going home...from the countryside to the beach...

after almost four incredible years in the English countryside

we're going home my friends...

the emotions are running wild...

our hearts are soaring & then stopping...

our family together...the experiences so precious...

the love for two countries so heartfelt...

the time is right...

it just feels...right...

i know i'll get on that plane shedding bucket loads of tears...

i know that i'll have every emotion under the sun between now & then...


i also know we wouldn't change a moment of these emotions... 

they're all evidence that what we have done, has been so perfectly right for our family...

it just feels right...

there's so much to share here...

i hope you'll be with me here...for my daily fix...

for our friendship all the way home...from this gorgeous english countryside to the beautiful beaches

of australia...

we've a long haul ahead of us...

moving five people 15,000 miles across the world, with almost four years of life under one's roof

is not a simple task...

but we're serious list tickers...we're feeling good...

our focus...as always...is that the kiddos are happy...

that our family is together...

that we are doing this together...tied up with a lot of love...

wish us luck...& so happy you are with me on this journey home...


PS- & to my BB {british bestie} -blessed friendship every day no matter where we are...

all these images are from our beach life at home



  1. Big decision, but as you said, you are coming home...Home is where you make it, and after travelling around, and living on the other side of the world, it makes you realize how close we really are!

  2. Wow after only recently discovering your blog, I wish you luck with the move *home* to your life by the beaches in Aus. (I am a Tassie girl living by the beach.)
    I imagine you have had some wonderful experiences living OS, but I am sure that coming home will be oh so bittersweet.
    Have you read Nikki Gemmell's book "Why you are Australian? A letter to my children?"
    It is a great read and will probably strike a chord with you.
    I believe she is now back living in Sydney after years away living in the UK.
    Looking forward to reading about your move.

  3. oh wow. congratulations what a big move. all the best with the huge task no doubt you are up to it! How lucky to have had such an adventure, i am sure the best is yet to come xox

  4. Oh Melissa - you sound so very grounded - I am sure this decision has been a big one, but so obviously a right one and an inevitable one. We waved my sister in law and her husband bon voyage yesterday (lots of tears) as they move to Dubai for four years (or more). Hard to go but we know they will come back as this will always be home for them. Same for you...and of course you'll keep the blog going won't you?? We need to know! Get that list-ticking underway... Lou x

  5. Wow, what a big decision. Hope the move goes smoothly for you x

  6. that's exciting! are you ready for the heat.. so hot and humid in sydney today. all the best with the move.. we have moved a lot, within the state though. it has made our kids very flexible. you are all lucky to have had the experience.

  7. I know what that feeling's like. There was a little tear in my eye as I read that. Goodbyes and hellos...love and wonder and beauty in them both.

  8. Huge news! Of course I'm giddy with excitement and can't wait to do an actual coffee with you and the kiddos rather than a virtual one:) You sound very calm about this decision and I'm so glad that it feels right to you both. Vicki Archer of French Essence writes beautifully about having a heart that belongs equally in two countries...a feeling I guess you're a little used to by now.

    Happy packing!
    Meredy xo.

  9. You already know how sad I am about this :(

    I think I might just pretend (for a while at least) that you are still "up north" just so you feel close by.

    On a serious note though, I know that you have all loved and appreciated your time in England and that all that matters is that your family of five are together....home truly is wherever you are, you will always see to that....that's why you're so special.

    I am sure the next month will be an absolute rollercoster of emotions - especially with it being Christmas - and I am sure your British friend, neighhours and schools will miss you as much as we will. Enjoy the memories XXXX

  10. What a big decision (believe me, I know - I have twice before left the UK to return to Australia...this is my third time here, and I think it might stick this time)...

    I can absolutely appreciate the difficulty of the decision you have made - which must be even greater when you have a family to consider. To be honest, I think for me it always came down to where does my heart feel that I need to be 'now' - what feels right...Your children will have had the most amazing experience with the opportunity to live abroad, and I think it will make all of your family's enjoyment of picking up your lives again in Australis so much the richer.

    And, as Kat suggested, I would also highly recommend Nikki Gemmell's book 'Why you are Australian' - she writes so eloquently of her decision to move her family from the UK back to Australia...

    Good luck with all of the planning,

  11. Oh a Momentous decision. I bet your family at home is ecstatic. I hope you bring back heaps of your English goodies. I think the packing and relocating will provide you with plenty of blog fodder.

  12. Morning lovely!
    big times ahead, you know I've got your back, if you need something from this side of the world, just yell and it will be send to the beaches, no problem!
    And the photo's of your life in Oz are sooooo cool! You know how I love me some beach, so I look forward to Miss Sew and Co reporting back to us with sunshine in those gorgeous photo's.
    also, give your BB a hug from me, I know how it feels when friends move far away...
    Talk soon,
    Maureen xx

  13. Oh yay Melissa - we can meet for coffee at Manly! How excited I am for you - such big job ahead but now the decision is made it is just about getting the job done!! 38 degrees here today and stiiiiiicky - are you ready for it!!!! Leanne x

  14. Hi Melissa x. I had a feeling there was a post like this coming up. There must be so many mixed feelings for all of you and such an enormous move ahead. Imagine all the treasures you will be bringing with you!!!!! Will be thinking of you Melissa and so glad you will still be keeping us up to date :-). Tan xx

