vintage architecture & fabrics love...

morning...i'm feeling very cosy today...

loving england in this blustery autumn weather...

& loving memories of past autumn's here in our english village...

three & a half years ago, when we first came to the english countryside, we fell hard for the seasons

& for much of the gorgeous old architecture that was on our doorstep...

steeped in history, it was so different to the *clean- lined- simple* architecture of the beaches back in australia...

last night i saw my *Miss Sew & So* goodies snuggled into one of the beautiful old buildings we

have so loved since moving here...

it was such a pleasure for this beach girl...reared on the other side of the globe, to put my goodies in an

old english building to be enjoyed by local's that we have come to love...

this gorgeous old shop...tiles & all...was the perfect backdrop for the one-off, bespoke 

cushions & bunting that i adore making...

the very cool mama, i mentioned here, who owns this beautiful shop lucky ducks gave me a brief 

that simply stated..."nothing to matchy...i'm not good at that..."

& i loved her for it...it allows me to sew as i feel...to just put together what feels right at that moment...

so, i'm now surrounded by piles of wonderful, random fronts of cushions in my studio waiting to 

be finished up & delivered...

the shop has a fab mix of vintage & modern, with London touches...city meets country in a way that 

only the english can do...a quirky mix of cool but practical...old world but young...

i love this about the UK...

so...last night a glass of wine or two was had...& some shopping for christmas was done...

& today it's back to creating some more special pieces  for lovely ducks as the wind whistles past 

& i think about beautiful buildings...

have a wonderful weekend

yours truly in scarf & skinnies

trying to keep the look *cool* ;)


loving the autumnal weather



i'm tacking on a *pickie-a-day* of autumn weather shots in all things scarf-y & wooly next week
join me for a fashion giggle at my expense!!

M x


  1. how fun to be able to create for a spot like that-and to be able to create what you want. i love the top cushion and your mix of modern and vintage is just perfect melissa. the architecture looks beautiful there, how i would love to roam those streets with my camera!
    have a great weekend!

  2. Such a gorgeous old building, I do love this about the UK :) your cushions are beautiful hope you sell lots.

    Can't wait to see your autumn shots.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Wow, that is indeed a most beautiful old building...and congratulations on your new outlet! They shall sell like hot cakes, I am certain :)

  4. Your stuff would look fab anywhere Melissa; you are such a talent. And cool to boot ;-)

    Lovely autumnal day today - I agree. I wish it could just stay like this rather than get all dreary and rainy! I like the cold, just not the wet. The weather is such a preoccupation. Have a great weekend, L x

  5. love! the mix of fabrics in your cushions the old buildings and hearing about your storybook life in the english country.

  6. poo on toast I so want to shop in lucky ducks!! i totally miss those gorgeous buildings and am determined that one day I will find my perfect cottage here in Sydney with stained glass windows and an open fire place (not too much to ask suuurely!!). fabulous items you have made too, they are such lucky ducks to have found you! xxx

  7. What a cute little shop front, it's adorable and exactly the type I'd wander into for a browse. Your cushions are really lovely, I love what you've put together x

  8. What a great shop. I love the not to matchy matchy idea. What fun to sew and create.

  9. Ah, I hear a real lift in your voice, Miss Melissa. I'm so thrilled you've found this gorgeous outlet to showcase your pretties. Fabulous! J x

  10. Oh My!!! I am in love with your beautiful cushions gorgeous if only lucky Ducks was near!!!! Beautiful images too xox

  11. such a great little store to be able to sell your beautiful gifts in. i love the bunting and the pillows!
    oh and cant wait for the fashion pics next week. I have a bit of a scarf obsession! :)

  12. So beautiful lovely Mel. Your creations are divine and you deserve all of your success and more xo

  13. Your sewing and a stunning setting... a perfect match! X

  14. I have just discovered your blog and love it! Gorgeous old building and beautiful creations. Look forward to the warm and woolly fashions. Leahx


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