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Good morning from our hot hot hot little corner of the world!

The kids have just returned to school after two stunning weeks of weather...
Today, here in Sydney, we are expected to reach 39 degrees {102 degrees fahrenheit}!
Of course the kids have been bare foot for two weeks.

Today they are *soxed-and-school-shooed* to the eye-balls!
I am still in my thongs {flip flops}!
Does this make me a bad, uncaring, very hot mama?

Anyway...I've got that bug that many of us have hit, once the kiddos are back at school.
The *change-the-house-for-the-seasons* bug.
Out with all the school holidays crap gathered essentials...and into Summer with a sparkling clean cleaner slate!

It's all about moving things around here...fresh little vingettes...furniture shifting and some pretty serious dust bunny chasing!

Nothing like collapsing on the couch at the end of the day and knowing there is nothing...absolutely nothing underneath....no puppy's ball, school book or ball of wool from last winter's knitting attempts!

Small things make my life day!

With the temps going mad Down Under- and the state of NSW on a massive fire alert, I've drilled the kids with *drink all day...water...water...water* !
I always seem to drink more when it looks pretty- shallow I know- but true!

Of course the kids just have to drink it regardless of aesthetics- there's some preparation in dealing with these sorts of temperatures and being at school.
I recall doing the same as a child...although we wore sandals to school and no sunscreen {it was a long time ago in the defence of my wonderful parents!} ...
These days, sandals are a no-go due to health and safety- but they do slap on that sunscreen big time!

I'm hoping they are lounging around their classrooms, shoes kicked off, windows open watching some great new release educational film...

Nothing makes me grin quite so wide, in terms of mundane house work, as much as hanging out a line of white bed linen...
As I said- I'm pretty simple!

The lovely huge bedspread hanging in the centre there, I picked up at a proper old fashioned *jumble sale* on the weekend for $2!
Yes..I'm beside myself- and it was the first purchase of my little thrifting morning, coffee in hand!
Pretty fab start that continued- I'll post my finds this week.

So beautiful!
So old!
So heavy!
Linen love!

I also picked up a huge pile of cotton and linen table napkins...bleached and washed...drying in the sunshine...small things people!

A slight move around of furniture just freshens the house up...it never fails to inspire me to sort out our family life, and busy days, for the coming school term and lead up to Christmas.
Spring is pretty much my fave time of year.
I adore the lead up to six weeks hols for us all over the Summer.

I can just hear additional weather warnings over the kitchen radio...fire warnings and reminders to drink  till you can't drink any more.
I'm off to school Canteen duties- think there may be a run on iceblocks and frozen pineapple rings!

Just thought I'd share the view I end my day with from our kitchen window.
The sun sets here, giving us quite a few *love-boat-Hawaiian* evenings- I adore this end to my day.

And one of our beautiful city, to celebrate the *100 year Anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy*- complete with Prince Harry and all.
Sydney under a canopy of fireworks, that we watched from a boat on the Harbour this past weekend.

Like The Great Fire of London- but wonderfully beautiful, and with our iconic Harbour Bridge.
Incredibly moving...and so beautiful.

Happy Days...hope you are feeling a little cooler than us here in the beach house....

Melissa x


  1. That is the most fabulous clothesline I have seen in forever!

  2. The photos are beautiful!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  3. Your home is looking gorgeous hun. You and me are soooo alike and I too have been busy foofing around the house. As for that bedspread and those napkins ... score! Is there anything better than freshly bleached linens hanging on the line in the sun. LOVE it xx

  4. Yes, we are feeling a great
    deal cooler (temps only, mind
    you!!) but I think it's important
    to seize the day...the season...
    for all that it's worth! So enjoy
    every moment!

    Love your jumble finds. I am
    the same way about the linens
    on the laundry line--my fave thing
    in the summer. Guess I'm simple,
    too. Great minds.....!

    xo Suzanne

  5. Smiling from ear to ear... that sculpture on your wall... swoon...sigh....swoon. Love it all with a CAPITAL L! ♥♥♥


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