret your return. I find those months a little daunting.

    Lovig your shots.

  8. Oh I hope things fall happily into place. In the meantime I am loving your hunters and jealously coveting them. Chin up. Deb

  9. lovely autumn colours! hope it all works out, it usually does.

  10. Oh Melissa. Hang in there, Lovely. J x

  11. aww :( decisions that affect our kids are always the hardest. i hope everything works out soon!


  12. Oh, Melissa! Change can be so hard sometimes, especially when you've settled so beautifully overseas. But you will make it work, whatever happens and there will be a huge bonus pack of east coast sunshine reserved for you if you do move home.

  13. I don't really understand what is going on, but I do understand the worry of doing anything that may affect your kids negatively. I hope you were able to figure it out, but know that kids are resilient and the life lessons you've taught them on this adventure far outweigh any school they may miss.



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