Coastal walking & Friday coffee...

Happy Friday...!

It's been a long week here and I, for one, am VERY happy it's Friday!
We've planned a weekend of gardening, and a lovely big lunch here on Sunday.

I've a long sports run tonight for one of the kiddos, and need to make some muffins and dinner for eating in the car.
For the record, spaghetti meat in multigrain bread rolls works when car travelling for sports!

The weather is just starting to turn in the early mornings and late evenings.
The sky today is beautifully clear, and the air early this morning was a little crisper and fresher.

I got around making school lunches very early this morning, in oh-so-stylish knitted bed socks with my summer PJ's...cup of tea in hand- total glam as the seasons roll on!

By 9am it was warming up, and I took our puppy Miss.Lola to one of our favourite coastal walks.
North Harbour to Forty Baskets.

Not only are there stunningly gorgeous, wild hibiscus along the sandy coast, there's a small marina- think worn timbers and upturned row boats- and a walk through the bush looking back over the beauty that is Manly.
Lots for me to take in...beautiful views, locals walking with coffees and dogs, endless fresh air and salty breezes.
For Miss.Lola there's even more- puppies galore, swimming holes, bush walking, rock pool walking and lots and lots of freedom!

Dogs are incredibly constant- but incredibly loving- and I truly love sharing this walk with her...in all seasons.
She waits patiently in the shade, under a huge tree in the park- one that is just starting to show the first signs of Autumn- whilst I pick up a coffee {here} at the end of the hour's walk...it's a routine we have down pat and the MOST wonderful way to start up a Friday/ end the week!

I know from IG, blog hopping and endless new's coverage, that many of you are in the throws of weather exhaustion- so I'm hoping an endless blue sky and salty air from Down Under, may warm you up a little.


Melissa xx

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