taking *a moment* to love life on the beaches...

g'day from the beaches on this gorgeous friday...

it's the end of the week...& i'm taking *a moment* amongst the day to day...

just a moment...

to love the small things in my day amongst the endless essential other things...

a moment before the school run- a cup of tea on the balcony amongst the herbs & lavender...

a moment to really love our life...where we live...

a moment on the phone, to the husband...just saying hi...love you...

a moment sorting the washing back on the front balcony in the sun...

just a moment amongst the everyday...

when i get a little overwhelmed with everything that still needs sorting after our move back from England to the beaches...i take *a moment* a few times a day, to just reflect on life whilst doing the essentials- it's a little like meditating- but keeping the pace going...

i don't think i'm really one to totally stop to often...so this *taking a moment* really works for me...

you should try it...if you need it...just *a moment*...

happy weekend all- we've got a birthday party rocking this place on Sunday...

love a party...getting our bunting on!

see ya monday lovelies




  1. Melissa my sweet...I am so with you! I am quite overwhelmed at the moment at the lack of moments!!! I need some time to chill. Those beaches do look so beautiful - isn't it strange how at home you were here and how at home you are there too? Home is home I guess; wherever it is! One day I am sure all your boxes will be unpacked and you'll feel sorted. Lou x

  2. Oh Melissa take those *moments* and ENJOY THE SUN!!!!! It's raining, cold and miserable back here in Blighty - feel the warmth on your head, cheeks and eyes. Take a *moment* and stretch yourself out in it and let the heat warm your skin. Do it and enjoy it for all of us shivering in cardigans back over here in the UK!!! Paulax

  3. you are indeed
    one lucky girl
    to live near all that
    seaside beauty

    we lived near
    the Atlantic shore
    for a little while
    in Rhode Island
    and i loved every single moment
    of it

    now following you
    via Pinterest!


  4. Your day looks very relaxing despite all the sorting.

  5. LOVE love love your photos....absolutely beautiful!!

    It's all about the "moments" isn't it....enjoy them, if anyone does I know you do :)

    Have a great week-end!! XX

  6. Yes. Gotta stop and reflect from time to time to keep yourself in check. Your photos are gorgeous. You know i'm loving those surfing pix. :)

    PS..a belated thank you about our homemade surf sign. You really made me smile. :)

  7. Your day looks lovely...such beautiful pictures of where you live!

  8. mmmh, enjoy the moments hon, hope the birthday was a good party,
    hugs, Maureen xx

  9. You are so right;
    we need those moments
    to just assess, or it
    all gets lost in a blur.

    Happy Monday!

    xo Suzanne

  10. Bit late catching up on this post, but on the day you posted this I was off taking a moment with family to celebrate my b'day in the sun at a cafe.
    I too love taking little moments to stop, soak it all up, just *be* in the moment and to give thanks.
    I like to stop and think of a few things I am grateful for in that moment.
    Helps with the busy, rushed pace of the day to day huh?
    Love your chippy seat and planters and gorgeous bits.
    Seriously need to give my outdoor area an overhaul, but alas no time.
    Keep on taking time to just *be.*

  11. Melissa girl, where are you? Missing you here in Blog land. A long email is coming your way soon from me, hope all is well, hugs!
    Maureen xx

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Thanks for taking a moment...x

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