beach living & warm Autumn rain...

morning from the Ark!

it's raining again on the beaches of Sydney today...which i have to say part of me loves...

i had a *Make-it-Monday* project to share with you, but as it's the last day of school holidays
with the kiddo...i thought i'd share our morning...

rain or shine- having this on our doorstep allows everyone to get some space when we need it...

there is something wild & beautiful about the ocean in the rain...fresh water & salt water...

nature in a different light- the elements flying into your face, the wind, the rain, the warm air...perfect for a puppy & kids...

perfect for a mama who's again at the last day of school holidays for a while- a mama who loves having her house full of kiddos & noise...

pounding through water- with a crew in tow, when you could be snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of something hot & a movie reminds me of my childhood....

the fresh air, & the exercise, in the warm rain makes coming home all the lovelier...a hot shower to wash off the sand & salt water...a sleeping puppy at ones feet...kiddos in snuggling clothes...

i love that we can live in this moment with our kids, after living on the other side of the globe...after falling in love with the English countryside & the wonderful lifestyle of lakes & farmland that brought to our days...

this photo below- Sol with Miss.Lola- will forever make me smile...

a boy & his dog...

a rainy day on the beaches...

sandy salty skin & fresh air...

how blessed are they to spend their school holidays doing what others only dream about...

whatever nature throws at us- we will never take this for granted...

the Lucky Country...

happy monday whatever nature is throwing at you....



ps- thanks for all your comments & emails- i've been having problems returning messages- i'll be sorting that tomorrow when the house is *kiddo-free* again...xx


  1. I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record....stunning photos Melissa! School holidays can be such fabulous times can't they.
    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Warm heart and teary eyes... Thats' what this post left me with :-) .... here we are in a country where the seasons really do CHANGE and you get to be so very free. The kinda freedom that a gal from South Africa REEEEALLY appreciates. A gal who dreams of living in England one day (and has been vicariously able to - via your blog!) but knows she will ALWAYS call Australia home. Sigh.... Thanks Melissa! XX PS - enjoy your last couple o days with the kiddlingtons... I love school hols too!

  3. Generally I am not a fan of rain. Well, unless I am inside with a cuppa. But, there is something about being on the beach when it's raining. Somehow just being on the beach with raindrops falling is OK. You are so lucky to have this beauty at your doorstep. Lucky!

  4. Couldn't agree more Melissa! We are just so lucky. I'm with you I love the school holidays and a house full of goings on. All quiet here today, big boy is back at school and little miss is at band camp (a day of tutoring and practice), just heading off for the premier performance.
    Have a great week!

  5. Melissa

    beautiful photos - thank you for making my day.
    Rain Schmain! who cares if it's raining at the beach - I love it any which way I can get a beach.

    have a lovely day


  6. I'm such a homebody too, there's nothing like a day indoors snuggling up with the hubby, the pups and piles of movies to watch. My idea of a perfect weekend! :) xo K

  7. We are indeed very lucky to live here and it's great to appreciate it and make use of what we have

    Have a splendid week

  8. Absolutely stunning images! I adore the fact that you love all of this AND that you also love the English countryside. You are SUCH a cool gal! x

  9. Dear Melissa
    How are you ? Wonderful pics ! You are lucky to stay there near the nature .
    I wish to you and your family may -many days with love ,fun and healthy !

  10. Hello Sweets I can't get over what a wet summer and now autumn you've had. But, true to form, you always manage to find the bright side of it. J x

  11. Wet here, wet at your end....rain all over the globe it seems. don't mind rain as long as it's not cold....so your warm rain is the one I don't mind at all....the first photo really made me stop to have a good look...lovely, thanks for sharing this Miss M, hope the first morning back to school will run smoothly, hugs to all! Maureen x

  12. Well Melissa, I too am back in Oz...at home in Melbourne with the kids...and it's raining cats and dogs. Since I arrived on Saturday, it's been muggy and stormy...very tropical...and very unlike April...what's goin on?? Today it's cooler and raining cats and dogs...my suitcase is jammed with clothes for all seasons...everyday is a challenge as to what to wear...pretty much like England really. I will be here for a while (Mum is very ill), so between visits I intend to capture some lovely Autumn light and foliage with the camera...that's if it ever stops raining! Your beach shots are lovely...enjoy the season! Robx
    p.s. I hope you're feeling better.


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