Our garden plot {create}

Morning from Down Under...
It's Monday...
It's raining...
and I'm just embracing it today...

We're a week out from my birthday here in the beach house- somehow this is my measure that we are in the depths of winter...

After living in the Northern Hemisphere for quite some time- I now truly know what the depths of winter feels like...and quite honestly this ain't it!

However...it's all relative to what you've left behind...

An English countryside winter may be long, wild, and storybook exciting to us Southerners, but after a long, hot Australian summer...I am now almost over this Australian version of winter...

Give me a proper winter, or let's just get back to the months we do really well- all the rest!

This is true weather whinging as only a born-and-bred-on-the-beaches kinda girl can do!

In patches, the past weekend weather was clear and blue, and we got out in the wettest garden by the Coast to start the winter clean up....

We live by a natural waterfall- in a culdasac....all lovely in summer, spring and autumn- not so in winter!
Any rain fall over flows the waterfall, and our entire little village of a street becomes less gorgeously tropical and more just...WET!

So gum boots on, I trudged through the front garden...and then thought better of it.
Rather than tackle an entire front garden- I decided to just tend to our garden vege plot out the back.

Needless to say I'm a summer salad and vege grower, and a herb grower at best over the colder months.

I'd like to conquer it all year round, to date this has not been the case in neither our big old English house over there, nor our little coastal beach house over here!

Here's out little corner of winter goodies...

We built this little allotment for my birthday, the first year we moved home from the English countryside...

It was so great to be out there creating something that would feed our family for years to come...
We had a fabulous summer of salads, tomatoes and herbs.
This coming summer I'm hoping the passion fruits I've planted will take...and I'm thinking of growing some flowers amongst the beds.
Our two lime trees have also been fantastic- and used in endless Asian dishes over the years.

It's so great to plan the summer garden, our smallest Miss.8 particularly loves tending to it with me.

So in the depths of an Australian winter I'm planning our summer garden...hoping that waterfall just slows down a little, and just asking for a birthday next week of blue skies and winter sunshine...

Last day of school hols for one little girl in this house...
The last week for one big girl...
The fourth day on the sofa for one very poorly boy, whose been whacked with the good old fashioned flu!

ANY tips...thoughts...essential goodies to plant etc...please let me know.

There is nothing like hearing from people who actually grow their own at home to inspire a few hours in the garden.


Melissa x


  1. well i couldn't disagree with you more! I adore winter in Australia...although i concede that depends on what part of australia one is in...i so missed it when we lived in darwin...

    there's something invigorating about rugging up in boots and long coats and splashing through the puddles....love that...

    but here in melbourne, winter is probably the season we do best...all the theatres and galleries for the winter masterpieces...and i love the contrast of the branches in the winter gardens, when they are more sculptural...

    1. Yes yes yes....!!
      I stand corrected on that one- it is location specific!
      Darwin wouldn't know what a winter was!

      I think Sydney is such a Summer City that Winter is not embraced in a way that makes it an exciting season in it's own right!
      Even though I have on my boots, scarves etc- the feeling is not exactly winter embracing up here!

      And I can assure you, it's nothing like a proper European winter!

      I need a trip to Melb, or Tassie, to see a true winter! ;)

  2. Oh love...GET YOUR BUTT TO TASSIE and get a winter!
    Ness xx

  3. You are SO LUCKY to
    be able to grow herbs
    in the winter, my friend.
    No whining allowed : ) !!

    We had the longest winter
    on record here in Minnesota,
    USA in 2013 and the trees
    didn't properly leaf out until
    nearly May. So, we are loving
    the hot days of summer and
    trying not to think of the autumn....
    yet : )

    Catching up with my faves, today....

    xo Suzanne


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