A Virtual Coffee- putting our feet up in the beach house.

*Virtual Coffee*- welcome to my little *sofa* in the blogosphere!

I'm so happy to be back, coffee in hand, thoughts at the ready to share a *virtual coffee* with you each Tuesday!

It's been a while since we shared a coffee {you can find some of my V.C's from France *here* , from England *here* , and from out little beach house in Oz *here*} so we have alot to cover gals!

OK...if we were really sharing a coffee in my little beach house together- of course you'd get the pink chair...I'd totally encourage you to put your feet up on the ottoman- shoes and all...and to just enjoy our moment out of this busy day together...

I'd have the windows open, and maybe Jack Johnson crooning for us, as we slurped and talked and ate banana muffins together.

If we were really sharing a coffee- I'd want to know how you're rolling with this new year!
Did you overload yourself with good *2014 intentions*, or did you just accept the new year and get on with life?

Are your kids all settled back at school?
Is your blogging rolling along?
Are you knee deep in snow...or like us getting mad showers of rain and blazing sunlight, therefore making school drop off in my vans and jeans a little muggy and hot?

If you're all good, then I'd probably high five you and tell you we're rolling with this new year and cannot believe it's already more than half way through February!

My word for this year is *grace*...and I find myself actually pulling myself up, when I don't seem to be approaching a task with this idea in mind.

Finding grace, whilst lugging laundry for example, is not easy I can tell you- but laundry is a small part of our family life {not physically, but on life's journey}...and I'm thankful to have such a family, regardless of the mountains of laundry they seem to produce...as I said I'm learning *grace*...
I still very much have my *aggghhh* moments!

If we were really sharing coffees, and daily tales, I'd ask you if you too have a *word* for 2014?
Is it a new thing, to find a word to define and guide your thinking for the coming year?
Or does the word give us focus, and a goal, we're accountable to?
I'm enjoying pulling myself up, and being thankful and graceful in my day...it's a work in progress I'd say! ;)
I've the whole year to attempt to master it!

If you were sitting with me here, in our house by the Coast, I'd tell you about another blog that I'm writing for...
It's called *The Moksi Homes* and you can find my first post *here*

I met Maureen {an inspiring, loving woman, wife and mother and creator of the blog} some years ago, whilst we were still living in our big old Country house in England, and taking the kids to horse riding and soccer fields all over the country, enjoying backyard bonfires and trips to London...
Maureen and I became instant friends, and shared our love of family and travel together on a weekly basis.

Since returning to coastal life here in Australia- Maureen too has moved again with her family- this time taking them to Dubai- an adventure to add to their families big book of life!
She has also brought to life this long held dream-her blog aptly called The Moksi Homes.

If we were having a coffee, and chewing the fat together here in the beach house, I'd show you the link and tell you to get on over and see how women around the world turn their houses into homes, no matter where life takes them.

If we were really meeting up this morning I'd also apologise for the two kids on the sofa!
The minute the weather changes in this city, the kids go down!
Two outa the three kiddos home with head colds- they've been dosed and watered all morning- here's hoping it works and life is back to normal tomrrow!

I've packed you an extra muffin to take on your way out- I'm needing to make some pasta sauce and a big ol'chocolate cake...and sort the house...and continue to water and dose those kids!

It's been lovely sharing- so looking forward to these each week...if you've anything that needs airing, leave me a thought...I'll make us another brew!

Melissa xx


  1. I've enjoyed visiting your blog over the last few months! If we were sharing over coffee, I'd tell you that my word for the year is "less", that we've been cold all winter, but temps are moving up today (yay), and winter is flying by here! I can't believe it's mid-February already.

  2. What a lovely inviting post and a great idea. It has never occurred to me to have a word for a year, but I can really see the sense and the benefits. I think my word will have to be 'love'! To love my life, my family, my home, my retirement and to love the fact that I have all this. I too am only human and will no doubt moan when things don't go as I would like, grumble when I feel I have too much to do, but perhaps my word will make me appreciate how much more I have than so many around me. Sorry after that speech the coffee will probably be cold, would it be too rude to beg another!

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