coastal views...life by the beach...

afternoon from the coast of Oz gals...

it's been the most gorgeous morning here...

i was going to show you Miss.Audrey's room but i'm thinking a little beach loving before the weekend...

we can continue the little beach house tour next week...today, as the clouds are starting to roll overhead let's just get some last rays of sunshine...

these pickies of endless blue were snapped, puppy & coffee in tow, on the iphone...

keeping it real gals...

& yep the beach is pretty empty mid-morning the week before Easter hols begin...jut the way i like it! :)

as you can see...there are mucho footsteps on the sand...

Australians are by nature verrrry early risers...by 6am this stretch of beach is almost at it's busiest!

after our 4 years in the English countyside...this took a little getting used to i have to admit...

i'd forgotten that our first two bambinos were always up at 5am & we spend many a morning watching
the sun rise over this very spot....!

our little miss.6 is a bit of an English lass when it comes to sleeping...let's just say she's been trained in
the countryside to sleep waaay past sunrise...bless her cotton socks...we got one!!

if you're blessed enough to work close by- this is pretty much what your morning tea break looks like...

surfboard in tow...

i'm thinking i need to talk to Apple about a zoom lens on the iphone...

don't know if i could walk, tow puppy & coffee, & zoom all at once though...!

the weather on our beaches is a little rubbish on some days erratic at the moment...

so, i thought i'd head round to the Harbour side of our gorgeous coastline, whilst the sun is out & give you a little glimpse of what the local yachty's enjoy whilst working on their boats...

not exactly a bad spot to earn your dollars, working away on boats with views to die for...

this is our puppy beach spot...i'll do almost anything to stand in salt water & gaze out to sea...


hope you got a little beach fix...

i'll take you out on a rainy day soon...it's equally lovely but wilder...

have a good one wherever you are...

love fridays...!




PS- welcome to all the new coastal loving friends who are popping by
i've got a giveaway coming up soon
i've found the box that's brought my sewing machine across the waters!

stay tuned



  1. I'm looking forward to the rainy day beach pictures. And I have taken your comment about how you can have two kids who wake at 5 and then one who sleeps to a respectable hour and filed it deep in my heart, where I can look to it for reassurance that maybe my next one will be a late sleeper and not a little 5 am alarm clock.

  2. Happy Friday Melissa! Your coastline is gorgeous and it's soo different to the ones we have here in NZ. Ours generally look very 'rugged' and quite untamed LOL but lovely all the same :) Have a fab weekend! xo K

  3. Wonderful! Lovely blog ~ I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥♥
    I would SO love to trade places with you! (Living places) ~ just gorgeous! Happy Friday!

  4. Beautiful pics Melissa. The sun is shining here too, and quite warm. I think we are in for a great weekend. Have a good one! Leahx

  5. Melissa - yep I needed that! It's with morning tea. The day is shaping up as a sunny one here but they say this is the last day of sun in England (for how long who knows??!!). It has been unseasonably lovely for March. I was walking my puppy the other day thinking about you and how globe-hopping. You will always pass through my mind when and if I am contemplating up-ing sticks and trying a new country. It's always a possibility you see...what with his job. Anyway - lovely to see you relishing the home-ness of being home. Lou x

  6. Oh so beautiful!
    Sydney beaches are different to ours and it seems there are so many around where you are to explore.
    One of these days we will plan a trip up your way with the kiddo's and explore your gorgeous coastline.
    I especially love that little glimpse through the trees of the yachts in that bay. Gorgeous!
    Keep enjoying that sunshine and happy beachy hols to you Melissa!

  7. Hello Miss So glad to see you enjoying yourself again. I adore Pittwater and could happily love there, so isolated on the Peninsula! Time to catch up for a chat, methinks! J x

  8. Hi Melissa,
    I've just been catching up and loving wandering through the photos. We spent a week at the beach recently and it was busier between 6 and 8am then it was at any other time of day. All those power walkers and joggers.

  9. Gorgeous. It is as though every day is a holiday :) x x x x

  10. hello. Where do you live in Australia exactly, your place looks like paradise!
    i am going in Australia in october (Cairns, whytsundays, sydney, Melbourne) do you have any recommendations to give me ? ;-)


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