beach house living down under...

g'day sweet bloggy friends...

we are connected *for this moment*- so i'm here *for this moment*...

life is pretty flippin GREAT in this country down under by the sea...

the kids look taller...fresher...they are swimming like they've never not been here...

little Miss.6 is approaching it all with such endearing *gusto*- our front balcony has become a little

botanical lab showing all things Australian...banksia's...bindi's...cicarda shells...christmas beetles...

she is catching up on a childhood under the Australian sun she can't recall she was so tiny when we left

for the English countryside...

it makes me swell with pride & a new love for our little beach existence here...

the house is getting a lotta love too...boxes are still being unpacked &  treasures found...

the walls have all been freshly painted white white white & the floorboards stained a deep dark rich

luxurious brown...

for me....a simple, gorgeous fresh backdrop to combine *all* our collected goodies...

when that crate is dropped on our front lawn from ol'Blighty i am gonna be in home heaven...

coastal farming...country coastal...

the new decorating term for gals who love both sides of the globe...two *ways* of living...

we're sorting life from the bottom up- drivers licences, insurances, school gear etc...but amongst all this 

we are planning...sorting paintings on walls...arranging shells in vintage boxes...

when out connection allows me to upload more than two pickies- i'm going be sharing the lot 

with you all...

happy monday to you lovelies...

see ya when random borrowed wi-fi allows.....xxx


  1. oooh your 'backdrop' sounds perfec. can't wait to you can post some pics of your new home freshly decorated xox

  2. I love imagining your new home, it sounds beautiful. Glad Miss A is settling in so well :)

    Still missing you ;) Xxxx

  3. Can't wait to see you new beachy home and glad things are going well! xo K

  4. Yay, sounds just divine Melissa, and I bet you're itching to get your container to really get going on the big unpack. Can't wait to see more photos. Hope the storms didn't dampen your school holiday mood. It's really started to warm up in Qld and we're relishing cooling down in water.
    Have a great week.

  5. yay! Glad to claim you back! Have fun un-pcking. Looking forward to seeing your new nest set up. Bec x

  6. Beautiful so far...I love the sanddollar! but I have a soft heart for them. ox

  7. Coastal Australia comes alive in Summer. There is such a wonderful casualness and rhythm to life. I love it. x

  8. Sounds like you are
    where you are meant
    to be. Welcome home : )

    xx Suzanne

  9. oh man! I loved your English country goodies, but these sea treasures make me swoon. Our beach is pathetically barren next to yours.

    Happy New Year, Melissa!!!

  10. Oh the sounds and sighs of Summer come through loud and clear in your post. The best time of year in Oz in my opinion.

    Carolyn xx

  11. Cant wait to see pics!
    How exciting for your kids, hope they have settled in well....

  12. Ohh can't wait. Can't imagine all the rigmarole involved in relocating countries either.

  13. pretty pics! its so so exciting to be creating your new home! happy monday to you too! X

  14. Hi Melissa,
    Glad you had a little wifi, it's so strange to see you upload in a different timezone but he, at least now I can have a glimpse of that beautiful country of yours. I can only imagine how happy you must be, enjoy honey and we'll mail soon. Hugs!
    Maureen xx

  15. I too can not wait to see some pics of the house!

    Kel x

  16. Gorgeous treasures there in those 2 pics! Happy Monday to you too : )
    Alison x

  17. Welcome home Melissa! It sounds like you've got sandy feet and the kids haven't skipped a beat. What a blessing :)

  18. Sounds PERFECT! Can't wait to see more photos! Cx

  19. Melissa, you're making me homesick...I haven' seen 'Mermaid money' for ages...used to collect it in Yeppoon. However, I will be in Melbourne in under 4 weeks with a visit to Yeppoon for 6 nights during that time...and a fleeting trip to Sydney for 2 nights....will be busy, but can't wait for some Aussie sunshine...it's so dull and boring here weather wise at the moment. Enjoy...it's gonna be like xmas for you when your stuff arrives! Robx

  20. Woo hoo! So pleased to see you again in Blogland, Gorgeous - even if furtively! J x


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