a coastal girl at home...x

g'day gorgeous girls...

i'm hanging out *Down Under*...it's almost 5am...the kiddos have only been up since 2...!

jet lag is working hard...



on the gorgeous beaches of Australia...

& it feels perfect...

in a *very particular* order...

these are the things about Oz that are making my heart smile...

family....family everywhere

the beaches...nature australian style

kookaburra's calling the morning in

strong italian australian made coffee on the beach

trays of mangoes

thoughts of a christmas day under the gum trees

blogging *Down Under*...we are going to love this together...

from the english countryside to the beaches of Sydney...

i'm back & am going to share falling in love with home again...

moving back into our beach house...

the decorating...

the gardening...

creating our life here again...

days with sandy feet & surfboards...sunshine...seafood...

a beach life *Down Under*...

you in?

huge hugs from this coast loving girl...

i gotta a day of thai food & christmas shopping ahead...

but i'll be thinking of you...



  1. I wasn't even sure that I wanted to read this post cos I just miss you too much ;)

    But I can tell how lovely it is for you being home already, it sounds fabulous!!

    And you know that if Sydney doesn't work out, we'll always have you back ;)

    What's with the spider pic....EEK!!! Not too many of those please!!

    Cold, dark and candlelit here in London Town...only 3 more sleeps :)

    Christmas movie, pizza and popcorn about to be served....

    Miss you XXXX

    Did you say Thai food?! Wish I was there :)

  2. I'm so in he hee this is exciting. Can't wait to hear and see about all your adventures back home in Oz. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and we shall catch up soon. Big hugs x x x x x x

  3. I'm in.
    Green with envy for all you describe... especially the coffee, the Thai, the beach, and of course the fam.
    Have a beautiful Christmas, and welcome home!
    x Rhi

  4. You sound so happy - good for you Melissa :-) Lou x

  5. so happy you guys made it home safely! you are so lucky to be enjoying christmas with warm weather and beaches! i'm jealous!
    i hope you all have a beautiful christmas!!!
    your cfb :)

  6. Welcome home. I hear your happiness. As much as you loved the english countryside it is always good to return home...there is no place like home. Adventures are important but home reminds you that you belong. merry christmastide to you. ox

  7. Glad you have joined us back in "Sunny Sydney!" lets hope you have bought the sunshine with you. I so agree with you about Christmas and Mango's. The smell of them always reminds me of Christmas, but after our second tray of them, we are all feeling somewhat sick! Welcome Home!

  8. Hello Melissa, from one oz chick to another... Welcome home! I'm sure it will be everything you remember, except there is a lot more people these days, at least there is in Brisvegas! happy sunny-filled days to you. Jane x

  9. Golly 2am! Hope that improves real soon. Glad to hear you made it home in one piece. What fun times you have ahead of you. Enjoy yourselves and have a super Christmas in the sun with your family. xxx

    Have to say I'm a bit worried about those ribbons, they haven't turned up yet. Perhaps it's just the UK post. Sure hope so. The suspence is killing me!

  10. Love your take on it all. Welcome home beachy chick!!!! Merry Mango Christmas to you.

    Carolyn xxx

  11. Welcome home Melissa! So excited for you, have a wonderful day in Sydney, we are looking a little overcast here in Auckland still. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures down under. Merry Christmas!! xo Kirsty

  12. Welcome home!! Have a wonderful christmas in this beautiful country of ours! Leahx

  13. welcome home!! merry christmas!

  14. What a great Chrissy pressie, to be home!
    Gotta love living by the beach, me too!!
    Enjoy it all.

  15. Welcome back to Oz! Enjoy the Christmas shopping - I braved the shops yesterday - madness - but all done now! Hope you all get used to the time difference and get some good sleep soon. What a lovely time of year to return home! Merry Christmas!

  16. yay for being back in oz! hope you have a lovely warm christmas :)

  17. Glad to hear you're back on your home soil safely. If it's a 2am start in your place now I wonder what Christmas morning will be like??
    I hope you continue to marvel in the wonderful things that Australia offers, you can't beat family of course but boy does that coffee look good. Enjoy, and have the best Christmas.

  18. Welcome home Melissa,
    So glad you made it safe and sound. What a big adventure! Have a lovely, lovely Christmas, soak in all things Aussie and most especially, enjoy precious time with family. Thanks for such a lovely year of reading your blog...I so enjoy popping over here for a visit! x Rachel

  19. A huge Welcome Home, Melissa : ) I was wondering how your flight was the other day and wishing you well. So glad to have you back home...hopefully, the weather will improve for you - we seem to be over the worst of it now. Merry Christmas, Kim xo

  20. Welcome home. I know I am going to love seeing our country through your camera lense. Enjoy this precious family time. Glad you arrived home safe and sound. I feel a little sad for your British friends, they must be missing you like crazy. Hugs to them.

  21. Welcome home!!! I'm so in. Merry, Sandy Christmas, sweet friend.

  22. Home at last! I have been thinking about you and your brood and your epic Christmas plans!

    Got a spare room? I can't imagine what I wouldn't give for a bit of summer right now!

  23. Of course I'm in! Welcome home Melissa. Lou's right - you have a happy, settled, I'm in the right place kind of sound, and after such a manic time, I hope you just relax and enjoy the sand and the sun. Merry merry Christmas my friend. Looking forward to all your new adventures. Amanda xx

  24. I'm in Melissa. Glad to hear you made it and you're back in the sunshine! Have a fantastic Christmas with all of your family! Robx
    p.s. you can give the spiders a miss on your blog...don't miss them at all!!

  25. Glad you are all home safe and sound. Have a happy happy Christmas. Love and hugs sent your way:-) Ls

  26. Looking forward to following along with all your 'new' life has in store for you, Melissa. Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful Xmas ~ xx

  27. Woo-hoo!! I'm so excited you're home! Wishing you and your lovely ones a happy, relaxed Christmas. Can't wait to see how 2012 unfolds for you. {Also, can't wait to catch up with you for reals when things settle down:)}

    Much love,
    Meredy xo

  28. Gorgeous photos! You even got some props from CMB. :) You're GOOD!! Merriest of Christmases. xo

  29. Yippee! I'm in like Flynn, Sweets. Bring it on! J x


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