A Royal Virtual Coffee {live}

*Virtual Coffee* with Royalty this morning in the beach house...

Good morning all...welcome to a little red, white and blue Virtual Coffee.

I have a few snippets for you this morning...6 degrees of separation and all.

Firstly though, from our family to yours Kate and William-huge, warm, loving hugs from Down Under.

What a blessing- a beautiful baby boy!

If we were really having a coffee under the Union Jack today- I'd have to tell you I was surprised, in the loveliest of ways, that the Duchess of Cambridge had a boy.
I truly thought it would be a little Princess, and that London would be bathed in pink!

In this day and age, to learn that even they did not know the baby's sex, is just a delight to read!
What do you think?
After a good stint living in the *English Countryside* {here}, and my love for London , I'm quite smitten with William., Kate and Harry!

We also share quite a few happy days- our two families!

Six degrees of separation- OK...

William and Kate were married on our youngest daughter's Birthday- April 29, 2011.
Audrey had a Royal Garden Party in our village house in England, for her 6th birthday.
It was all bunting, Union Jacks and blow up Corgi's - bathed in perfect English sunshine!

Then we moved home to Australia- to our little beach house by the Coast, and packed our Union Jacks away- to be brought out on special days...

Well...July 22 was that special day!
Kate had her gorgeous chubby little babe on my birthday!
Keeping it all in the family here! ;)

AND...just to tie it all up neatly before we share a piece of celebratory cake...Little Henry, George or Arthur weighed exactly what our sweet Ella weighed at birth.


We are practically Royalty!

If we were really sharing a coffee, and chewing the fat over all things Royal, I'd also make you sit through all Audrey's Wedding/Birthday photos....again!

You can see the the whole gorgeous garden party here ...

What do you think?
Oh it makes me long for a week or two in our other home...our country life across the globe {here} ...

If we were really having a coffee, or bubbles to ring in the new bambino, I'd send you home today with a string of Union Jack bunting and a wee little blue cupcake...smiling all the way to the gate...

Melissa x


  1. Sounds lovely Melissa.
    I was certain it would be a girl too. Ah wrong again.
    I do love Henry, or George. My feeling is that George will be in there somewhere.
    Looking forward to finding out what they call this little one.

  2. I am an explorer, which I think fits me perfectly! Love to try anything and everything :). Coffee is the symbol of sharing.

    Kopi Luwakvv

  3. What fun you've made this royal celebration of the new baby. They bring light into our whole world at such a time of so much loss and hardships. We Are so happy for them. Ox

  4. I love your virtual coffee series! What a perfect way to chat about anything and everything!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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