Virtual Coffee {live}

Afternoon all...Virtual Coffee time...

Come snuggle up in a cane chair...

I've got the gorgeous Florence on the new stereo...and I am loving my old iPod {the original and best!}

Tea on the back balcony in the afternoon winter sun and a roast in the oven...

Just the kind of afternoon I've been needing!

If we were really meeting for a coffee this arvo, we'd have to talk about Florence!
She is one of my all time femme fatale music loves!
What do you think?

The iPod is on serious rotation this afternoon - from Jack Johnson, Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini, to Florence and Adele...

Do you have a request sweet friend?

That's the beauty of iTunes isn't it- it's like playing home DJ...!

Your request is instantly granted!

You're the guest I will play you anything...

So...we've got your tunes sorted...let's talk all things Apple.

Do you Apple?

We have quite a truck load of iPods and iPhones, owned by various members of the family.

We sync regularly ;)

And there is nothing like music shared throughout the house is there...

If we were really sharing a tea and lolling in the sun, I'd also have to talk IKEA...
I'm taking my big girl tomorrow- IKEA with a 15 year old is the only way to go I've decided.

I have done years with all three kids in various modes of pram, stroller, baby capsule, toddler, three school aged and semi-teens....

I have to say hitting IKEA with one teen, who is a straight A *Design & Tech* student, hell bent on a career in some incredibly creative industry, is the way to go!

She see's IKEA as a total Design assignment waiting for her and I to make something of it.

She see's IKEA, in the way that IKEA designers want us all to see IKEA.

She is visualising our vintage home, full of beloved goodies from around the globe, sitting alongside Sweedish designs of simplicity.

Can you tell I'm just a little excited...and there will be meat balls ;)

After discussing at great length IKEA and the virtues of mixing life and home up a little, I'd have to ask for your list.

I'm more than happy to take those of you who live a zillion miles from IKEA with us tomorrow...via instagram or FB...

I'll take your list, I'll check out those things your looking at on line, and I'll share my thoughts...or actually I'll share Miss.Cool & 15's thoughts...

She got them all from me anyway ;) ...so I'll share our thoughts....

L.O.V.E these days...Virtual Coffe...{sigh}

Before you go...the roses are an early gift to myself...

I like to stretch out a birthday...the number is a cool one when written in the sand- believe me I've tried it...

It's just not so cool when you are buying on line, and that nasty little box that requires a year of birth pops up...and you are scrolling forever for a wee while!

Anyhow...back to the roses- stunning colour...beautiful smell and slightly indulgent- perfect!

Thanks for swinging by...
Love having you here always....

Melissa x


  1. Happy Birthday to you beautiful girl. I love roses....almost as much as peonies :) And roast dinners! (not many of them here....) Enjoy Ikea with your clever creative girl. XX

  2. Happy birthday!
    Yes, I do love Florence and like to mix her up with Etta James and some hip hop to keep me going in the studio...also on my ipod.
    I am loving that glass vase btw...I'll have one of those and my list for Ikea is a big sisal/coir rug, one of the ceramic butlers sinks and two big wicker shades. We have finally got Ikea delivering to Tassie...so thats my next order!
    Have fun!!
    Ness xx

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    You're good at this coffee chat thing. I feel like we just curled up on the sofa and had a little chat:) I'm going to IKEA next weekend with my family. My oldest is in dire need of some organization in her room. She's into collecting things all of a sudden and we need some cute storage/desk space. IKEA will deliver...I'm sure of it.

    Thanks for popping by the other day. Blessings in your ventures:)

  4. Ah, loved the chat,
    the sunshine, the
    smell of a yummy
    roast in the air, some
    Flo, some IKEA....
    it's all good : ) !!!

    We'll be hitting the
    IKEA near my daughter's
    college in California
    when we take her out
    to get settled in less
    than a month. She also
    loves to see POSSIBILITIES.
    I think it is their very creative
    minds, don't you?

    Hoping your birthday was
    as special as you are....

    xo Suzanne


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