december 1...advent pockets to fill with love...

morning lovely bloggy friends...

we had a mid week teacher's strike here yesterday & therefore a house full of extra's...

so not all my boxes were ticked- which i'm needing to do each & every day now that we are *in*

the month of our huge {move back} to the beautiful beaches of sydney...

so...after a morning of balance (you know those mornings- & it wasn't the kids!)...

the ever patient, every gorgeous husband took all the kids to school...

& i'm sitting here, with a strong cup of tea...thinking bout filling advent pockets...

not life altering i realise ;) but about all i can manage this morning...one of those mornings people...!

for our three kiddos, age irrelevant, the *advent calendar* is a special lead up to the big day...

they've all gone off to school this morning anticipating the opening of the first advent goodies

this afternoon...

some years we've had little fabric squares on string lines across the windows...

some years we've done the desperate easy quick-it's-the-flippin-first-of-december-store-bought 

chocolate calendar boxes, with the flip open windows...

you know the ones...awful, loud, disney inspired {!!??}...yet do the job...

this year we needed something simple...that could survive a mid-advent flight {home to Australia},

whose daily pockets could be filled with more than chocolate coins...& that was made with love

by me, for them, in the house we have loved in the english countryside, for so long...

so...the squares were cut...the french numbers stamped...the pieces sewn together...

& this morning i am going for a quiet, simple wander to fill those pockets...

english sweets...some little english souvenirs...little reminders of our time here together...

by Christmas day we will be sitting in the sand, drinking smoothies & wondering what the cold

felt like...

so taking this advent calendar home on December 20 & opening one day in Dubai & the

remaining days in the sunshine just makes this year's calendar all the more special...

at this time of year- life can be a tricky balance...

remember the simple things are often the loveliest memories...


a shared thought: yesterday an incredibly brave mother from our little school lost her long fight with cancer...

her two beautiful children were blessed to have had her guide them for as long as she could...

today please just take a moment to look at your children...
& to love them that little bit more...

Karen will always be an inspiration in my mind & though there are many tears- her smile is what i will recall each & every time we passed with school bags, scooters & *good morning's*...

thank you for the small *moment* of time in which i knew you Karen- your children will continue to be loved & watched over at school by their many gentle friends...



  1. These look gorgeous and so sorry for the loss of your friend. I appreciate the reminder. N x

  2. What a gorgeous advent calendar and what a lovely tribute to your friend.
    So much to be grateful for in this life.

  3. Ps my thoughts go out to not only you but her family, especially her children.
    I will think of them when I sneak in to check on mine before bed tonight.
    Poor little darlings to lose their Mum.

  4. I'm really sorry to read about the mother from your school Melissa. When a young mother is lost it makes you stop in your tracks a bit doesn't it? It happened here in our school during the year as well and there were many times after that I just wanted to stop everything, find my girl and give her a big huge hug. Thank you for the reminder.
    On another note, I just knew your advent calendar would be beautiful...

  5. Golly Melissa, one minute I'm smiling at your wonderful advent calendar and thinking what a great Mum you are (I'm off today to buy the supermarket variety for Dan and Josh, the 21 year old)...and the next minute there are tears welling for your friend and her family. It does put things into perspective...perhaps I won't yell at my son about his room today. Enjoy your time with your kids tonight. Robx

  6. I can't believe you are coming home!!! To my neck of the woods! I totally understand your torn heart though. Safe travels.

    RIP Karen. xx

  7. Such a lovely tribute Melissa, such sad news, but a lovely way to remember her.
    Your advent Calendar brought a smile to my face, it looks and sounds lovely x x x x

  8. Melissa - your advent calendar is just gorgeous - which is to be expected. I am so sorry about the mother you knew. It makes me heart ache to hear such news and the empathy I have for her family brings tears. It's hardly bearable and for some reason at this time of year...just so sad. Your tribute is lovely and I am sure her children will be looked out for. It does make me want to scoop mine up and hold on to them...Lou x

  9. you are such a beautiful person...inside and out. i love your pockets. happy december, friend.

  10. I can comment!! : D

    oh, so sad to hear about children losing a mother and a mother leaving her children too soon, breaks my heart. we all need to remember that every day is a gift, it truly is. naturally, your advent calendar is gorgeous and so timeless looking, i love it that all three of your kids still look forward to the calendar, that makes me happy to hear. have a wonderful day, friend.

  11. love that little advent calendar - those red coastal stripes are great! And mixed with the french numbers...perfection!
    so sorry about your friend. we are going through a similar situation and it is so heartbreaking.
    xo my cfb :)

  12. Mothers should never die, it's just not fair. I hope her children manage to get through this tragedy knowing that she is watching over them still.

    I do love your new Advent Calendar. Nice big pockets to fill with goodies. Remember we have to keep them out of the sun over this side of the world! I do think your stamped numbers are brilliant. All your stamping makes me smile. You are such a lovely mama making this for your children when you have so much on as it is.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  13. So sorry to hear about your friend. You are such a kind person. Your advent calender is gorgeous and I may have to steal this idea next year. Great inspiration!! Have a lovely day. Leahx

  14. Such a beautiful advent calendar Melissa! Love it! I think it is a really special way to enjoy Christmas as a family, especially during the big move etc. Now...if I could just borrow some of your sewing prowess....perhaps I would have finished all my little sewing projects by now...rats!
    So sorry to hear about your friend Karen. It really makes you stop and think and realise how fleeting life is and how precious our little ones are.
    Good on you for all you are doing, a big job but you will get there, one crate at a time...with lots of pots of tea to be sipped in between! xo Rachel

  15. Love, love and more love... that is all :-) Xxxx

  16. I just love your advent pockets, the stamps are such a great idea! There is nothing nicer than a home made advent. Here's hoping that all the cold weather we are experiencing here in Australia clears before you return!!!!

  17. Your advent calendar is perfect. Love everything about it. I can't believe you're headed home so soon. How exciting!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. We lost a mom right on our street just over a year ago and it still shocks me to my core thinking something like that is possible. Love your tribute to her.

  18. Hi Melissa,

    An incredibly poignant post. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Karen. Yes, Christmas especially is a time to reflect on relationships with loved ones and the meaning those special people bring to our lives.

    Your advent calendar is very pretty and is so wonderful you are able to open the days of the calendar in different countries altogether! Imagine the memories the calendar will bring your family in years to come!

    Safe flight...and Merry Christmas,

    Kim. x

  19. Hi Melissa, your advent is gorgeous, and makes me feel especially guilty about being a little on the slow side to fill ours!
    And your story makes me so sad. Thinking about my girls being without their mum would be my worst nightmare. Life is so unfair sometimes. Thank heavens for a lovely friendly community around them. Amanda x

  20. Oh Sweetheart. Your advent calendar is just divine. I must get you to make me one for next year! And yes, RIP Karen - my thoughts are with her little family. J x


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