a little beach house on the Coast...beach eye-candy from the weekend...

so-gooodmorning from the beaches of Oz...

i have a house full of short people here this morning...lovely cousins, bestie friends...kids in tents...mattresses on floors...

a weekend that we love even more since being away in the English countryside...

i haven't had a moment to sit & create or think or write...but i love seeing them all mooching around here together...

we've been home an entire school term now...though at times it feels like we got off the plane yesterday...

as i watch our kids thriving here on the gorgeous beaches...in all this sunshine- i think of Autumns back in England...in the countryside...

i feel so blessed to have had both- the countryside & the coast...on both sides of the globe...

i'm still unpacking boxes here- has anyone else moved across the world & taken their time with their unpacking- pleeease let me know...i need some support for my *time out*...

each box brings such warmth & wonderful memories- especially as the months are rolling on *Down* here on the beaches...

we're filling our little beach house with our collected, chippy, old wares from the other side of the globe- as we settle into our life here again...

i'm loving mixing the two- the European & the Australian...the country & the coast...

we're still balancing it all- the move, the unpacking, the sorting, the changes we're wanting to make in our little *spot* on the beaches...

it's been wonderful to record it all...to take the time to share it all with the kids again & again, as another box is unpacked & lugged up the stairs...

it's made for erratic blogging at times...
& i love you for returning to share my days...
my thoughts...
& my photos of life here in our little beach house on the Australian coast after our four years in the beautiful English countryside...

this week is about kids home for holidays

days of nothing & everything
squashing in a little *us* time

you & me here together


happy monday sweet blogging gals



  1. You sound so happy.....love it!!

    Back a whole term already, seriously, wow!!

    Gorgeous photos :)

    Lovely to take your time unpacking....working out where best to put things....and just savouring the memories....that's exactly the way to do it :)

    Happy Monday to you XX

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and we have had such fantastic weather lately. Perfect for the school holidays and days at the beach with the kids. Have a lovely week. Leahx

  3. wanting to transform myself back to last week and have 1 more week of school holidays left.

    as I am typing this I am about to pack the munchkins lunch and do "THE MORNING RUN" - no not the jogging type the school run.

    have a lovely day - beautiful lady.

    x Loulou

  4. This is the Summer we missed out on. Lovely shots and lovely times with lots of little bods on your floor and in your garden for overnight slumber party fun. Sounds what an Australian Summer is all about. Hope you are coping well with all the extra sand in your house there must be.

  5. beautiful photos!! great weather we're having. love this time of year.

  6. I am so glad melissa that you are settling in nicely in your beachy home!! I expect there is a lot of things you will miss about the english countryside, but what an amazing experience for all of you! Enjoy the rest of your school holidays!!
    love to you,
    laura xx

  7. Lovely photos :)
    ... beautiful sunshine!

    Greetings from sunny Qld♥

  8. Weeks like this are just wonderful; no agenda just lots of quality time with rugrats, and crafting, cooking reading etc... Hope your week is just perfect, up here in Qld its back to business; term 2 started today, early mornings, lunches to be packed...etc etc
    thanks for sharing your stunning pictures -jealous yep !
    Daniele x

  9. It looks like you're having a wonderful time these school holidays, we finally have the sunshine here in NZ too, thanks goodness! :) xo K

  10. You take your time with the unpacking - you're not going anywhere, the boxes won't be either so just do a bit here and there. It can easily become an all consuming task so it's good to read that you are taking it slow.
    How can you not get distracted with those beautiful beaches on your doorstep anyway?

  11. Hi Melissa, A lot of emotions are welling up in me when I read your post. I came out to live in Australia over 30 years ago with my Aussie husband, from the English countryside . I love Australia now, the warmth, the beaches, the rainforest, the gum trees, the amazing wildlife, and of course the sunshine, but I equally love the mist, the green, the softness, the grey, the robin redbreast, of England, my home. I could go on (and on!) but I know you know what I mean.
    As far as unpacking goes. Don't obsess too much. Particularly with a young family. If it is any comfort to you, only last weekend I unpacked a very special box with my daughter, who was only 15 months when we came out here, my Mums doll's house. Take it one step at a time. My grand daughter will enjoy her great granny's dolls house, in time:) Thank you for allowing me to share my raw feelings. Jane

  12. Hello Sweets We're still working on The Great Unpack, nearly a year later ☺. I cannot believe you've been back that long either. Crazy! J x

  13. Hi Melissa! Oh girl, we could sooo be twins, yep, boxes are still safe and sound unpacked, so don't you worry and enjoy the sunshine because you're not missing this cold and rain we have for almost 10 days here in Europe.... (if you could be a dear, send me some sunshine too?) Anyhoo, did you enjoyed the movie? I really loved it, great British cast too. Noa told me about Ella's birthday and said that she wants that too if possible (you are setting the standard high girl!). So enjoy this time with kiddo's running around your house, and we'll catch up soon ok? (did you see your bag in my email?) Till later hon!
    Maureen xx

  14. Stacey (Harrimar)17 April 2012 at 13:02

    Hi Melissa,
    I've moved countries twice, UK to US then US to AUS and each time I took my time unpacking the boxes because I just loved how it felt like Christmas when I started on a new box. Enjoy the time with the children and this fabulous weather!!

  15. Sounds amazing. Just got back to the UK from our 2 week trip to Sydney and looking at your pictures of the beaches took me straight back to last week when we were sitting at Cornulla & Manly Beaches. I loved it and to think that your autumn is better than our summer! Was greeted in the UK by frost on the lawn yesterday and rain today - not a patch on good old Oz weather :-)


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