a husband, a camera, a boy & fresh seafood...

this is what happens when you give your husband the camera and your son loves seafood...

you end up totally surprised with the results!

sent out to capture the evening with my camera- i figured he just needed time alone with my camera to

really bond with it...

thus in time, taking some photos that may have me- the mama of the household feature in them...

just sometimes...you know for the kids...so they know i was there...

look at the results gals...

sunset taken by husband on big learning curve left on own...

he did G.O.O.D...

i think he was totally a little chuffed with the results too...

i even think he may go back for more...on his own for now....

one day he may even get me in one of his photos ;)

so...the hubsters first photographic effort on his my blog...

i'm happy to share the space for these...

now...back to the *son loving seafood* part...

we have a beautiful estuary that runs the length of our Village Green...it runs from a larger river & 

brings with it endless perfect delicious cockles...

we have a son who adores seafood...especially shell fish...& perfect delicious cockles...

so here he is...filling his pockets, a block from our big old country house...sand & cockles- bless him...

if you are a seafood lover like we are...you can imagine collecting your own only adds to the 


for a child that will not eat sausages & spuds- an english fave- he amazes us with seafood...

collecting cockles is wonderful for kids...collecting *food* straight from nature's garden...

he scooted home laden down & we googled a few recipes together...

throwing them in a colander...washing of the sea water...counting our haul...all memories...

for a simple delicious simple-let-the-flavours-speak-for-themselves-go-to-recipe see {here}...

eat them like Sol....maldon sea salt...fresh bread...straight off a board on the kitchen bench...

10 year old heaven...

a lovely end to a sunday afternoon...a sunset & fresh seafood...

so...the hubster caught a perfect sunset...on his own...in focus...great foreground...depth...colour

& we got a gorgeous salty local snack outa the experience...

yep...he's going back...

one day you may even see me just there...wandering along the shore...in my Hunter's...bucket in hand...

& he may even get all of me in the picture :)

happy monday gals

i have seafood recipes to google


photo challenges to come up with 




today i am linking up with a wonderful writer {here}

celebrating monday's together


  1. Oh my! Loving this post, Miss Melissa. The Hubster has set himself a high starting standard! And I am fascinated by Sol's collecting of cockles - I thought that was only something that happened in nursery rhymes ☺. Thanks for the education, Sweets. J x

  2. Hi Melissa

    How are you - I know it's been a long time commenting (please still talk to me :))

    Now they are goooood photos - don't tell husband too much, he may start his own blog.

    Loving your cockles - well better than our pippies here.

    I hope this finds you all well and I am sure things are getting a bit chilly for you. Today I started the spring summer whinge - on how hot it was.
    It felt too much too quick, we only just finished Melbourne Cup last week!

    take care and know I do have the best intentions to comment - but I do visit and read regularly

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  3. Ahh, I remember little bags of cockles from the indoor market in Swansea, South Wales. As a child I would get a bag all to myself and smother them in salt, pepper and malt vinegar. Every now and then you would get the crunch of sand...which wasn't so great!
    Got to say that those sunset photos are looking good, watch out, there might well be a Mr Sew & So blog appearing soon!

  4. Mmmm...I can smell
    the brine of the sea
    and taste those lovely
    morsels, which I'm
    guessing are like small
    clams? We look forward
    to them every summer when
    we visit my parents in
    Washington State! Your
    son has a very sophisticated
    palate, which is really
    great. How nice that you
    have a contributing
    photographer for your
    blog! Mine is my daughter
    and occasionally, my son,
    but so far, the hubs has
    stayed out of it. Which is
    funny, because before I
    started blogging {and
    he gave me my dslr}, HE
    was the photo-taker in
    the family : ) Since then,
    hardly a picture of me in
    site, just like you! I will
    miss your glimpses into
    English village life, but I
    know you will love being
    back home. Thanks for
    joining my first Monday
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I am hoping to come
    to England in the next 12
    months, as I have family
    living there, now, so I'm
    VERY sad you will no longer
    be there....

  5. Good job Hubster! :) Mine won't touch my camera unless I remove the polkadotted, ruffled camera strap cover! I can't imagine why?? :)
    I wish I could get my little man to eat more seafood - maybe if I let him collect it himself?? :)

  6. Hi Melissa, I'm new to your lovely blog and firstly wanted to say thank you for you sweet birthday message on my blog recently. I was very chuffed.
    What beautiful photos, I bet hubby will be back there as soon as he can and we'll see my great shots very soon. Have a lovely week :)
    Cheerio, Sarah

  7. Simple bliss. What a great way to spend an afternoon or whole day or life even. Gorgeous pics Mr Sew & So... gxo

  8. Hee hee, a job well done by your hubster Melissa!! Love the look of those cockles and how cool is your Sol...!! Loved this gorgeous post! Thanks for sharing such wonderful snippets of your gorgeous life with us ~ xx

  9. Pure joy ! I so enjoyed reading this post and I am so glad I stopped by via Suzanne' Monday Moments .

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