*Make-It-Monday*-Vintage egg styling...

morning all from the gorgeous Australian coast...

we're bathing in almost Easter sunshine here...Autumn at it's coastal best...clear, blue & warm...

as it's nearly Easter, i thought to day we could share a some of the *Make-It-Monday* goings on 

in our little beach house...

an Easter-Make-It-Monday that is sweet enough to have in the house over this holiday whether you have bambino's or not...

a bit of egg styling...

this is a little idea we came across via Martha- some times she strikes on a bit of lovely that is right up my doily-loving alley...

lace-printed eggs for Easter...

they are stylish enough for the mama's in the house & bright enough for the kiddos in the house...

thank you Miss.Stewart...

with simple pantry ingredients & a carton of fresh eggs- this was an after HW project in our house...

tools of the Egg styling trade here are:

carton of eggs hard boiled
food colouring
white wine vinegar
doilies or old lace off cuts
elastic bands
egg carton to hold the dyed eggs till they dried

{Martha actually suggested a piece of wedding gown if, you know,...it hadn't quite worked out as
 you expected!}  

 ok...this is the simplest, most satisfying of little projects!

wrap the hard boiled eggs in small doilies or scraps of lace {or your wedding dress!}...& secure at back of the egg with an elastic band...

it is essential that this is done as snuggly as possible- the tighter the lace, the clearer the pattern on the
finished egg... 

dunk the eggs in a ceramic bowl consisting of the food colouring, a good dash of white wine vinegar & water to cover the egg...

we left ours for a good 15 minutes to play with the dog...turn on the bath...unpack the school bags blah blah blah....

& we returned- we simply snipped off the elastic bands...gently unwrapped the eggs...

& just sat back looking at these...

gorgeous doily printed Easter eggs...

i'm not sure who was more delighted Miss.Audrey at 6...or me!

a little bit of country inspiration by the coast...

what d'ya think?

beats store bought run of the mill decorations for us...


today i'm sharing over at 


for more creative idea's on virtually anything 

head on over, you will love this site...


happy egg styling at yours...







  1. I LoVe this......
    I have all the ingredients ;o)
    Tania xx

  2. That looks gorgeous and so simple to do. I had a real good chuckle over the wedding dress joke.
    We are so excited to be featuring you on the Decorating Forum this week. Our members are going to love your blog:)

  3. Simply... EGGcellent... forgive me - I could not resist :-) xx

  4. Gorgeous Melissa, looks pretty much failproof - even for me !
    Daniele x

  5. I love this idea, they look great. Very pretty and so effective x x x x

  6. Oh, imagine a whole bowl of different coloured eggs.....divine :)

  7. LOVE your vintage style eggs! We've been dying eggs at our house too, but now I want to go and do some more with doilies! They are just beautiful. I'm assuming that you now have lovely pink doily too?

  8. Wow so simple and elegant. I kinda realised how much you liked doilies at Christmas when you came up with the Christmas tree. Then there was the DAS bowls and now this. Just so lovely, as with all you do

    Have a great sunny week on the beaches.
    Carolyn xx

  9. Thanks Melissa, I'm going to try this with the fairy, who is home sick from school at the mo'. so pretty.

  10. Pretty! What a lovely way to decorate Easter eggs..thanks for sharing :)

  11. Lovely idea! Going to try this in blue blue blue.

  12. Just stunning, Miss. From one doily fan to another...J x

  13. hallöchen

    love your blog, and your ideas! your allways impressed ute.

  14. Love this one. Happy Easter Melissa.

  15. We just finished making some of these too, aren't they lovely! I used the lace, wish I had thought of using a doily,I love the effect.


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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