wi-fi hits our little beach house!

hellllllo lovely gals- we have INTERNET!!!!!!!

to say i at last feel sorted is an understatement....

to say that i'm addicted to being connected is pretty spot on...

i like to think i have a VERY happy balance between hanging outdoors & loving my laptop...


to date- i'd just like to hug y'all for still visiting my intermittent posts...

'cause we are now back on track...

& i'm gonna be here, each & every day, sharing our move back to the *beach house* from the english

countryside with you...

falling *back* in love with our life here has been soo easy...

it's 6pm & the hubster has just taken the kiddos to the beach for a late surf...

boards on the roof...towels in the back...happy grins...

i've thrown an organic chook in the oven- covered in asian ginger & cloves of garlic...

the doors are all open...there's a breeze running through the house...i've just poured a wine...

& we have wi-fi...

how good can life be...

so this is a *g'day*- i've missed you...can't wait to hear from you all now that i can actually reply

& send you a warm *from Down Under* hug...

happy days
the beaches

see ya tomorra....!!


  1. Finally!!!!!! Yippe, we want to hear all about it :) xxxx

  2. Melissa...the contentedness just comes through the screen! There is nothing like coming home is there? Can't wait to see your daily updates, with you every step of the way (on those beautiful dark floorboards!) Thank goodness for the web hey? L x

  3. Oh this is good news my dear! Can't wait to have regular updates on your new/old venture. You are going to have to update your profile now that you have moved back too! So much to do I know. Enjoy the long sunny days and warm evenings again. xx

  4. Yay! Your home is looking amazing too! X

  5. Life just seems so different it is crazy. I'm looking forward to hearing all about life down under though :) x x x x

  6. Isn't is amazing how we come to rely on the Internet to keep us connected, then when it's gone it's like a big chunk of us is missing? Glad to hear that you are up and running again.

  7. Sounds positively perfect!

  8. Yay! What a life?!! I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous! Sounds totally and utterly idyllic! Cx

  9. Pfff.....warm, sunny, beaches....yep, I can imagine it!
    but eh....what is a chook?
    Love that I can see you being happy, no cold for you honey, so enjoy your oz lifestyle, you know that I'm living through your images and words to feel a bit closer to the lucky country, so keep them coming babe!
    Love, Love, Love, Mxx

  10. Hello Miss Mel

    so so so (or should I say Sew & So) good to have you back and the same for your internet - you are back 'on' baby!

    (lovely pics :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  11. what is a chook?
    ia ms o happy you are back, have really missed keeping up with you! XXXX

  12. ooops. i guess i have been on the wine, too ; )

  13. Woo hoo! I've been hanging out for this ☺. As you know. J x


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