  15. Wow wasn't expecting that! I'll miss your gorgeous snippets of the UK (my home) but am looking forward to bumping into you in Sydney! :) Safe travels my lovely xxx

  16. You have been on the most amazing of adventures! You will all have memories to cherish forever too! Your family will love having you back and the sunshine will warm your hearts when you return, your bb will also still be there I am sure! A big decision, but I know the experiences will last forever and there will always be a piece of you in the English countryside, just as you will bring some ofit home with you! Cheers to a new chapter! X

  17. Congratulations, Melissa! I will continue to follow you in Australia! I love your perspective about putting the kids first...so important! I believe that everything will fall into place for you and your family as your return home! hugs, cathy

  18. WOW!! i'm both happy and sad for you, but what a great experience!! hope all is going smoothly for you all :)

  19. Melissa I have no doubt that this was just as much a heart wrenching decision to make as it was when you first contemplated the move to the UK four years ago. But I can see that , hard as the reality of leaving so much behind is, you really do seem ready to go home. I bet those lists are long! You'll be busy checking you have enough chippy chairs and milk bottles , and I'm sure there must be time for another few boot sales with your BB. Something to sustain you both until she visits you in Sydney.

    And from my purely selfish point of view, I'm so excited you're coming this way. Sydney is so much closer to NZ, and I'm looking forward to a real coffee and/or vino beside the beach. xx

  20. Wow Melissa! That's the biggest of news... I can sense your excitement and all the emotion that must be swirling around you at the moment. You've had such an adventure and I'll miss your regular snippets of idyllic English country life. The car boot sales, vignettes of your beautiful house, the flowers (oh, the flowers), the contrasting seasons, the snow at Christmas and your gorgeous countrified kiddos...

    Sydney will be just as fresh through your eyes so I'm looking forward to Miss Sew & So - the Sydney chapter, and I can't help thinking that I'd REALLY love to be in your village when you have your pre-move garage sale ; )

  21. Big news Melissa, but how wonderful that you can return home knowing that you made the most of every minute here in Europe!
    Safe journey, and we'll just pick up on Miss S&S when you're back down under!!

  22. So exciting that you are going home. Best wishes for all the details. Looking forward to learning and seeing much of Australia through your beautiful posts...just as I came to love your English countryside, I know I will long to visit Australia next!

  23. Your Sydney mosaic is fabulous. All I can say is welcome home in advance.

    I will be great to have yet another blogger on the beaches.

  24. Sorry that should have been 'It will be great'...and it will!!!!

  25. Hi Melissa

    just catching up on some blogs and of course yours :)

    I am thrilled for you to be coming home - it is hot now (well in Brisbane anyway) but it is really hot.

    I could only imagine the mixed feelings and emotions running through your veins

    take care

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  26. Hi Sweets So glad the news is out now. It must have been weighing on your mind a little - you've had so many people to tell and let them digest it in the last little while. I, too, will really miss your take on English country life. So unbelievably much.

    But I am so delighted you feel the timing is right for you all. So many things to consider - you've done so well to sort it all out in your heads before deciding. And of course, I'm (not at all secretly) thrilled that you'll only be a short plane trip away from me. Roll on your next visit down here! J x

  27. Oh Melissa, there must be such a turmoil of emotions going on right now. I sort of sensed that this news was coming...can't pin point why, just a sense.
    From following your adventures here for a while I can truly say that it feels like you have made the most of each and every moment. You've embraced all the good things and the positives of Emglish country life...(and I'm sure seen some not so great things.) Your writing has been insightful, sharing and inspiring, and as much as I will really miss those glimpses of England I'm also looking forward to sharing the stories of your new chapter back in Australia. I know I've probably said it before but the experiences and adventures that you shared with your family will be treasured.
    Your kiddos will became sandy, salty and sun kissed again!

  28. {I felt like I already commented--but I guess not? Am I losing it?}
    I thought this would be coming soon...but wow, that was soon! I am happy for you and your family and a little stressed for you just thinking about all you must have to do to move back to another country! wow. I will really miss all of your adventures in the English countryside but I look forward to following you back to Oz now ; ) Can't wait to see how your new life unfolds right here on your little blog. Melissa- you are truly an inspiration for so many of us. I just don't know that I could do what you have done so I admire you all the more that you were able to take your family on this marvelous adventure. Much love to you, friend!

  29. Oh Sweetheart...a rollercoaster ride of emotions indeed...but what an amazing journey you and your little family have had..what amazing friends, memories to have made and keep forever.
    I suppose the only consolation is that your not travelling from a place of beauty..to a place of despair.
    Sydney is still ever so glorious as you have seen in your previous visits...and you have SO MANY wonderful welcoming arms ready to give you a big rib crushing hug when you return.

    Summer is beautiful here...and how wonderful for your little munchkins that they will get to experience all that beautiful Sydney has to offer.

    So many adventures created in their little hearts already..and this is what they will remember and pass onto their children.

    Keep safe my friend...be happy and positive as you always have done...all is well in your world and will always be so long as you are always together as a family..and you know you have such a huge network of supportive and encouraging friends to help you through it.

    Sending big hugs your way,

    Anna x


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