Happy New Year- sunshine & friendship...

g'day lovely bloggy friends the world over...

we are so very happily settling into our little beach house here on the Australian coast...

all over again-

we're falling in love with the noise of our garden's wildlife...

we're falling in love with the kiddos being more *outdoors* than in...

we're falling in love with a *cruisey* month of summer before school begins...


we're trying very hard to fall in love with our erratic internet connection...

wi-fi does not hit our beach house till Jan 18th...& whilst i'm missing it desperately a little, i'm noticing

the spare moments i seem to have without it!

i mentioned this on FB & a lovely local friend saw it another way..."poor internet=quality face time :) "

this *it's all good* attitude...is the Australian ethos in a nutshell...we loooove it...it feels good...

i still miss my wi-fi though BIG time ;-)

so...i'll literally be *popping* in & out of your days...stick with me lovelies as i have soo much to share...

& i'll be responding to all your lovely emails, comments & FB hi's whenever the www allows it!

today i just wanted to say...

happy new year...& to hug you all tight- real tight with a good whallop of sunshine & friendship...

hope your new year's resolutions are simple, happy ones...mine are...


p.s- a new year blog clean-up is on the cards when the wi-fi is up & running...i'll keep y'all posted! x


  1. Frangapani goodness! Make the most of your crappy wifi - your friend is entirely correct!!! x

  2. Happy new year to you... I have to tell you I just swapped you from an o/s blog to one of my fellow Aussie blogs on my reading list! Welcome home! X

  3. Welcome to Aussie land and so glad you are settling in well. I am looking forward to seeing more of your home and I have that exact Frangapani in my back yard - love the smell! N x

  4. Hello Melissa

    A big hello to you too and a big happy new year

    Umm.. can I also say from one Aussie to another
    "Welcome Home" :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  5. Happy New Year lovely, those flowers look gorgeous *sigh* x x x x x

  6. Happy New Year! Can't wait to hear more Aussie tales and see your lovely beach home! Cx

  7. Hi Melissa, I'm so glad you're all settling in and feeling at home back in Aussie land! Have a fantastic new year and thank you for letting me vicariously experience all that gorgeous sunshine! - Melissa xx

  8. Hello lovely, I'm so looking forward to more Aussie sunshine post. Roll on Jan 18 ;)

    Happy New Year!

    Miss you :) XX

  9. hi sweet melissa, and welcome back to australia!! happy new year and happy, happy christmas also!! love seeing your warm, happy pics and the there is sunshine in every word of your posts!! i love it! i have been missing your posts, so sorry i hav been a bit absent from blogland lately with so much going on... it feels like I am only now just able to take a deep breath since the beginning of december!! and i am loving it! sending you lots of happy hugs! laura xx

  10. Lovely frangipani Melissa, (I hope I spelt that right...it's been a while)...the weather here is awful and still no snow!! Melbourne is having high temps...can't wait to get there...one month to go!! Enjoy those lovely sounds of nature that you can only get in Oz! Robx

  11. g'day! i love it : ) i have been wondering how you all are doing...boo for bad internet connections but yeah, i bet you are getting lots done, huh? i can't wait to see more of beach life on the australian coast. happy new year melissa and family!!

  12. It sounds as if you are all so enjoying your re-entry into your beach-side life...and with severe weather warnings across most of the UK today (wind and rain mainly, not snow), I know where I would rather be right now!

  13. Happy New Year Melissa! I can't wait till you get wifi because I am missing your posts!! :)
    enjoy that beach goodness! it is 27 degrees(F) here and i can hardly stand it. brrrrrr.....

  14. You are like a little ray of blog sunshine Melissa.
    Love your posts!
    I think the universe is telling you to get out there and embrace the beach, friends, family and being home.
    Wifi can wait! :)

  15. Enjoy your internetless time in the sun! We'll all be looking forward to your lovely posts when you're back! xo K

  16. Enjoy your time unplugged! Happy new Year!

  17. Hello, I was just wondering what you had been up to. I think abit of unplugged time sounds good. Might try it soon. Soonish, maybe a little later! Deb

  18. So glad to hear its been all sunshine and lollipops since youve arrived home honey...YAY to Aussies summers !! x

  19. so glad to hear you are home and that you are having a good time!! enjoy, enjoy! hugs, cathy

  20. Hi miss Melissa, so pleased to see that everything is coming together exactly as planned. It must be so exciting unpacking all those things you haven't seen in some time, although I can also imagine how much you long for your treasures to arrive from the UK. I feel as though I have a thousand questions I'd like to ask you, but that will have to wait for another day. Like you, I'm frustrated without either Internet or phone at the beach, so for now it sadly has to be a quick pop in while I'm over the hill and able to even see a blog or an email! Have loved reading your last few posts.
    Long may you all be salty, sandy and sunny! Amanda xx

  21. Hello Sweets So pleased to hear you are relaxing and unwinding after all the stress of the packing and leaving. Can't wait until your phone is connected! J x

  22. Hi honey!
    Happy new year to you and your family! It is good to be read your posts again, we came back yesterday evening, so still with suitcases and we have stormy weather here, but Monday school starts again and our daily routine will be back, hope you will have internet soon, keep in touch, mail you soon, big hugs!!
    Maureen xx

  23. Happy New Year Mrs M - I was just thinking of you the other day and how your globe trotting has lead you to beat the dreaded winter blues... Not that you'll have to worry about winter too much anymore! Anyhoo, I just wanted to pop by and wish you and your family health and happiness in 2012! Take care. Lx

  24. I'm so impressed that you're doing ANY blogging in these first weeks of being back - you are officially SuperWoman in my eyes now!!

    Happy New Year - and I bet it will be the most wonderful one for you!


  25. Falling in love with your blog all over again too : ) How great is it to be home. Enjoy that quality face time and soak up that sun and sand between the toes. Alison x


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