*make it monday*...french tote from an eco bag how to...

*make it monday* french style...

styling a supermarket eco bag into a gorgeous french-looking market tote...

an eco bag with good bones...a strong handle & lovely shape & size...

i am not a plastic bag person by any stretch of the imagination...

i can't stand to use them at the supermarket...i can't stand the kids to pack anything in them & take 

them to school...i can't stand that they have holes in the bottom of most & therefore cannot be 

justified even as bin liners...

so we just don't use them!

with all my experience of eco-bags...this one is a particularly great one!


tote ready- any labels removed with a cotton picker or pair of scissors...


i have raved about these french letter stencils before- when i stencilled steel buckets {here}

& when i stencilled a vintage ladder from our village in England {here}

i have always wanted to stencil a tote-& as my sewing machine is still in transit- enjoying the 

sea air on it's voyage to Australia- i am using what i have to make what i want need...

i like to tape my number stencils to newspaper & then to the object so that there are 

no *gaps* which may end up slightly black anywhere else...

i also lined this tote with newspaper as i wasn't sure how the spray would seep through the weave...

& yep i used *fiddly bits* spray paint again that you can find {here}

instant frenchy-looking tote -made on a whim- with what i had at home...

like all the projects that are my *favourite & best*...this was super fast & sooo satisfying...

a leetle bit of the south of france markets to start out week...

hope you're inspired to sweeten up your eco-bags...

this is a little *moment* for a gorgeous new friend

that owns the most *scrumptious* shop on the beaches

french heaven

i'll be taking you all {here} soon

*Honey Bee Homewares*

introducing you to the lovely Tracey

Make it Monday

from the beaches

with a whallop of french market influence & Australian sunshine!


french stencils from etsy {here}- man i looove etsy!



  1. Absolutely adorable! Will definitely have to give it a try and checking out the shared sites too. :)

  2. Hi Miss Melissa

    Loving your style girlfriend and your thrift!

    well done.


  3. Ooh, that's lovely! Will have to have a go at making one of those xo K

  4. This is so lovely. I'll be trying this. Your bag looks stunning. I have read about honey bee homewares a lot over the years and look forward to your post on it. They have the most beautiful stuff. Leahx

  5. great idea! i've also seen articles about honeybee homewares & have always wanted to visit.

  6. oh yes, etsy is endlessly inspiring! great bag, i have so many grocery bags, we never use the gross plastic ones either--except for when i forget to throw mine in the car. love a quick and cute project like this!

  7. Hello Sweets So fab to see yet another use for our stencils ☺. And oh, I miss Honey Bee - I can't wait until you take me back there! J x

  8. hi sweet melissa! Loooove that tote!!! must say though that i have never seen one so well made... hmmm, has me thinking about doing a bit of sewing! hope you get your machine back soon though, I bet you are missing it lots!
    sorry havent been to visit you for a while, havent been doing much visiting at all lately; somehting i really MUST change!!!
    lots of love to you,
    laura xxxxx

  9. Hey Melissa, I'm just over the border...finally...although I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun at home in England with the snow finally arriving...anyway it's lovely to be home. I'm looking forward to seeing Honey Bee Homewares as over the years that store has showcased in loads of Oz mags, and I've never been to visit. Robx
    p.s. and I love your tote...a real improvement.

  10. But how did you get rid of the logo Miss? I had this bag and I have to report that the lining corroded, making a sprinkly mess, pretty damn quick :-( Hope you have better luck with yours.

  11. Oh.. oh... Oh!! To die for! And simply sew easy!! :-) You're a "Ledge mate" as my Hubby says when I do something cool... which I will now be doing.. with a can o fiddly bits and some jute shoppers from Coles...
    "Down with Plastic!! Long live jute loveliness!!"

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